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  1. Trust me! I would love an Intamin! But because of the constant downtime/reliable problems, CF just can't trust Intamin. B&M would be awesome, but I would prefer Intamim.
  2. ^^ Yeah! The KI way would be a terrain giga. Making the drop bigger than the actual height. Heck, they could even make the first ever giga-strat with the interesting terrain KI has. It wouldn't cost as much since the B&M plant is only a few miles down the road which would reduce shipping costs!
  3. This layout would imo fit the best in the KI lineup with the airtime and speed. Obviously it should be taller and faster than Fury 325. Don't really care for the name. I think that if it goes in coney mall it should be themed to Coney Mall since Cedar Fair tends to be theming their coasters to certain areas of the park. Probably themed to a creature in the coney mall woods and probably the teasers should be missing people posters posted around coney mall kinda like how the wanted posters for steel vengeance were posted all over frontier town.
  4. I would like that since it would be different from Millennium Force and Diamondback (which I think the whole giga is too similar to DB thing is complete nonsense). Also Kings Island likes being known for their wooden coasters.
  5. There is more room than people think. In this picture, you will see that there is enough room for a turn out of the station into the lift that would go over the bats turn around.
  6. Behind Banshee in the old Son of Beast station. That's where I always thought it could go.
  7. I'm talking about having a big sign over Dino's old entrance attached to The Racer.
  8. Yes, but I don't know about 2019 though. I believe they will start teasing in 19 and open the ride in 2020. Expect a huge ride year across the CF chain for CPs 150th anniversary.
  9. It's not going to go over the front gate, I said near the gate. The left side of the entrance is not employee stuff. The right side wouldn't be touched. It's not going to Pass over the gate, it will go near it. Like turn around where Invertigo is.
  10. Imo they should do live webcams for each area of the park. For example: a Rivertown cam, a Planet Snoopy cam, an Action Zone cam, and a Coney Mall cam. I also don't think we'd see a construction fence if the giga is in Dinosaur's Alive since Racer is in the way. In my opinion, I think we'd see the old Dino's entrance blocked off with some sort of sign and then throughout the season, we see some teaser posters popping up around Coney Mall like with Steel Vengeance where wanted posters started popping up around Frontiertown. I think this giga will be themed to Coney Mall since Cedar Fair seems to be adding coasters themed to certain areas of the park. Like for example, Mystic Timbers with Rivertown.
  11. True, but CF is starting to put b&m coasters at the parking lot to greet the guests as they enter. It probably won't be long until KI follows. It doesn't have to be like GateKeeper since that won't happen, but I could see it go near the front gate like Leviathan does. Yes, water rides are popular to the GP, but a lot of times the park wants you to go to Soak City to ride water rides. Haha! That's so funny. I think if they want to move it to Rivertown, they could move it right by White water canyon near Mystic Timbers and make the white water canyon pathway the pathway to get back to the two and put them both there. I definitely think Congo Falls would look nice in the woods. What I know that KI replanted the trees that they took down for MT so they will grow back. I just love to imagine all those trees that were once there with Mystic Timbers there.
  12. Flash forward to 2018 which a lot of those types of water rides are being removed. Which it wouldn't surprise me if this one goes in the next 5 years. I think they should take both Congo Falls, Invertigo, and Timberwolf out and use that space for a new parking lot coaster (not over the gate since Ouiment said no changes to the gate). Invertigo I think may end up leaving since Cedar Fair seems to be removing their boomerangs. I see Timberwolf going since the only event that is held there is Spiritsong which I think they should move Spiritsong to the fields near gwl and make it like Rock the World at Holiday World where you can bring blankets and lawn chairs and sit in the grass. Now for the type of coaster. A giga coaster imo if they still don't have one by the time they clear out that space and make the coaster go along the parking lot like Leviathan and have it turn around by the entrance walkway. If they have a giga, then a b&m launched floorless coaster. Make it basically Hulk at Universal as a Floorless, not with the same layout, but a similar idea.
