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  1. I don't think that would happen 1) it would take away the purpose of The Beast and 2) it's too close to Diamondback. Putting it in Coney Mall or Xbase would be a better option in my opinion.
  2. What if they chose to go 395 feet and call the coaster Savage 395!! I made up that name a few years ago and would talk about it with my class mates and they all loved it. Now that I look back, Savage 395 is the dumbest name I've ever made up.
  3. A giga does not need a mid course break run to run 3 trains. Look at Fury and Leviathan. They are so long and it takes a bit to climb the lift hill so it doesn't need a MCBR. Remember several months ago we talked about to not remove those maintenance facilities, but good idea though even though it's a mirrored Fury 325. At least we have the idea. The real one would probably have a similar layout to Fury, plus adding new elements.
  4. Maybe the whole giga crane thing was a small hint for the future after Mystic Timbers. I know those games have been there since 2016, but maybe there was a reason behind them. Maybe they were hinting to the next 5 years. I think Mystic Timbers was a set up coaster to soak up the crowds the giga would bring and then the giga would bring those people back. I joked around when the new Marriott hotel for KI drive was announced saying "They are doing that for the crowds the giga will bring." I'm kinda joking on this whole giga crane thing, but maybe it means more about the future of Kings Island
  5. But a lot of those were added years ago. Cedar Fair hasn't put low capacity rides in their large parks lately. Invertigo was added when Paramount owned the park. Firehawk was added because it was in good condition and needed to be relocated. If KI were to get an RMC, it would be either a ground up woodie or a Trex. I think we should get a giga from B&M because KI could use another people eater. Banshee does an amazing job at that. I think with the four seat across seating, it would really help the crowds and the huge line it'll get on opening weekend. I also think our giga should have some sort of soundtrack in the station and queue like MT.
  6. I am highly against Kings Island getting a Raptor track! Cedar Fair would not place a very low capacity ride at one of their highest attended parks. This is not Six Flags. If they do remove Invertigo and Congo Falls, then I think that would be an ok spot for a giga. Remember back earlier in the forum we had some guys (including me) send layout sketches of a giga in that area.
  7. Currently I'm in the we don't 100% need a giga, but will most likely happen camp since Kings Island is the only "major" Cedar Fair park without a giga and how it would be a GP eye catcher and draw a ton of people to the park and the area. Won't happen as long as me or Don Helbig are on this Earth!
  8. Look at Fury 325. The second hill is only 180 feet tall. Mostly Fury stays low to the ground since its focus is maintaining the 95 mph from drop to brakes. Beast never took "best wooden coaster" in my personal rankings. I prefer Mystic Timbers over Beast. Imo there is a better wooden coaster in Indiana called The Voyage, but I deeply respect your opinion. I honestly think a hidden first drop would be nice since the GP has no idea what the drop would be like and it would probably scare the mess out of some of them.
  9. As much as I would love something like Maverick, I don't see it happening since Cedar Fair doesn't work with Intamin. A giga would actually be a GP eye catcher. The thought of dropping over 300 feet at over 90 mph is something that catches the GPs eye.
  10. I was unable to open that link as well. I agree that it is early. Imo maybe the location where the old dig site was could be where a turn is. I think it's a possibility that we could be seeing more action later this season.
  11. He did say that as well, but when the guy asked if the area would be open for people to walk through, he said not yet.
  12. Mike Koontz did say before Dino's closed that the Dino's area won't be open to the public quite yet and he didn't say why. Where are these green things located in the park?
  13. They use that sign currently for field of screams at haunt, but I think they could've easily taken it down and put it back up for haunt. So maybe that could become the new coaster's sign. I saw that on Facebook! Very interesting. The area where they are clearing imo could be where the drop and first overbank are (If its a giga)
  14. Update. Hold your hopes down since this might be just blocking the area, but it looks like by the way the fence is set up, it's temporary. I peeked through the fence on Pass preview and I didn't see much, but that could change in the coming months since (I might be wrong) Fury 325s construction didn't start until Fall 2014. We could very well see teasers pop up mid season and construction begin mid season. But, I do recommend we do not get our hopes up for a giga next year, but we won't know until they announce it. I just think that this fence isn't permanent since I think they will open up the area back there and the fence looks to be set up like something is going there.
