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  1. Blackout and Wolf Pack in years past always felt understaffed. I guess if only having 5 mazes open means more scare actors per maze, it could be more quality over quantity. Still, I do see this being a problem for lines. With only 5 mazes open, we could be seeing some insane maze lines. Also I assume Field of Screams moved because since it might be hard to access that location because of Orion being there now.
  2. Had an amazing time today. Food wait times were fast, staff was really efficient. All the wait times were under 10 minutes, even Orion, except for Flight of Fear, which was about an 80 minute wait. Lights were on earlier in the day, but shut off. They left the extra emergency lights on in the queue area though because there was a decent leak in the ceiling from the rain. Makes me wonder if the lights were on in the main ride portion to check for leaks there as well. The water was coming in at a decent point to where they had someone positioned to just keep cleaning up the water. Did anyone else experience this?
  3. Thanks, I figured the building would protect the track, my fear back in the day was that an lightning bolt would overload the LSMs if struck, so I figured there was some system in place. I faintly remember hearing about it, but that was back during the paramount days, and I didn't know if there was any change since then. I'm just hoping the rain leads to less crowds tomorrow.
  4. Just a quick question. I'm planning to head to the park tomorrow (Friday the 28th) for a few hours. It's been a few years since I've checked this policy, but in case of thunder, does Flight of Fear still operate when the other coasters shut down? I've been in the park a few times during inclement weather the past year or two, but I've never ventured over to see.
  5. The other thing is teens make up a good portion of visitor attendance. I understand it's for the safety of the guests, but punish the thousands of other teens wanting to enjoy summer with their friends over the poor choices of a few other peers. If KI can find another way around, I think increased security or crowd control might be in order, but as long as it isn't a repeat problem, I'd hold off on the chaperone policy if possible.
  6. While it would help. I don't think it would fix everything. I witnessed a different one, which definitely contained a decent amount over 16 & over 18 years old, so I don't know how much it would help there. I hope this is a one time thing, and hopefully, we won't have to worry about it later down the line. Part of me thinks everyone was already on edge from the crowds and lines.
  7. I don't know if this will be an every night sort of a thing. It could also just be due to the already insane crowds, as even if they shut the lines at 9:20, they'll still be operating well past 10. If the park hit capacity, I'm sure the staff is already exhausted as well. I will say, great job to the ride ops. Almost every ride was running about as smooth as one can this early in the season on this hectic of a day.
  8. A bit packed, but the operations have been smooth. Most of the coasters have been about an hour. Food lines are still a bit long though.
  9. I can attest to this. I get glossy smooth rides on Blue. Teal doesn't have rattle, more like a vibration that can jackhammer a bit at the bottle of elements. Purple seems to be somewhere in-between.
  10. While these past weekends were frustrating, I'm sure as the season goes on, things will improve. Opening weekends have always been hectic, and I can also attest to the "do what you think works best" for Fastlane mentality. It will improve as the season goes on. Like said earlier, Fastlane ultimately does drive profit, but can assure you they still care about guest experience. We can't judge the entire 2021 season off of 4 hectic days of a crowded park with fresh staff.
  11. I think there are other factors besides just profit and money I was there and it was a decently sized storm with some downed branches. I'm sure they take into account other factors, like guest and employee safety. If they have the opportunity to prevent the workers from standing outside during an absolute downpour and move the coaster trains, railroad engines, and other ride vehicles into storage, they'll take that into account. Also even thought guests may be disappointed about the park closing early, it prevents other problems from arising during a storm. They have safety polices in place.
  12. I believe they hired a second executive chef a little while back. Chef Major is still cooking up amazing pieces at KI. Here's a photo posted in a blog post a few days ago. He's in the background of the photo. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/april/food-and-beverage-team-drafting-sampling-new-recipes-to-wow-guests-in-2021
  13. I think just adding some more landscaping around it would help it blend in better. Even just looking at the original concept animation, if they added some of the shrubs, trees, and flowers, it would help. Just some small improvements would go a long way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYzjGI3-RH0
  14. Just ordered mine, I can't wait to read this!
  15. I'll add one thing. Many non-enthusiasts I know book trips to Cedar Point for Top Thrill Dragster, Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, and Maverick. Rides like GateKeeper, Raptor, and Valraven may be reliable capacity monsters, but it's the Intamin rides and the RMC that people come to the parks for. I understand people might grumble when Top Thrill Dragster goes down every 45 minutes, but it's what attracts people to the park.
  16. Let's go! Time to marathon Delirium throughout July, August, September, and October.
  17. Rascal Flatts would be way better than some of the country remixes of rock and pop songs they currently have in Rivertown.
  18. 1. Flight of Fear 2. The Beast 3. Diamondback 4. Orion 5. Delirium
  19. Honestly I just want something else to do indoors. It would be a wise investment for something else to operate during Winterfest, and something to do when it's raining. When ever there's inclement weather, Flight of Fear and Boo Blasters are really the only options. Also A/C is awesome on scorching hot days.
  20. While losing The Bat would create a unique dent in the KI lineup, it'll also be interesting to see what they can use the land for. Part of me wants a low to the ground blitz coaster or Mack Launch that interacts with the terrain, but at the same time, in order to not suffer the problem of The Bat has of being secluded, a RMC that would peak above the trees and look intimidating would probably catch more attention from a distance. It'll be an interesting situation as KI has a quite a few rides approaching 30 years and the Invertigo parts situation. Vortex is a great plot, but also with The Bat's terrain and it could extend into the extra Son of Beast territory and old Safari section, I'm interested what the park will plan in general for that section of the park behind Banshee. If The Vortex plot doesn't become a Forbidden Frontier style land, maybe The Bat/Son of Beast section has potential.
  21. After visiting the past two seasons, while I do miss Scooby Doo, the ride is in better shape than in prior seasons. The animatronic was moving better than in the past with more fluid motions, I've had a working gun every time, most of all the pop outs work, and the "Get away from Me!" guy works, which for a season or two was static. All this ride seems to get is hate, but in my opinion, it's still way more immersive and in better shape than the other versions at sister parks. It may not be Disney or Universal level, but it's still a very enjoyable dark ride (there are much worse I've been on). I know maintaining each individual element can be a lot, but I just wanted to say I've been very pleased with the condition of Boo Blasters in the past season. Hats off to the maintenance crew.
  22. I don't know any official information, but I visited a few times by myself in 2020. The answer is no, I would never get paired with another rider in the same row. I visited Disney last month, and even though they did every row, they would never put you with another party or individual in the same row. So for now I'd say it's safe to assume no, you will not be paired with another rider for now.
  23. I thought the same thing. Something along the lines of this: https://cincyshirts.com/products/bernie-coaster?_pos=1&_sid=a26288198&_ss=r&variant=37666237939866
  24. 1. Flight of Fear 2. The Beast 3. Diamondback 4. Banshee 5. Orion
  25. I can't tell exactly from the article, but it might just be they sell off part of the land to a different developer/manager. From what I read, "There is an additional approximately 100 acres of unused or underutilized space at the base of a sizable hillside property. The remainder of the property comprises hillside open space that the city desires wants to develop for recreational and outdoor activities including down-hill biking, horseback riding, hiking, ziplining, among other uses." It seems more like while Cedar Fair is operating the 50 acres of park, the city is interested in developing some of the additional land. It could be the end of Cedar Fair management, or I could see it more just being an additional project separate from Cedar Fair's management developed by someone else.
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