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Orion Construction Photos


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Just now, standbyme said:

Since you were nice enough to give us the answer in the first part of your sentence, my “final answer” is....shed.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :rolleyes:)

lol, I was just thinking someone would say that, I just assumed it was a storage shed because it just closed.

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5 hours ago, Kodistict said:

This shed is open again, does anyone know what it is?

Screenshot (8).png

It was built to house the helicopter for the helicopter tours. Last I knew, it was used as temporary storage in the summer and for winter maintenance on the wood coaster trains in the off-season.

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8 minutes ago, coastergirl24 said:

How do they get the trains from the transfer station onto the track? 

There’s a section of track that slides (the whole thing) from the main circuit over to the transfer table. They transfer the trains one at a time.

It appears they are definitely moving a section of track to either another location in the park, or to elsewhere.

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