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Diamondback 20 millionth rider


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4 hours ago, CorkscrewMcPuke said:

I am curious, is it the seat design?

That is correct! Ironically, when the ride first opened, I liked the “wing seats”. I guess that interest turned to fear of falling out as I’ve gotten older (as I feel so exposed riding in the wing seats, especially on the left side). And even when I’m not in the wing seats, I think the ride is meh (especially compared to Orion!); the first half is nice, but the return trip is a bit meandering.
The only reason I rode Diamondback on my last visit is because I won a Front of the Line pass lol

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^^Another aspect of Orion I like over DB is how the 2nd and 3rd hills combined height and steepness make you lose sight of the horizon, which are nice disorienting moments along with the weightlessness thrown in for good measure.  

I wish Orion had more lower elements with quicker transitions while its still doing 80+ mph to let it use that speed a bit more and was a tad longer, which is why I prefer MF and Fury to Orion as well.   Fury has some really quick hills and s-curves after the first overbank and MF has some nice drawn out parts where you skim the ground through the trees at high speed. 

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2 hours ago, KI FANATIC 37 said:

^Totally agree. I was thinking this last time I was at the park. I enjoy Orion's drop a lot more, but I like the rest of Diamondback's layout compared to Orion. I find myself riding Orion just for that first drop. I love the whole two and a half minutes of Diamondback. 

I think I like Orion more than DB because there is a bit more unique elements on Orion plus you can’t beat sitting in the front flying at 90+ miles an hour and hearing nothing but the wind in your ears. 

I think Diamondback is quite a bit longer so for people that like longer rides they will prefer DB over Orion. Don’t get me wrong I can ride these two all day and never get tired, they are my personal two favorite at the park!

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Overall, I prefer Orion over DB because it has more elements and less rattle. However, a back-row seat first drop on DB is hard to beat. I rode MF today for first time in nine months. For a 22-year old coaster, it is as good as Orion, maybe better.

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