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  1. I've got a few. "International Restaurant Placemats" Before they began designing Beast they tried to "bribe" John Allen with a lot of alcohol. They hope was he would get super drunk and agree to the project. John did decline in the end, so clearly not enough alcohol, but he wrote down some equations on a placemat which they used while designing. "Sycamore Hollow" The area where The Beast has the second drop & the brake shed before the midcourse is called Sycamore Hollow [if I'm not mistaken!]. Spooky!!
  2. Not entirely related to AE; but KI apparently owns 4 FoF trains. Does anyone know if they just refurb 2 at a time and swap every so often or are 2 just used for parts for the other 2?
  3. Watching the video now, yeah darn that’s a lot of moving parts. Would be so cool.
  4. In that case let me change one of my answers, un momento! Edit: Updated my first response
  5. Best Element/Addition : All the TLC the rides got. Racer paint job, Beast track work, and the other paint jobs Best Conventional Show : Phantom Theater Encore (agreed) Best Hidden Gem : While I would agree with you on Off the rails, I’d rather say seeing everyone enjoying the park in by far its finest moment. I loved seeing people checking out the 50th anniversary boards around the park, looking in awe at the new racer paint job, watching and listening to everyone enjoying The Beast again, especially now in the final brake run where people were more in awe at what just happened rather than moans of pain in previous years. I loved watching people take a trip through history at the Tower Gardens, or even seeing a kid fast asleep as their family were leaving after a long day in the park. It’s not something that makes up the entire day but it’s these small things that add up over multiple visits that make it such a gem to me. Biggest Miss : taking too long to put the parking signs back up Not getting The Racers retro raised lettering back on the front of The Racer trains. At the ACE conference last December at GWL, the park said they wanted to bring that back. The Racer trains did not change from the stickers. I don't know whether this was a logistical, construction, or a maintenance issue but nonetheless they were not brought back. Best Specialty Food Item : Beast Burger Best 50th Merch : The 50th Coin stuff Biggest Surprise : I was not expecting how quickly they got Bat back up and running after it’s partial derailment. I thought it’d be down for most if not the rest of the season to fully re-inspect the entire rides track.
  6. There are only so many ways to deal with those kinds of people. The best way will take months, maybe even years, of them attempting to sell it with nobody biting for that price.
  7. Pull the lever Kronk and start the countdown! T-MINUS 166 DAYS UNTIL APRIL 15TH, 2023 We also can probably assume that April 14th (the Friday before) will be passholder preview day based on that opening day.
  8. Experiencing the classic retro racer paint was something for sure. I’m a lover for history and seeing the red, white, and blue pop back was absolutely gorgeous. Shame they never got the raised letters back on the front of The Racer trains, maybe next year. I loved a lot of things in the 2022 season. Opening day was gorgeous, Beast was awesome, the shows were great, and the food was spot on.
  9. Diamondback is actually bigger than Orion according to some teenagers in line for Diamondback. Fact checked Kings Island, you've been played.
  10. Hi, I'm working on another Kings Island related project and I'm collecting up a bunch of ride statistics for it. I have found most of what I am looking for but have been unable to find information regarding these two entries: 1. Congo Falls Hourly Capacity (or average dispatches per hour would work too) 2. Antique Autos Total Number Vehicles (or average on the track at once) Hourly Capacity Tried looking on YouTube for off-rides of Congo Falls and they aren't long enough for 2 cycles or skip time between cycles, my best guess would be 600-1000 pph. I would imagine the capacity of KMAA to be rather low; 100-300 sounds reasonable. Antique Autos is too hard to keep track of all the vehicles through videos as they tend to skip around time wise and/or don't show the vehicles. I have dug through KICentrals ride information pages, ride wiki pages, coaster forums, and youtube videos on these but I can't get find any concrete answer. If anyone has any information on these I would greatly appreciate it!
  11. *puppy eyes* please Xtreme Spinner *puppy eyes*
  12. separate from the announcement, thank you IndyGuy4KI for merging the thread over to a new one from the original teaser discussion thread
  13. It looks like they're going for the two-row seating instead of the single row based on the concept art; will help with capacity if that's the case.
  14. I wanna note the name of the tea cup rides lore company, "Arrow Cargo Company"....
  15. I absolutely love this!!!!! I rarely ever went over to the Oktoberfest section of the park whenever I visited. I'll have to go over now.
  16. OH, NEW IN 2023: ADVENTURE PORT https://www.visitkingsisland.com/new-in-2023
  17. A lot of people think it's going to be announced at 10 AM Eastern, so we'll find out if they're right in under 2 minutes update: 10:01am, they were wrong!!! UPDATE: 10:05 THEY WERE RIGHT
  18. I'm gonna stand by the year-round calendar, pretty confident it'll be that. Unless that NOC from earlier last month is actually an indicator of something, this'll be interesting. If something major does get announced like a new ride it'd be very surprising given the lack of any media hype surrounding it until the last minute.
  19. inb4 the post tomorrow is like "new bathrooms in 2023!!!"
  20. Yeah, don't see any new major capital investments being added in 2023 as they would've been announced during all the other parks announcements.
  21. WHAT Edit: Doesn't say whether it's a capital investment or not; title is sorta misleading
  22. Oh boy I’m looking towards my expanded pass perks rewards so I can raise my 20% discount on a small order to a solid 50% discount and save a few dollars!!!! The only “expanded” perks I thought of would be something like “here’s a free meal entree on us” or “take a another free single use Fast Lane”, maybe “free funpix photo”
  23. All I can say is once there are odd posters near Vortex you can bet the rumors will start to run absolutely wild when these posters will appear is obviously still up for debate
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