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  1. It won't die until we get it. Just because Banshee and Mystic Timbers weren't gigas doesn't mean we will not get one. Banshee was added 20 years after Raptor and Diamondback came 20 years after Magnum and Millennium Force will be 20 years old in 2020. So I think we haven't gotten a giga yet since they are waiting until Millennium Force is at least 20 years old. Also, Kings Island tends to add coasters after the craze on that coaster is dying down. Like the invert craze was from the late 90s to early 2000s, the hyper craze was from the early to mid 2000s, and the GCI craze was from the late 2000s to early 2010s. The giga craze right now is the early to mid 2010s with I305, Leviathan, and Fury 325. The reason they're not too common is because most parks either can't afford them, don't have the land, and/or have very strict low height limits. Kings Island has none of that and the ki height limit is not so low and they have lots of land and Cedar Fair tends to poor lots of money into Kings Island. So I'm saying is that we may get it in the 2020s which is basically after the giga craze since RMC is the big thing right now. Mystic Timbers really spiked up attendance this year. I was there a lot and the crowds were insanely big in the evenings a lot. Kings Island could use a people eater like Fury if they get crowds like that. Banshee does very well with the people eating category so another 4 seater b&m could do the trick.
  2. When I think of a coaster that would replace Vortex. All I think of is a dive coaster since Vortex's footprint is in a similar footprint of a b&m dive machine.
  3. I think either 2019, 2020, or 2021 for the b&m giga. Even though CW is getting a coaster in 19, it doesn't 100% rule out the ki giga possibility. Is it Unlikely? Yes, but still a possibility. Because in 2010, Cedar Fair built both a hyper and giga in the same year. 2020 is a maybe, but is an Unlikely option since that is Cedar Point's 150th anniversary and Cedar Fair will not want Kings Island to overshine what Cedar Point is getting that year. Either 2019 or 21 is what I'm thinking. The people who would vote never are probably some scared Cedar Point fanboys who fear that it would overshine Cedar Point when it clearly won't since Cedar Point is getting a monsterous RMC and Mille is not the main draw to Cedar Point.
  4. Remember in 2010, Cedar Fair built both a hyper and a giga in the same year. Yes the giga was Intamin, but a 2019 Kings Island giga isn't completely out of the question. Is it Unlikely? Yes, but still a possibility even though I don't think the giga will be Intamin. I see it being either b&m, Mack, or RMC.
  5. Make the giga queue like Lightning Rod or Verbotens queue where it's completely indoors and goes through several rooms with some theming in there!
  6. Back on the giga in Coney Mall idea. I just thought of this, but what if they could use the old Action Theatre as a station. Yes it would require extreme work like removing all the seats and levelling out the building and building a platform, but I think it could work. I don't know if there is anything happening in Action Theatre except for at Haunt. To get to it, because WindSeeker kinda blocks the way. While looking at Coney Mall pictures with WindSeeker, I think to get to it, they would have to remove the trees by Vortex's entrance and build a hidden plaza with the entrance going under Racer. Action Theatre would actually be a really cool station and they could maybe theme it. Another idea for Action Theatre is making it a 3D dark ride like what's at Canada's Wonderland and Carowinds.
  7. Sorry, it's hard to draw a coaster with the picture editor. Kings Island is my home park and there is a good amount of space between Bat and Banshee
  8. Back on the KI giga topic, here's a new layout I made.
  9. Tony Clark said in an interview that he is super pumped for 2020 and that they are going to do something big.
  10. 2020 is Cedar Point's 150th anniversary and it looks like Cedar Point will be getting a coaster that year.
  11. Remember that back in 2010, they built a hyper and giga in the same year. So they could do the same with Ziz (the current CW rumor), this giga, and Dorneys rumored relocated coaster.
  12. That was sorta my idea for sprucing up Oktoberfest where I had the coaster's plaza start there and connect to Xbase and would have the coaster start in that area.
  13. What's Maverick's airtime hill doing in the background?
  14. That would be nice, but the capacity would be less. I usually have to wait more for Diamondback than Banshee since Banshee's trains sit four across. If we get a giga, I want it to have the fury style trains since that would help the opening weekend craziness. I think passholder preview for this giga would be twice as worse than what it was for Mystic Timbers. It would probably be a seven hour wait. A friend of mine had to wait seven hours for Banshee on opening weekend.
  15. As long as Kings Island's next new coaster tops 300 feet, I'd be all good. I like Diamondback, but I don't think it should stay the tallest and fastest coaster at Kings Island forever.
  16. Lightning Rod was mostly because the launch system has never been used before on a wooden platform.
  17. Son of Beast wasn't a problem because of it being over 200 feet. The problem was the people who built it didn't even know how to build coasters. They basically rushed to get it done. The Rollercoaster Corporation of America was not good at building coasters. If Son of Beast were to have been built by CCI instead, it probably would be still in operation today and would probably be better than Shivering Timbers. Also, the lift hill structure wouldn't be a wooden structure. It would be like Goliath at SF Great America where it's held up by these massive steel beams.
  18. Here is an idea, Kings Island should have RMC make the first ever "wooden giga" RMC can totally do it! The lift hill structure would probably be like Goliath at Six Flags Great America. It could also take the record as the only inverting giga coaster.
  19. Maybe they would put B&M or Intamin in the snow. Although I don't see them putting anything in the snow. I still think we are getting a giga sometime in the next few years.
  20. I think that they should take out the latter game and put in a coaster there. I always thought that they could put an Oktoberfest themed coaster. I'm thinking something themed to Harvesting or something. What type of coaster? I say b&m or Mack giga and would use the area left of Flight of Fear and would also connect to Xbase and would have an Oktoberfest sign coming from Xbase entering Oktoberfest. I agree on more flats as well. I think relocating slingshot would be nice and put some flats there. Also put in a restroom and another food option.
  21. I think Cedar Point may get something like what may be going to Orlando.
  22. Another giga I made where it reuses Son of Beast's station. It goes over part of Banshee and finishes behind The Bat.
  23. I said it's unlikely. Do people not read my descriptions carefully?
  24. The blue round thing is where the coasters entrance sign would be (like what Banshee has). Scrambler would be relocated to the old flight commander area. I said this isn't likely, but it's just something I thought of.
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