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  1. Payment Plan

    Welcome to KIC! In past seasons, the payment plan has been available until about July. As the season gets closer, the price of the pass will be split into fewer payments to ensure that it's paid off by the end of the season. It's good to renew early, as the price of the pass and of add-ons like the Dining Plan go up more the longer you wait.
  2. The ERT sessions are long enough that you should have no problem getting as many rides on Raven/Legend/Voyage/Thunderbird/Wildebeest/Mammoth as you want. This event is one of very few times per year that Voyage has operated without trims, which is an experience that shouldn't be missed. Do pay close attention to ERT times on smaller rides (i.e. flat rides & The Howler junior coaster), as crews rotate between these rides during ERT. Also, bring an appetite to the scheduled meals/snacks - the food is plentiful and very good. A marathon multi-day coaster event like this or Coasterstock can itself be a very good workout. Keeping active over the off-season is good advice, lest you become worn out before the event is over.
  3. Winterfest Questions

    Mystic Timbers is arguably more of a family coaster than anything else outside Planet Snoopy. I have never in my life gone ice skating, so that could be me as well. I'll probably need a coat and long pants for safety's sake.
  4. Fan Created Themed Attire Events

    I don't own a sweater either, so I guess I lose as well.
  5. Does KI compete with area parks?

    ^^ Legend was my least-favorite (of 3 very good woodies), but it's now my second-favorite after its reworking in 2016 by GCI. When Voyage's trims are on, Legend is my favorite coaster in the park.
  6. Winterfest Questions

    Fountain Square is $10 if you include skate rental, so the price difference is a bit less than it seems.
  7. ^ Long lines have been an issue with dining plans, but there was a marked improvement this season. That food revenue grew year-over-year is a good sign. I was pleased with the food quality at Carowinds, Kings Island and Dorney Park this season; Cedar Point and Kings Dominion could still use some help.
  8. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    I ended the regular season with the final walk-through of Dinosaurs Alive, then ended ERT with the very cold (37°) last ride of the season on The Beast.
  9. Dinosaurs Alive is now extinct at KI. A large group showed up for the final walk-through at 7pm, and we were treated to a very nice tour from the area supervisors. It was hard to see much without proper lighting, but I did get a video of the tour which I'll share later today.
  10. Current wait times

    ^^ At KI, the major coasters continue to operate in a moderate rain - so you could ride all night if you so desired.
  11. ^ Saturday night/Sunday morning, I think you mean. If it looks like flurries before close on Saturday, I would be tempted to drive down early for an attempt at a Beast snow ride. Here's the latest NWS forecast as of 8pm this evening:
  12. Current wait times

    ^ I took the event shirt out to my car after check-in, so it was just the one. I did get cold that day, for the record. For the charity auction later in the evening, I wore that event shirt over my other shirt.
  13. Head over to the meet-ups forum for information on that; we'd be glad to see you there! https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33228-closing-day-2017-meet-up-october-29th Indeed Terpy isn't active on KIC these days, though he does care deeply about the industry and about the community here. If he offended you, I'm sure it wasn't intentional.
  14. It looks like we are, indeed, in for a cold weekend. The current highs on Saturday and Sunday are 51° and 49°, respectively, according to the National Weather Service. Vortex, The Bat and Adventure Express have the highest minimum operating temperature of the coasters, needing it to be at least 45° to start operating. Those might not open right away (or at all, if it stays below that threshold). The coldest day I've ever visited the park was November 1, 2014, when the afternoon high was approximately 36°. The Beast, The Racer & Woodstock Express were open all day, even when it dipped to 27° late that night. The steel coasters were indeed closed that day. Luckily, this Sunday looks to be a tad warmer than that. The free Fast Lane Plus was valid any Sunday this fall, so I wouldn't expect the park to add another day to use it. KI will be open on Sunday, so you can still come and use it if you don't mind the chilly temperatures. You might see some of us if you go that day; we always do a big KIC "Closing Day" meetup on the last day of the fall season.
  15. Current wait times

    I plead the fifth.