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Entertainent Tonight 1987 Vortex Promo Video


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I was browsing Youtube, looking for something to watch, and this came up. Could not find just a random thread for this I thought it would fit, so I just made this one. Thought it was a interesting look into the past of Kings Island, as it is a promo from the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" for the new-for-1987 Vortex.

I think it is very cool to see the coaster back in its very early days, when 6 inversions was the most in the world, and 148 feet was the tallest roller coaster in the world*. Still, 31 years (and MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of riders) later, Vortex remains a popular coaster at Kings Island. I even remember last year, the park (or someone in T-Shirt design at least) thought enough of it to put it on a "Kings Island 5" T-Shirt with Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, and Banshee.

*= Unless you count Dragon Mountain @ Marineland in Canada, which is 186 feet tall and opened in 1983 but also heavily used terrain to boost its height as it sits on a tall hill and does not have very tall supports due to this.

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This is pretty cool. It's interesting to think that Vortex was once the coaster at the park (well, along with Beast and Racer). Now, it's just one of the many coasters (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I guess people don't realize that Vortex was once the hot new thing, like Mystic Timbers is today). Also, ET looked a lot different back then...

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My 8 year old rode it with me a few times last year. Our first time riding it, I hadn't actually ridden it in years and forgot how intense it was! My son was soooo nervous about the loops and I kept telling him that he'd feel the safest on the loops vs. the whole rest of the ride. After we rode it, he totally agreed. lol

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