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  1. malem

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I rode Wooden Warrior last year, and it's a thrilling ride with plenty of airtime despite its relatively small size. It's no Woodstock Express, even though it has the same height restriction. If Kentucky Flyer's experience is anything similar, we're in for a treat.
  2. malem

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    That would be Intimidator 305.
  3. malem

    Firehawk has lost it's wings!

    Let's keep our condolences in the main thread: https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33930-firehawk-leaving-kings-island-102818/
  4. malem

    JavaScript breakage

    It broke again for about 15 minutes while we were applying a security update to InvisionPower. Everything should be good again, though search may not work for a few hours.
  5. malem

    History of the Haunt

    I remember getting FearFest and Fright Fest (at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) mixed up.
  6. malem

    Anything else going to be Announced for 2019?

    ^ To resurface the entire ~100 acre parking lot, just the asphalt for a 1" layer would be ~$2M not including construction costs.
  7. malem

    Haunt Expectations

    ^ Yet guests keep coming in seemingly bigger numbers every year. I tend to think of regional park fall events as the fast food of haunted houses. Not everyone who comes to Kings Island during Haunt wants to be scared out of their minds, and mazes need to pack through several hundred people each hour, so they're not going to be truly "good" from the perspective of genre fans. Events like Universal's HHN are hard-ticket events, and guests who come definitely want to get scared. I need to plan a trip there one of these days.
  8. malem

    Haunt Expectations

    Keep in mind that the park doesn't open to the public until 7:00pm on Saturday. It will be open for a private event before that, and some event attendees will stick around for Haunt.
  9. malem

    Coney Mall Concept 2022

    Six Flags has operated PTC trains, as well as several other types of trains, backwards in recent years. Kings Island has explicitly stated several times, including during Coasterstock Q&A, that they could run the current trains backwards if they wanted to.
  10. malem

    JavaScript breakage

    It should be working again.
  11. malem

    New Years Eve at WinterFest

    That article was from last year, but forecasts are calling for El Niño conditions this winter. https://unofficialnetworks.com/2018/07/30/noaa-el-nino-forecast-outlook-for-winter-2018-2019/ https://public.wmo.int/en/media/press-release/wmo-update-70-chance-of-el-niño-end-of-2018 As for this region, the National Weather Service long-range climate prediction is for above normal average temperatures. http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/long_range/seasonal.php?lead=3
  12. malem

    Cedar Point Crowds

    ^ When they closed, it was scattered drizzle with winds around 20mph. GateKeeper, Raptor, Valravn, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, Millennium Force, Rougarou, and Steel Vengeance were operating. Maverick was sending empty trains. As a resort destination that draws people from a wider radius than most amusement parks, Cedar Point has typically followed the operating schedule to the extent possible. This was really disappointing, but I hope closing early was a fluke rather than a new normal; going to a park being affected by tropical storm remnants is always a gamble. I just wish they had given enough warning to turn around or get some rides in if already at the park. It could always be worse. The group in front of me at Guest Services had flown in from Arizona for the weekend to visit the park today.
  13. malem

    Question about Fright Lane

    If you don't have a pass and are visiting on a Friday, there's an all-inclusive ticket in the KI online store that includes both Fast Lane and Fright Lane.
  14. malem

    Cedar Point Crowds

    I drove up to Cedar Point today, as I heard that most rides were operating (despite the weather) with very light crowds. I arrived at 1:35, walked onto Valravn, then got to Millennium Force (which had no line) at 1:55. Alert on the Cedar Point app: Park closing at 2pm due to the unprecedented rainfall in our area. I managed to sprint to Steel Vengeance just as they cut the line. Overall, a really frustrating trip. I couldn't find a previous instance of Cedar Point closing early for weather, even on days when not much more than Blue Streak and Cedar Downs operated.
  15. That's now 18 years in a row! Not many surprises this year; the biggest upset was Phoenix at Knoebels winning Best Wood Coaster for the first time. Steel Vengeance beat out Time Traveler, Twisted Timbers and Twisted Cyclone for Best New Ride.