  15. Most of the time, investments aren't really about what the park needs, but it's about what would bring more money to the park. A giga would bring lots of crowds to Kings Island since a 300+ foot tall coaster is a GP eye catcher. It would also bring lots of money to Kings Island, to Cedar Fair, and the area. I like the location that you put though, but imo it isn't the most likely option. Kings Island actually owns the property GWL sits on. Even the Web in West Chester is on the giga hype train as well
  16. I did see trees being cut down by The Beast when I rode it. But again, let's not get our hopes up. It's also a possibility that we may see construction mid season and start seeing teasers pop up mid season, but again let's not get our hopes up.
  17. Okay, please hold your hopes down because most likely it's just blocking off the area, but I did find this near the old Dino's area. Please don't get your hopes up for a giga next year. It is possible that we could see teasers pop up on here in the middle of the season, but please don't get your hopes up cause it may mean nothing.
  18. I thought both CM, Rivertown, and Oktoberfest for this.
  19. I wish maybe Kings Island and CF could get the rights to use the old Bearenstein Bears theme song (instrumental) and use it in the queue as themed music if it's in Coney Mall. I think maybe the station and gift shop should have a similar structure to what Coney BBQ has with how it's basically an old western structure with a carnival touch up (I don't really know how to describe it). It seems that CF is basically having the coaster's theming fit in with the section of the park it is in.
  20. I think people wanted the invert to happen first. The invert was the big rumor for a long time before Banshee was added. People did bring up a Leviathan type coaster back when Banshee was being constructed, but people wanted the invert first. Then, after Banshee opened and Fury was being talked about for Carowinds, the KI giga craze started coming. Unfortunately we didn't get the giga as the next coaster after Banshee, but that was because they just spent $24 million on Banshee and most likely wouldn't break that investment just 3 years later. Also, MT was more for families and that was the reason KI chose to install a GCI over a giga. I could be way off, but that is my theory.
  21. It's not bothering me one bit. I actually really like hearing everyone's opinions on the giga. And even if someone thinks a giga isn't coming, as much as I don't agree with them, I like hearing their reasoning. We all have our different opinions. Sometimes I think we get a little off topic sometimes (not all the time, but sometimes). Sometimes this turns into a CP thread, a Canada's Wonderland thread etc. I just love hearing people's opinions. Honestly, I think our giga may be a disappointment when it's announced. Don't bash on me, I hope it's not a disappointment. I just have a feeling that we'll be hyping up the giga so much when they are teasing it and when they announce it, it's just a standard layout and we'll all be disappointed. Trust me, I hope they have B&M go all out with it and give them the land and tell them to create the most amazing giga coaster with the most amazing elements you can think of. But, I'm just starting to feel that the KI giga would be overhyped.
  22. I have no idea why this is turning into a giga manufacturer thread? But, if we do get a giga, I am very confident it will be B&M. I honestly think we may be surprised where our giga or whatever our next big coaster will be placed in the park. I don't think too many people expected Mystic Timbers to be put right next to Diamondback, WWC, and Planet Snoopy. I know some people were expecting a GCI to be put in between Diamondback and The Beast. I honestly think it may be put where we don't really expect it. Like they may surprise us and stick it right next to the Front Gate, they may stick it in the old SOB station, they may even stick it by The Beast or back behind WindSeeker near the old Action Theatre. We just never know. All we can do is speculate. I do think a lot of people saw Banshee going to where SOB was since it was time for it to come down. But I'm sure a lot of us were surprised where they put Diamondback.
  23. Based off the Birdseye idea that @THE_BEASTmaster gave us, I created this little layout sketch, but I did make it to where it turns out of the station so that it can make a better plaza.
  24. I agree that this isn't the most likely option out there. I would definitely prefer the back of the park to draw crowds back there since a front gate coaster would be a little repetitive to CP, Carowinds, and CW. A dive imo would look better if they chose to take out Vortex and put it there since imo Vortex has a very similar footprint to a dive coaster. Giga coasters are supposed to be long because they go very very fast. I do agree that it's not the most likely spot, but if they did put it there, I wouldn't complain. The map would probably have to change and they have changed their maps before. This is just a random sketch I did. It wouldn't look anything like that in real life if it were to come true.
  25. This is a picture what I made if they chose to remove Congo Falls and Invertigo and build a new and improved Timberwolf theatre behind Banshee. Imo it's a good area, but not the most likely.
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