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Noticed we don't have general CP 2017 thread.

Kiefer and I took a short trip up this afternoon (1-6) and had a really pleasant day for an opening weekend.  Top Thrill Cubster was down until right before we left at 6 (to be expected) and Magnum never opened but other than that I was pleasantly surprised given the low expectations I went in with.  The ride ops were really hustling and churning out the trains.   

Despite the vast majority of food stands not open food lines were very reasonable with barely a 5 minute wait for anything.  (Hear that KI?)

I had to be big mean parent this morning and leave Ryan at home because he violated his screen time grounding last night from a previous serious infraction.   I felt really bad having having to do it, but don't let him know that. :)  I actually had to work on Kiefer a bit this morning to him to go because he didn't want to leave his brother older behind and said it wouldn't be as much fun.   

Was my first ride on Iron Dragon, boy was that a snooze fest.  The Bat is much better.  

Although we were back by The Ride Formerly Known as Mean Streak I didn't bother to go look at it as there have been plenty of recent photos on the net and my eyes lack a zoom lens anyway.  

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I still like Iron Dragon.  It may not be as flashy as Bat, but I like its layout and I love the second half, especially when the mist machines are working.  Its quite a visually appealing coaster to me, more so in its original paint scheme though. I hated when they added the yellow to the supports (the supports used to be white, it had a paint scheme identical to SFMM's Ninja).  



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Maybe they do and I suppose I am not a true enthusiast.   I guess I kind of view it like a vehicle breakdown on the highway.  Yahoo! I get to sit here for twenty minutes or more doing nothing and then ride in a tow truck!  

Actually completing the circuit and having time for another ride sounds much more exciting to me.  Different strokes.

Contratulations Malem and Pianoman on your exciting evacuation!

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I'm thinking about making the 3 hour drive to CP tomorrow. If I do, I'll get there by 9 for the ERT. What time does the parking lot open? Any guess as to how busy it may be? Most importantly, I can usually only walk around for about 4-6 hours. What's the best order to ride to get a loop around the park? Anything to avoid or isn't a "must ride"? (I really want to try that perch sandwich as long as I don't have to walk from the back of the park to the front to get it! LOL)

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Parking lot will be open when you get there.  Don't worry about that.

Now this is what I would do, and it GREATLY depends if the park has everything up and running for ert.  Things have been pretty dicey there so far this year on my 3 visits.


Enter at the marina gate for ert and go straight to Valravn.  After doing that, walk back to Millennium, get that in.  Take Frontier Trail back to Frontier Town and ride Maverick.  Then walk over to the Gemini Midway to Dragster (Cubster) and wait for it to open.  After riding that, hit Gatekeeper and Raptor.  You may have slight waits for those two by then.  Rougarou will probably be a walk on for an hour or two after opening, so you have some leeway there.  After that, ride whatever you want...like my favorite...the CP & LE Railroad. 

My best guess is that tomorrow May 22nd.  The park will not be crowded.  Have fun!!

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Back of the park early & front of the park in the evening is good general advice. Getting to Maverick during Early Entry is well-advised.

My usual Early Entry strategy is to get in line early at the marina gate, ride Millennium Force once, then get as many rides on Maverick as possible before the park opens. Main gate turnstiles open before the marina gate turnstiles (8:45am vs 9:00am), so entering there instead is beneficial if you're not in line early. Early Entry guests entering via the main gate aren't allowed past Raptor until 9:00am.

As soon as the park opens to the general public, I like to get an early train on Top Thrill Dragster (hoping for a rollback), get a few rides on Magnum, then ride whatever still has a short line. I typically save Gemini until both sides are running and save Gatekeeper & Raptor until early evening.

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At Cedar Point today (and yesterday). Currently in the shelter area of Maverick's queue line waiting on this rain storm to pass. We stayed at a Cottage last night which was very fun especially when it was super close to the construction happening in the old Mean Streak area. Also had this view of Mean Streak's old lift in the hot tub area . 


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It's probably for the best that there's no longer a hot tub at the bar. It's easy enough to get dehydrated on a hot day in a waterpark already.

Not to mention the more frequent need for restroom visits when drinking alcohol, or the fact that some people don't bother to get out of the pool when they really should. No need to heat that water to 100°.

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^ I have not been this year but read a report on another forum that the hot tub was removed from the pool/bar formerly known as Bubbles.  
Edit: sorry, not been there.

Wow they removed it. That is a bummer. I loved sitting in there relaxing after a long day ogmf riding all the slides.

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I had a great couple of days at CP last Wednesday and Thursday (5/31 and 6/1). It was our first trip anywhere with our 6 month old son and he had a blast. He took his first ever rides on the carousel and train, and was really fascinated by the sights and sounds. 

RMC Streak looks amazing so far and the park in general seem to be in great shape. Valravn was down Wednesday afternoon and didn't start testing Thursday until we were driving by it on the way out but we still had a great time regardless. 

Here are just a few photos from our trip!






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