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  1. Food/merchandise locations are typically in limited operation on early and late season weekdays, as it's impossible to staff everything with so many seasonal employees at school.
  2. The schedule of events has been released: https://cdn-cloudfront.cfauthx.com/binaries/content/assets/ki-en-us/general-information/play/events/ki---pivip-strategy-guide-and-map.pdf
  3. ^ Platinum pass benefits are the same no matter which park you purchase from. Your pass number should work to buy bring-a-friend tickets on Carowinds' website or at the front gate. Hope the club members wanting ERT at Kings Island got Coasterstock tickets! Since they're only doing one, having some of the enthusiast crowd spread out to Indiana might help with the coaster lines.
  4. ^ The WiFi worked well enough for me to stream high-definition video on Saturday. The only issue was having to reconnect almost every time I pulled my phone out. The blank login screen should stay up for less than a second before directing you to KI's mobile website. If the login screen sits there and does nothing, there's probably a connection issue. Considering the number of teenagers in one spot today with the school-group heavy crowds, I'm not surprised that networks couldn't keep up.
  5. I experienced the WiFi captive portal issue yesterday. Even though you only have to enter your name and e-mail one per season, the system requires that you visit a (blank) login page each time you sign into the network - which should be once per visit. The problem seems to be that sessions are expiring out too quickly on the gateway, so your phone has to visit this page far too often. Even if your phone stays on all day, it will go out of range while riding most coasters and in some areas such as The Bat's queue. As a workaround, on a newer phone with the latest updates, look out for the network sign-in required device notification, and tap it to get back online. Older phones may require you to open a web browser to a non-secure, non-cached (http, not https) website to get directed to the login portal. Nearly all websites are secure and/or cached these days, so it's best to bookmark a special connectivity check page such as http://connectivity-check.ubuntu.com The WiFi worked really well last season, so hopefully they get the problem fixed as this season gets underway.
  6. At Coney Bar-B-Que, the dining plan includes one entrée and one side. This includes permanent choices as well as specials.
  7. ^ See above. There are zipper pouches under the seats for small metallic items, so you don't need a locker unless you have a larger bag with you.
  8. I visited Chicken Shack this weekend to try the new smoked wings. The layout of the restaurant has changed from last year, with 4 automated ordering kiosks to redeem dining plan meals or purchase food & drink. Cash customers are given a receipt to take to a cashier to complete their order. After I ordered, I was called up to the counter to ask if I wanted barbecue or buffalo sauce on my wings. I requested them plain, which was a good decision because the wings are quite tasty as-is - very similar to the Island Smokehouse version. I'm really glad to have these as an option in the main park. Panda Express at the park was indeed offering two entrées and a side yesterday as the meal plan option.
  9. I wear shorts and a t-shirt at the park tonight, and I got pretty cold. Given the weather, I was impressed by the number of people who turned out.
  10. The National Weather Service hourly forecast shows rain tapering off after 3-4pm on Saturday. Could be a great afternoon/evening if that holds up. I'll be at Preview Night and Opening Day no matter what the forecast says.
  11. Typically, tolls open 45 minutes before the park opens. Cars will almost certainly be lined up before then.
  12. Just a heads up that wholesale prices at Customcat are going up on Thursday, April 11 by $1 per shirt. Since KIC doesn't make any money on these, the prices of our shirts will go up the same amount. To get the old pricing, be sure to place your order by this Wednesday at 11:59:59pm EDT.
  13. The park is indeed closed on Easter Sunday. It's also closed the following Sunday (for a private event).
  14. It's not a certainty that Santa Clara would have considered an amusement park the highest and best use for that land, if not for the stadium and Cedar Fair's long-term plan for the park. The stadium does limit parking and operations (eg. on 49'ers game days), so the land under the park might be worth less than it would now if the stadium didn't exist. In any case, I'm glad that the future of CGA is secured.
  15. The site was down for about 25 minutes due to an InvisionPower upgrade that failed. We restored from a backup, so all should be good now.
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