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  1. Regular Fast Lane exists to help sell Fast Lane Plus; the cheaper option makes the premium version seem less expensive by offering a point of comparison. They have sold out, but it doesn't happen often. If the park is packed and you'll want Fast Lane, my advice would be to buy it in the morning. Even if it doesn't sell out, you're getting less for your money the later in the day it gets.
  2. The live video works for me, when I click on any of the webcam images on visitkingsisland.com. If you're seeing it pause, it's likely a network or browser issue on your end. The site (using HLS streaming using Wowza software running on a dedicated server) doesn't seem to be experiencing an issue.
  3. They do follow a cleaning and maintenance schedule at Coca-Cola fountains and Freestyle machines. If a drink doesn't taste right at a location, be sure to let a supervisor or Guest Services know.
  4. For what it's worth, I've smashed mayflies with my face via roller coaster and have yet to suffer a cut. At night, I'd look down and shield my face with my hands.
  5. ^ 2.5 hours is more than enough time for a polar bear to ride everything in weather like that. I finished Soak City at KI in about an hour at similar temperatures.
  6. Wait times are usually hard to predict, but I agree that this season has been odd. For many guests, it wouldn't have been quite warm enough for Soak City today, which might have had an effect on dry park crowds. Or perhaps too many guests are starting to recognize "typical" crowd patterns.
  7. The new Island Smokehouse in Soak City has Freestyle machines on both sides, and there's a drinks-only line to access them without waiting in the food line. There's also the Coca-Cola Marketplace location in Oktoberfest (not technically standalone, as there are light snacks) and the refreshment stand at the KI&MVRR Rivertown station. Soda fountains do get contaminated when soiled drinkware is refilled and contact with the nozzle is made. Granted, preventing it at self-service locations is futile. Anyone with a compromised immune system really shouldn't be drinking out of any soda fountain anywhere.
  8. Hope you & your family enjoy your visit! Looking forward to the trip report.
  9. Most wait times in the dry park were minimal today, with the exception of 30-45 minute waits on MT. Soak City got very busy by mid-afternoon.
  10. The 2016 report has been released. (KI+1.5%, CP+2.8%, CW+2.9%, IKBF+3.8%, SFGAm+5.6%, NJFTP+5.5%) As usual, it's best taken with a grain of salt. The link at the top of this thread still works.
  11. If they can't have premium meats as a normal meal plan option, I'd really like to see it as an upcharge option. I'd gladly pay $5 or so, but spending the full ~$12+tax on every visit when I've already paid for a meal plan would be harder to justify.
  12. ^^ There's another way of dealing with line jumpers that Goble would probably love more.
  13. It's probably for the best that there's no longer a hot tub at the bar. It's easy enough to get dehydrated on a hot day in a waterpark already. Not to mention the more frequent need for restroom visits when drinking alcohol, or the fact that some people don't bother to get out of the pool when they really should. No need to heat that water to 100°.
  14. Perhaps they're testing it out, to see if more options can be included long-term. Making large quantities of fried chicken tenders is going to be easier than making large quantities of smoked wings.
  15. For a single ticket, buying at Kroger is probably cheaper than buying online due to the online order processing fee. Prices at Kroger vary by area; call a store near you to see how much they cost. Bring-a-friend tickets are also sold at the front gate; just present your gold or platinum pass at the ticket windows.