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  1. Ok, I saw on Facebook today where someone showed us pictures of Stingers destruction and he recommended us to ride Invertigo this year because he is starting to think that Invertigo is next. Even though I'm doubting Invertigo will be leaving, I wouldn't be surprised if both Invertigo and Congo Falls are on the chopping block. I even think that if KI really wants to put in a new "guest greeting" coaster at the front of the park that they should maybe build a new and improved Timberwolf theatre behind Banshee. That's just my thoughts. I made the following picture on what I think a giga could look like there. Fwi the name I chose is Centurion just because it fits with where it's located and the Kings Mills Area.
  2. What if they chose to build a new and improved theatre in the back of the park. They have a lot of land back there. I think if they were to do that, that would open up enough room for a coaster at the front. I most likely am the only one, but even though I really like Invertigo, I wouldn't be surprised if Invertigo has only a few more years left since Cedar Fair seems to be taking out their boomerangs. Congo Falls I could see gone as well since those boat falls rides are starting to leave parks now. If they really want to put a good coaster at the front of the park, they probably would have to build a brand new and improved theatre behind Banshee.
  3. The person who speculated the thing I said before was after Banshee opened.
  4. As much as I would hate to see Viking Fury to be removed, if they replaced it with a coaster like Maverick, I wouldn't complain. That's just my opinion though and I respect your opinion on both Oktoberfest and the invadR thing. I do agree that not every spot needs a coaster, but if they do put a coaster like Maverick there, it would really spruce up the area Imo. Someone requested it in another thread a while ago before we even got Mystic Timbers. I respect your opinion.
  5. That is 100% true. On the way up, they always say that it's against Ohio State law to drop any objects over the edge of the tower.
  6. Resurrecting an old thread. I saw a kid get in trouble when I was younger for spitting over the side of the Eiffel Tower where workers were telling him to get into the elevator. I don't know what happened next, but most likely he was ejected from the park.
  7. So what does everyone think will happen in 2019? As time goes on, I'm the giga is less and less likely looking to be 2019. I don't see much action on the ki webcams except for maintenance people getting stuff ready for opening. I did see a wooden fence behind potato works right by the WWC pathway. At first, I thought, maybe that's why giga was written there, but then I told myself"that fence has always been there." I don't know. Some employees I know are going to Kings Island tonight for employee training and one of them is going to see if there is anything happening at the old DA area. So we'll find out eventually, but I recommend you guys not to get your hopes up for a giga next year or there may be a huge disappointment coming your way. So what are you guys 2019 predictions?
  8. I think with building something similar to invadR would get more young kids on the coaster than what Mystic Timbers gets. invadR has a 46" height requirement. I think if they got something like that, that would be a perfect balance for a young kid who is not yet 48" and needs a step up from Woodstock Express and Flying Ace Aerial Chase. Also, Kings Island likes being known for their wood coasters, so it wouldn't surprise me if they keep getting more wooden coasters. With that lake, I must confess that I wasn't thinking the whole thing through, but if they took out Viking Fury or relocated it, they have land there for a station and queue. Even though the lake is iconic, a coaster there would actually make it more iconic. I made this photo of what it could look like and I tried to make sure it doesn't get too much in the way of the fountain.
  9. Next 5 coaster predictions in order of when they will come Imo. 1) b&m giga to update Coney Mall and/or Xbase 2) Intamin or Mack blitz over the lake in Oktoberfest to spruce up that area. 3) RMC (either ground up woodie/hybrid or Trex) in the place of BSC and that area. 4) B&M Dive Machine either in Action Zone replacing Timberwolf or Kings Island will actually take out Vortex and put it there. Too early to tell. 5) GCI family woodie similar to invadR located near Mystic Timbers since there is open land on your way to the waterpark that Mystic Timbers isn't using. There is open grass land you see while on the train.
  10. Or how about the part that goes underwater into the coral reef?
  11. I think KI will get the giga as the next major coaster. I think we'll also get a triotech dark ride in the old crypt building themed to a cave. Maybe it could be called Cave of Discovery. Then after the giga, our next major coaster I think should be an Intamin Blitz over the Lake in Oktoberfest to really spruce up that area. That's something Cedar Fair seems to be doing when they add a new coaster in. They spruce up the surrounding area. Giga will probably either spruce up Coney Mall and/or Xbase and the Blitz should spruce up Oktoberfest. The dark ride probably will mostly be considered a dark ride not a roller coaster. I think for the dark ride, they'll do something more along the lines of Voyage to the Iron Reef, but if they get a Wonder Mountains Guardian, I wouldn't complain.
