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Partial Roof Failure at Kalahari

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1 hour ago, Maddog said:

From looking at the pictures one could argue the roof didn't fail at all,  rather the HVAC support straps failed causing ductwork to fall into the pool.

But that wouldn't make as much of a headline...

However, it is unknown if the roof had a deformation causing the supporting straps to fail, or if the supports failed on their own.

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11 hours ago, King Ding Dong said:

Was planning on going Sunday.  Did they close?

Yep, the waterpark did close.


9 hours ago, Maddog said:

Where do you see anyone saying "roof deformation" in the news articles? Sensationalist much?

There’s necking seen in the remaining supports still on the roof. That’s clear evidence of a deformation.

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Only been there once but most of the duct work as I remember was inflatable plastic so there shouldn’t be to much of the metal stuff to inspect and fortify if necessary.   

Inam really surprised this happened because everything looked very clean and well maintained, including the theming.  And as we know some companies completely fail at maintaining theming.  

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Roof deformation isn't going to affect duct strap from breaking.  The roofs are designed to deform a little, as the ground moves, people move above them (maintenance), the compressors in the HVAC unit, snow/rain loads, etc...  The straps are designed to be flexible to a point, or act as shock absorbers if you will so that the vibrations caused by passing large quantities of air at high velocities in that ductwork will not transfer back to the roof which will transfer to vibration in the steel which will cause sound deflection into the space and get annoying (once you hear it, you can't "unhear" it).

Saying there was  a roof failure certainly seems like sensationalism to me. There are 2 likely causes, 1) the duct hanger that was installed was poor quality (or poor spacing, there are maximum distance requirements that may or may not have been followed) and/or the materials used were not able to handle the higher levels of humidity you would expect in the environment, 2) poor maintenance that didn't inspect the equipment/ductwork on a regular basis and take notice of failures in the hanger strap.

Funny how people are willing to show their ignorance in the comment section; of course they are going to shut down the place for as long as it takes to determine if any other duct hangers need replaced/repaired and the time it takes to replace them as well as re-hang the duct that fell (which some of it will likely need to be replaced, not sure if 36" round spiral duct is available in stock, or if a sheet metal manufacture would have to fabricate new pieces to replace what fell and can't be salvaged)

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