  13. Yep I'm in there. The whole Kings Island purposely avoiding getting a giga thing is completely nonsense. If you remember, the guy who made that video was on the giga hype for years. He was basically the guy who started the 2019 thing. See @Grobble it wasn't me like you said before!
  14. RMC didn't work out because of how with Lightning Rod, the launch system has never been used before on a wooden platform.
  15. I hope you guys are just messing around on the whole Go Commando thing. I hope you guys know what Go Commando actually means.
  16. Dive Coasters would have that wow factor. Like make the drop face the midway like Valravn and it would be very wow factoring to the GP.
  17. Nice shirts! But what if (even though it's sorta unlikely at this point) it said #kiproject2019 that would be amazing if it came for 2019! 2021 would be nice so I could take my college buddies to Kings Island to ride Commando!
  18. Lovin it Lovin it!! Also "tag your Commando Instagram posts #GoCommando and get on the Commando Cam" Have a big picture screen on the plaza that shows KI Instagram posts with #GoCommando.
  19. Racer won't go anywhere as long as me, Brian Neal, and Don Helbig are alive!
  20. Cedar Fair most likely won't bring back intamin due to the big problems like for example: Shoot the Rapids, Maverick almost killing people before it opened, a cable fail on I305 the list goes on and on. I do agree that the turns are a little too intense, but I definetly would love a station like that where the coaster would fly through the building like that and have an indoor queue with a sciency type theme. It would fit in the Xbase area. Im wondering if b&m could try something like this (with not as many sharp turns) B&M could always try something new. They just haven't done it yet. Like not too many people thought they would be able to go over 300 feet and looky there! They did it with Leviathan! I want a giga to see how it changes the GP's view of Diamondback. A lot of them think Diamondback is the best thing ever (most of them are local people who probably haven't been to Cedar Point). While in line for Mystic this past summer I showed someone who was at the park with her children a picture of Fury 325 and said "How would you like something like this at KI" and she was like "That would be awesome."
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKLJ5RTIiTo Or get this giga. Except as a Mack since Cedar Fair doesn't do Intamin. Imagine a mack giga like this with a beyond vertical drop.
  22. The only place I think of a dive going is in Vortex's spot. (I know I will get beat up for saying this). It's just that Vortex's area has a perfect area for a dive coaster. I think the giga will come first before a dive. I live just 5 minutes from Kings Island. I at first thought it was from today. Yesterday morning I don't think they had snow there. I think it's photoshopped. Someone could easily take a screenshot and edit it and put it on KICentral to throw people off.
  23. FAKE! Just went on the webcams and it doesn't say it!
  24. Right! What I mean by the scared Cedar Point fanboys is that some people are afraid that a Kings Island giga would overshine Cedar Point when it clearly won't. They aren't 100% CP fanboys. You may consider me a ki fanboy, but I actually like CP better than Kings Island. KI is my home park and a giga is my dream Kings Island doesn't have a strata, blitz, an impulse, a wing, a dive, or a monsterous RMC. A giga at Kings Island would do no harm to Cedar Point or Cedar Fair in general. Cedar Point will still have the most attention by Cedar Fair even if ki gets a record breaking giga coaster.
  25. The reasons that people bring up why they don't think a giga will happen doesn't matter to Cedar Fair. All they care about is the park and putting in the coaster. They don't look at Millennium Force being at Cedar Point for adding a giga to KI. The same theory was actually said with Kings Island getting an invert. "They wouldn't build an invert at ki with Raptor being at Cedar Point" and looky there! We got one! Also, it used to be said that Kings Island wouldn't get a hyper with Magnum XL 200 being at Cedar Point and we got that as well. So who the heck would care if there were two gigas were in Ohio. Probably the scared Cedar Point fanboys would, but Cedar Fair wouldn't!
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