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  1. It's probably a capacity thing; a relatively small food stand in the newest area of the park isn't set up to keep up with the demands of the dining plan.
  2. The wait times thread would be a good place to post dispatch time observations, though a post for every cycle is probably more information than we need. When the general public is loaded onto a new ride for the first time, patience is a virtue.
  3. Cedar Point reservations are now online available on Cedar Point's website and mobile app. For now, there is a limit of one active reservation per passholder. I reserved Saturday, July 11 at 10:00am. https://www.cedarpoint.com/welcoming-you-back#
  4. We didn't try screaming, but wearing them on the coasters wasn't an issue at all with the masks we wore. @IndyGuy4KI and I had simple cloth masks, while @acole5292 had a disposable paper mask. I'll experiment with some other masks this week at Kings Island. Just as enthusiasts have figured out cargo shorts, I'm sure we'll master pandemic facemasks. It was frustrating that many weren't taking social distancing seriously. We tried to keep our distance from others throughout the day, aided by the mostly light crowds. Cornball had some rows closed off for social distancing, at least when we rode.
  5. They want to ensure social distancing as people get to the front gate. A big crowd waiting for turnstiles to open would not be ideal.
  6. If you use the online order lookup option in the online store (Menu->Order Lookup), you might be able to look it up with your dad's information, assuming you know it.
  7. The pass number is either the long numeric code (00000000000000000000000) or the short alphanumeric code (ABC1XYZ) listed on the back of the pass or in the mobile app. Either of these will work. If the number has worn off, you can use a barcode scanning app to scan your barcode or QR code to get the number.
  8. I got reservations for the 4th! Your reservations should be listed under tickets & passes in the "Me" tab in the KI mobile app, assuming you have the latest version and your pass is added.
  9. Reservations are now open in Kings Island's online app and in the online store.
  10. Season passes have always been subject to capacity limits, which are subject to change. COVID-19 has, of course, dramatically reduced the capacity of all types of businesses. The way I see it, I bought a 2021 season pass, and whatever visits I get this season during the pandemic are a bonus.
  11. ^ You should have received e-mails from Don Helbig at the park with details about the rescheduled event on July 1. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you didn't get it, you should contact the park to get the information and make sure you're on the list to go.
  12. ^ The closest I've come to this is 9am-12am at Cedar Point, followed by 9:30am-12am at Kings Island the next morning. You get about 4 hours of sleep in a best case scenario, so it's not really something I would recommend. Doing all the coasters at both parks on a 10:00am to 10:00pm day would be a really tall order. You would need light attendance and perfect Intamin luck at Cedar Point, which would probably need to be the first park of the day to take advantage of lighter morning crowds. If I had platinum season Fast Lane Plus, I might try it.
  13. Facemasks are only part of the strategy, but they are important in situations where ideal social distancing is not practical. Even with all the precautions that Cedar Fair is taking, places that attract large crowds present an enhanced risk that requires a layered safety approach. Masks are a proven strategy for reducing transmission in public spaces. It shouldn't be controversial to wear a mask in situations where health officials recommend doing so, but that's the world we're in today.
  14. The test reservation page they had online earlier was taken offline. A link to that page was not officially communicated by the park; people evidently found it by guessing the URL while they had it online for a test. KI has not announced a date or time for reservations going live. When it happens, or when we learn of an official date, we'll do our best to get it communicated on KIC right away. When reservations are live, the link to the registration page should be displayed prominently in the mobile app, on the KI website, and in the KI online store.
  15. You might want to contact the park to be safe, to be sure that the reservation you placed early is either honored or reset before things go live.
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