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Orion Construction Photos


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3 hours ago, CedarIslander said:

I was just thinking that. Our current view looks to be enough for the lift hill and brake run... we don't get to see the rest of it!

CedarIslander, the short answer is Yes, they will turn and aim the camera wherever construction is at that point along the project.  If you search for Fury325 time lapse on YouTube, you can see how they (Carowinds)  re-aimed the webcam to get the most of what construction was taking place at that time.

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1 minute ago, Klabergian Empire said:

Ok, not trying to make fun of this or anyone here, but I literally got on this forum on this page and this is a summary of what I saw:


Screenshot 2019-09-05 at 8.52.09 PM.png

Haha... I agree, but this is also one of the most fun and exciting times to follow the park.

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10 minutes ago, LovinMeSomeBanshee said:

Do they normally test the rides in the mornings on off-days?  Both Racer trains just completed a cycle.

Edit:  Disregard me today.  It's Friday.  I'm still thinking it's Thursday because of the holiday.  My mind is gone.

Wait - we are closed today.  Hmm...:unsure::wacko:

I think there is a private event/group today. 

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