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Indianan Beach To Add 2 Rides for 2021

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21 hours ago, TombRaiderFTW said:

If it's Cascabel 2.0, I'm not renewing my KI season pass and am instead becoming an Indiana Beach stan.

Seriously, the idea of having ONE Schwarzkopf 3-4 hours from my house makes me so happy, let alone two--especially if one of them is a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop.

They would actually be home to 3 Schwarzkopf's, Tig'rr Coaster, Quimera, and Cascabel 2.0

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3 hours ago, gforce1994 said:

It seems Funtime is working on Drier Looping. My question is, when they get to 2022, will they go with the Psyke Underground treatment since they’re adding the shuttle loop on the strip of land beside Drier Looping and Steel Hawg?

Wait where did you here that funtime is working on it?

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With the park buying both coasters, one has to wonder how they’ll design the section of the park behind Steel Hawg. It’s definitely going to be different from the plans the park previously had for that section, which included a wave pool.

They’re already removing Cascabel. It’s being disassembled by same contractors who did Quimera.

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12 minutes ago, Orion742 said:

It’s too bad they had to go with the over the shoulder restraints vs the lap bar. I have heard the over the shoulder restraints are really painful.

Are there any of those portable Schwarzkopf loopers that have lap bars? I always assumed they all had OTSRs due to the intense laterals.  I know Olympia Looping has them.  

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Very excited to see this open (hopefully next year) I was wondering why each train car looks like the front car of a Schwarzkopf train? Hopefully it runs pretty smoothly and doesn't disappoint. It's been many years in the making at this point. 

Side note: if it took IB this long to get this coaster running, how long is it going to take Knott's to get Montezuma back up and running? We haven't heard too much about that project have we? If anyone has news on Monty please let me know. 

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I'm sure this has been a point of frustration for those looking forward to riding this and the constant delays in opening it. I for one am glad they have been taking their time with getting it right because no one wants a lethal or potentially lethal accident to occur on this coaster since it already has a past. I'm sure they got way in over their heads with the amount of rehab this coaster needed, but good to see they finally got a POV uploaded. I will say that I wish they had just done a traditional POV instead of whatever this fish-eye/360 degree garbage this is. 

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