  12. Diamondback most likely will be topped in the near future. Diamondback is starting to get boring as the tallest and fastest Coaster at Kings Island. As much as I love DB, It's about time for something new to take the crown as the tallest and fastest and meanest Coaster at Kings Island.
  13. Found this on Screamscape. Although, I'm not really trusting it that much since screamscape has gotten things wrong in the past. Even though it doesn't 100% mean anything, Don Helbig and the park most likely wants to give the fans what they want. Kings Island's new spokesperson Chad said that bringing back Winterfest was based off of people wanting them to bring it back. Don Helbig is actually more high up in the park than he was before. I think I should take back what I said before, but I still think a Kings Island giga is coming.
  14. I said nothing about it being an actual hint. I'm just saying it was close. I believe Don mentioned those two (especially the giga) to get the enthusiasts going crazy. Don also said they chose Mystic Timbers because they wanted something more families could enjoy together which I totally agree with him. The last coaster KI got that more families could enjoy together was Backlot Stunt Coaster in 2005 and that was when Paramount owned the park. So I think that they went in the right direction since the last few coasters were all for taller riders and thrill seekers. Even though what Don Helbig said wasn't 100% a real hint, it just convinces me we will see both a dark ride and a giga eventually because those two would make Kings Island a lot more of a rounded park.
  15. That is not a teaser. That is just an employee killing a few minutes to be funny. I think the closest thing to hinting at a giga was when Don Helbig was talking about Mystic Timbers at NCC last year where he said something about that a dark ride and giga were options that were available to them that they explored for the 2017 season which ended up being Mystic Timbers.
  16. I just don't understand why people are still saying that the writing in the snow is "proof". It's pretty obvious it was just some employee messing with us. I do see a giga coming in the next few years along with a new area of the park.
  17. This is not a Canadas Wonderland thread. I think that we should get back to the KI giga speculation. Imo I think that they will expand from Xbase to Action Zone starting in 2019.
  18. I do think that they will open up both sides. This giga imo should be themed to space and should have a soundtrack in the queue line.
  19. This is another concept of mine where it goes in Xbase. They'll make sure that the maintenance facilities can stay and will reroute some service road. On a side note, if we get a giga, do you think it will have some sort of sound track in the queue like Mystic Timbers? I think this coaster will be called Asteroid and I think a space style soundtrack will sound nice.
  20. If you look in the comments, you will see that I'm in that! The name is complete garbage and does not fit. I love the layout a lot. I don't think it really matters what is more common than the other. There are two inverts, and two hypers in Ohio, so I don't think it would be a big deal with two gigas in Ohio. It would really set the state and make Ohio the thrill state with two massive 300 footers. The thing that makes us think that there will be a giga at Kings Island is how Cedar Fair pays a lot of attention to the Kings Island market and how Kings Island is the only major Cedar Fair park without a giga. Knott's gets crazy attendance because it is open all year. Kings Island and Cedar Point are in completely different markets so it won't be hurtful to either park.
  21. Don't you get good airtime on the treble clef though?
  22. It focuses on trying to keep the speed maintained from drop to brakes. Like Fury's goal is to keep the 95 mph from drop to brakes.
  23. That is what I am trying to explain. Gigas and hypers aren't similar.
  24. I mentioned a lot of it in past posts, but I really needed to put this video up so that we can stop the whole "a giga is too similar to Diamondback" thing. A lot of people didn't believe me and I just wasn't being specific enough with my comments in the past. So this video backs me up.
  25. Well knowing Cedar Fair, it seems like they are going routes of sprucing up areas of parks with new coasters. They spruced up Action Zone with Banshee, they spruced up Rivertown (theming wise) with Mystic Timbers. They also like to add coasters that fits in with themes of areas where they add stuff around the coaster that fits in with the theme. For example Mystic Timbers (Rivertown), Twisted Timbers (Candy Apple Grove), and Steel Vengeance (Froniertown). Knowing the direction I see, it seems like either Coney Mall or Oktoberfest seems to make the most sense on the next coaster. Oktoberfest I feel is overdue for some sprucing along with a big attraction.
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