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  1. Or it could include the track for the trains' housing...who really knows.
  2. That page is pretty cool, but I'm looking for accounts of actual experiences.
  3. lol...wow, this discussion has been posted over and over and over and over... oh well, I'm not one to gripe basically, I think it breaks down to this: rides - CP wins personality - PKI wins
  4. ^ I've heard that they have their own 911 dispatch center too.
  5. ^ Well, the numbers disagree with the numbers on the web page. Did they let some guy just type up the web page with his estimates?
  6. No, Surf Cincinnati was below the par of Water Works and extremely below the Beach. I doubt PKI would have any use for that stuff.
  7. Here is a question that I have been pondering for a while, maybe one of you will have an answer: Where is Kings Island? Geographically speaking, it's in Mason I believe, but the park describes itself as being in Kings Island, OH. Surely the city wasn't called Kings Island, OH before they built the park. Did that particular part of Mason succeede from the city or is calling it Kings Island, OH a marketing thing?
  8. Oh, I'm not doubting that it's a great observation tower. I mean, don't get me wrong. The structure is beautiful and very memorable, but do you know why they chose the Eiffel Tower specifically? I mean, they could have had a gigantic Big Ben and it would have had the same effect.
  9. hmmm.... I know that every park needs some sort of signature gigantic structure, but why the Eiffel Tower? Does anyone know why they chose it? Was there a contest or what?
  10. lol..ouch! I don't think I'd ride that... looks like a poor design.
  11. Well, for those of you who haven't seen it, here's the plot off the top of my head: The dad takes the family to Kings Island because he has to present some blue prints for a new area of the park. One of the boys (Peter, I believe) is holding two tubes: one with the blue prints, one holding a poster that he won at one of the games (the football game on I-Street, I believe). Anyway, he gives his dad one of the tubes believing that it is the blue prints and holds on to the other--eventually loosing it. His father is about to make the presentation and finds that he has the wrong tube. The whole Brady family then searches the park for the other tube. One of them finds it and of course saves the day. Interesting notes: -Greg plays the football game which is still there. -If you know the layout of the park, it's funny to see them run around looking for the plans. For example, they'll be by The Racer, make a turn and be by the tower, etc. They basically just used this as a scenic showing of the park. -It's interesting to wonder if the show were reality, which section of the park he had planned. -I believe the basketball games were there, but there were no shots of stupid kids loosing control of the balls! (That one's for you, DragonLord) -They brought the help on vacation with them. (Alice) -In all reality, they wouldn't team up and find the blue prints, they'd end up fighing and playing a blame game and they'd never find them. -Peter screws up like this in every episode, if his father were any kind of man, he'd fire the little brat and possibly disown him. No second chances.
  12. hmmm...I don't know about that. You really have no idea who typed that up...
  13. I'd be more than willing to format the pages, and give them to you as a new history section. It's the least I could do with how often I'm on your site.
  14. That sounds great! Let's just hope that it doesn't turn into an attack on people's characters or anything. If everyone realizes that it's just for fun, it would be great.
  15. I am not trying to start anything, but, what are the forums here for? People give there opinions, and talk about likes and dislikes. Saying that we should not talk about the problems and go to guest relations, is just like saying if you really enjoy something, don't talk about it here, go to guest relations as well. Many of us do not have connections to the park, is it wrong for us to praise the park as well? I totally agree with you. I've been jumped on here many times for expressing opinions. In all reality, these forums are a great thing. I mean, if it weren't for PKIU, I probably would think that I was the only person getting hurt on SOB. If you guys really think they should so something, we should start a drive in which every time we visit the park, we ride the ride (to give it a fair chance) and if it's overly turbulant, or you get hurt, let 'em know about it. Perhaps PKI doesn't know that people are uncomfortable on it. I agree with whoever said that saying stuff on here doesn't help...to an extent at least. It's up to us to actually take action. -Ryan p.s. To whoever suggested that SOB needs a tunnel -- that's an awsome idea!
  16. It's also possible that it was owned by King's Entertainment. Of course, it may have been created after the park, and named after it.
  17. lol...wow, that's a lot of pressure! I want to gather resourses before I even think about coding. Coding shouldn't be a problem, I almost have a degree in computer science... well actually, recently I switched to engineering (To get my dream job of working for Arrow) but I know Java extremely well. Any input, submissions, ideas, or whatever would be greatly appreciated!
  18. I may be wrong, but I think the big sign out in the parking lot has said all year "Buy a 2003 season pass and get free admission to Fear Fest" I'm pretty sure it said it even after the gold pass promotion ended. I'm sure now it says the same thing, but with the 2004 pass. Side question- Is it possible to upgrade from a regular pass to a gold pass? If so, how much does it cost? I had to rush out and get a gold pass on the last day of the promotion.
  19. Since we all seem to have a similar interest in the park, specifically its history, I am considering starting a PKI history page. I'm not talking about a year by year list of new attractions, but actual pictures from PKI of the past. I have no intention at all of competing with this site, so there will be no forums or anything like that. Mainly, the site would consist of pictures hopefully submitted by users, and perhaps I could post some interesting stores submitted by people who were there the inaugural year. Here are some ideas that are off the top of my head for the site: -Construction photos from throughout the history of the park. -Then and now photos i.e. King Cobra becomes Delirium, The Bat becomes The Vortex and so on.... -Perhaps a Paramount Buyout: Good Thing or Bad Thing? article, as told by employees of the time. -An article on how the city of Mason was affected by the park. Now, I realize that there's a history book coming out about the park ( I TOTALLY can't wait) but I'm hoping to take a different perspective than it will. Like I said before, this is just an idea. If you think it's stupid, let me know. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  20. I'm pretty sure both parks were started by the same people. King's entertainment and Taft Broadcasting, I think.
  21. I've never heard of anyone being hurt either, except for bloody noses and stuff like that. I'm sure the park IS concerned with people getting hurt though, that's a little thing called RESPONSIBILITY. You see, the park is responsible for the safety of the guests. Hence the fact that when people get hurt or killed they get sued like crazy. Paramount is a gold mine, not to mention Viacom. A lot of people complain about the SOB because of the turbulance. On the other hand, a lot of people love it just for that fact. It's in the eye of the beholder. I agree with you that a wooden coaster going over 70mph is going to be turbulent, and the fact that it drops you over 200ft doesn't help, but it doen't hurt to wish that the ride wasn't overly tubulant. In my opinion, it would make the ride a lot more fun.
  22. Oh, I agree with you in the entirety. There have been many times where I have gotten off of that ride with a swore back. I wish it could be lowered to the level of turbulance of The Beast.
  23. Yeah, they all have anti-rollback mechanisms. It makes it nearly impossible for a train to go backwards down the tow hills. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the concept is the work of John A. Miller. That's part of the reason why you hear a clinking noise while being towed up a hill.
  24. Chef, was it you who told me that one of the reasons they took out PT was because parents were complaining about their kids getting scared in it? It makes sense. I realize that they have a ten year tradition for that building, but that may have had something to do with it. Perhaps warning signs could have been added, wouldn't hurt.
  25. lol...I love the old guy in the tower! I had a friend come in from out of town and I took her to the park for her first time, and the first thing we did was go up in the tower. As he was telling his horrible jokes, she kept giving me these "where the hell did you take me??" looks. It was great!
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