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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. We attempted to do a software upgrade last night, but it ended up breaking replies. Sorry about that. I restored the previous version until we can figure out what went wrong and apply the updates again.
  2. The cash price is now listed on the Wishbone menu board; I believe it's around $13.
  3. The event at Carowinds last year was the Peanuts Celebration, similar to the June 2018 event at Kings Island. Weather and attendance are major issues for seasonal parks in November, so it can be a gamble with events. Maybe we'll see some Cedar Fair parks try a food tasting event at that time of the year, which they're getting quite good at this year out of necessity at Knott's.
  4. Discussing how the recent case illustrates the need to make the coaster community a safer place for everyone is welcome, but let's steer clear of any speculation. Some posts have been cleaned up. This is a tough time for the entire community. Those who call themselves enthusiasts should strive to be the best fans of the park. It should be about enjoying parks, supporting the industry, modeling exemplary behavior, and creating the safest environment possible. News like this, especially involving someone you know, feels like a gut punch. No one should lose sight of the fact that amusem
  5. They wouldn't have planned another major coaster the year after the biggest investment in park history, even before COVID-19. Early 2000s Six Flags doesn't own the park. It's always fun to look at work going on in the park and speculate about future additions. Let's stay focused on what's within the realm of possibility, though.
  6. It was a little past medium, but there was some pink in the meat on my sandwich, which I posted a picture of in the other thread. I got mine right after they started serving at 5:00. They had meat in a hot holding dish after they were done grilling it, so it may have cooked further depending on when it was ordered.
  7. Tonight's chef's plate special of sliced ribeye with provolone and sauteed peppers and onions was excellent. The sandwich had a well-rounded taste, with a generous portion of steak cooked to a perfect medium. For sure the best meal I've had on my dining plan. I can't wait to come back and try more specials.
  8. The ribeyes for tonight's menu are on the grill.
  9. With operational limitations this year, I'm very glad to get night rides going into September. Cedar Point isn't staying open after 8:00 at all this season.
  10. Fall hours have been added to the park's online calendar. 11am-10pm Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend; 11am-8pm Monday. Then, 11am-10pm Saturdays and 11am-8pm Sundays through September 20. After that, for the remainder of the season, it will be 11am-8pm Saturdays and 11am-7pm Sundays.
  11. What's not allowed at Dollywood is to let others scan your (gold) pass card to get discounts or other benefits. You can buy things for friends, and they can pay you back, however. Sharing food from your plate obtained through an all-day dining plan goes against the spirit of all-you-can-eat, but enforcing this as an actual rule would be impossible. The 90-minute interval is meant to discourage this, as most guests want to eat a meal at the same time as other members of their party.
  12. One focus of CGA is events and corporate buy-outs, owing to their strategic location in Silicon Valley next to Levi's Stadium. We may see more development along the lines of the event pavilion that was built a few years ago. I don't see them becoming a huge destination park like Knott's or Kings Island, but I think they will remain a development focus for the chain.
  13. On Opening Day, if everyone had shown up at their reservation time as instructed, there wouldn't have been the logjam that there was.
  14. With as much history and potential as the Vortex site has, I'd rather wait for the "right" replacement than get something else quickly.
  15. Adventureland is offering free admission to Cedar Fair and Six Flags passholders for the last part of this season. https://twitter.com/PayneReports/status/1291504041789456386 Seems like a smart move to me; encourage out-of-town park fans to spend money in their park while maybe boosting interest if they ever decide to put themselves up for sale.
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