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  1. ^ It could be a connection issue; all pictures from recent posts in that thread are working for me on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and Tapatalk. Is anyone else experiencing problems?
  2. ^ To be clear, they're broken on Tapatalk, on the web-based forum, or both?
  3. See this topic from last year, with lots of cargo short suggestions:
  4. Never is a very long time! Some analysts have long-predicted a merger; the two companies serve similar markets, yet have very little geographic overlap. In my opinion, Cedar Fair's tax structure as a limited partnership is one of the bigger reasons it hasn't happened (and might not happen any time soon).
  5. When Mean Streak's trims were turned off, it was a fun & thrilling ride.
  6. Glad to see lots of people from here taking part! Those who have registered, check your e-mail for updates sent out by the park this week. There's still time to sign up and/or to raise money. To participate in the first rider event, the $100 fundraising minimum must be met by Sunday, April 9 at midnight. For those getting started, many have been successful by sharing their page on social media channels.
  7. Just linking this here, Ride On_17 has a number of (legal) pictures from Winter Chill Out in his trip report: Also, I merged this new Mean Streak thread with the existing one, to keep pre-announcement posts easier to find.
  8. Banshee's POV wasn't released until the ride opened. I would expect a Mystic Timbers POV until then, either.
  9. ^ The 2nd is probably my safest bet that week, but August 3 should work. The 1st is the day I really need to avoid if possible. The signage at the entrance says that single riders aren't permitted, but they do pair single riders who make it to the station & ask.
  10. ^ Do you know yet on which day you're planning to do Kennywood, or will you be flexible that week?
  11. AAA had a pretty good discount as of last season. Several of the coaster clubs usually have discounts as well.
  12. ^ The character issue was a brief glitch while the domain was being changed. If you're still seeing unrecognized characters, you can fix it by "forced" reloading - CTRL+SHIFT+R on Windows/Linux, Command+SHIFT+R on Mac, or clearing by your cache from a mobile browser. Holding down the SHIFT key while reloading the page forces your browser to download the entire page again, so it's helpful if it has remembered a glitched version of a site. Because the domain switched from www.KICentral.com to KICentral.com, forum cookies and some remembered passwords have been deactivated. If your progress on a post was saved automatically, content from session(s) prior to the domain change will not be restored. If you need this post content, it's available in your browser cookies. (Feel free to PM me if you need specific help finding or reading cookies.) If you saved your password in your browser, you might need to save it again. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it directly from your password manager. (eg. LastPass, Chrome, Firefox) Theme preferences (eg. forum background images) may have been reset. Use the paintbrush icon at the top of the forum to get your preferred setting back.
  13. There will be brief, sporadic downtime of the forum tonight as we launch more updates to the site. At some point, a cookie change (www.KICentral.com->KICentral.com) will require everyone to log in again.
  14. ^ We're indeed working on some major site updates; stay tuned!
  15. The barcode number on your season pass receipt should work to verify your purchase in the online store. The same barcode should scan (once) at parking tolls as well, for use on your first visit.