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  1. The bridge will be closed from 5am-11am this morning. Implosion at 7:15. Public asked to stay away. http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/local/things-know-about-implosion-ohio-highest-bridge/dDiQ82EdkcJW4qgZzwJ4FL/
  2. Since a few guests invariably forget to check the park calendar before planning a visit: Just a heads up that Kings Island is closed tomorrow, Sunday, April 23, 2017 for a private event.
  3. Depends how much Samsung is paying for the sponsorship.
  4. Glad to hear that affected rides are coming back online.
  5. ^ If they'd close early, you'd get a raincheck good for another admission, which isn't super helpful when the cost of getting there is more than that of a ticket.
  6. VR would seem to kill the advantage of being on the world's tallest Drop Tower. With a phone strapped to your face, might as well be riding a much shorter one.
  7. If temperatures will only get into the 60s, Soak City generally doesn't open to begin with. Unless it's a gold pass preview weekend for a new ride, in which case they might open Soak City at 57° with rain.
  8. Not sure about Michigan's Adventure, but Kennywood is notorious for closing due to inclement weather - even if it will clear up later. With that park, it helps to have flexible plans if possible.
  9. It's rare for Kings Island to close for weather; they try to keep the park open if possible. Case in point:
  10. It's impossible to predict exactly how crowded the park will be, but this Friday shouldn't be anything like last Friday's preview event. Following the debut of Banshee, the operating day comparable to this upcoming Friday (Fri, April 25, 2014) was a good day to visit. It wasn't walk-ons, but waits weren't bad. I recall waiting in a Banshee line with one of the long switchbacks open.
  11. As posted in the Winterfest thread, GM Mike Koontz revealed in an interview that the plan is to operate Mystic Timbers during Winterfest.
  12. If it's raining hard, I look down and/or use my hand to block some of the rain from hitting my eyes. This strategy might not work for people who wear contacts or prescription glasses. Personally, I think coasters are better in the rain. As a bonus, lines are shorter.
  13. Food venues at the park undergo regular inspections. The foods department has been known to read this thread, but following up with the park directly would be most effective if someone notices a potential violation. These things are taken seriously. I had good food experiences on Opening Day. Fast-moving lines and hot food that tasted like it should. Night and day compared to the beginning of last season.
  14. Some will do it just because it's an exclusive product, even if there's little practical benefit. A relatively cheap way to separate from the masses. Cedar Point has spaces in the main lot that are as close as the preferred lot. Then there's the Soak City lot.
  15. ^ Weekdays in June, you should be good without it as long as you're strategic about when to ride things. (eg. not riding Raptor/Gatekeeper until evening)