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  1. Yes it would ruin the tower but this is a what if question. Would you ride that kind of thrill ride at the top of the tower if you had the chance?
  2. Next flight will be this week or two. I promise that everyone will like what they see.
  3. What are you talking about? I was not even being hard on him! LOL Calm down man Im just giving you a hard time LOL, your funny . back on topic, There are other websites that do the same thing taking pics from satellites. I know that they are not updated though.
  4. Thanks, I try. Pictures on the ground are better Pics from the air are more interesting, especially during the off-season.
  5. What are you talking about? I was not even being hard on him!
  6. This topic has been made already. http://community.pkicentral.com/index.php?showtopic=376
  7. New rides for the year 2006 are already being released to the public. The list can be found at... www.rcdb.com under new for 2006.
  8. PKI isn't that great, PKI ISN'T THAT GREAT! Oh snap, I don't think many members of this site will like what you said! "PKI is the best darn paramount park there is!"
  9. What I think makes a ride more enjoyable is the line. If the line is themed like TRTR I tend to enjoy the ride better! Wouldn't you agree?
  10. Right on! But I feel bad for the people who pay to go on the helicopter near FOF. How much does it cost to fly in the copter anyway?
  11. I forgot which one is in Cincinnati. I guess I will vote for the first one.
  12. Give me a N! Give me a O! Put it all togeather and what does it spell!?
  13. track arrives on the lot every week!
  14. Can some of the forums have the poll option. Like the forum Anything else does not have the option to make a poll.
  15. Let me rephrase the question. During the 2004 season the cam was not updating. I wonder if they will turn it back on, mabey during the 2005 season.
  16. I wonder if they still use the webcam. The reason I say this is because I don't see any snow.
  17. I think we can all agree that PKI needs a area for smokers! (Saying that we have used like 2 pages talking about it)
  18. WOW, did I bring this topic back from the dead or what. Anyway, I don't think AZ can beat the home of The Beast, Rivertown!
  19. Thanks for the info Ryan. Since this is a suggestion topic I would like to remind others to also post ideas. This topic was made for everyone to post ideas in. One other idea I had was a forum meant for school projects, like if someones needs to do a poll on (blank) they could post it in the forum meant for that.
  20. I've seen that site before but aerial pictures are nothing new to me.
  21. If a review section does not work, how about a rating system?
  22. I have heard so much about Misson Space at Disney World. I have not been on it but for the people who have, Is it really that amazing?
  23. There is a topping of the ride video at the main SFGA site. It's interesting to watch.
  24. I love how the site is building, It is a great site. I do have some suggestions to make it better though. Pages on the site that have info on a ride at PKI should have a review posting section. For EX. If my fav ride at PKI is The Beast, I can go to it's info page on PKIC and write my own review. This is just one of my idea's, if anyone else has suggestions feel free to post them here.
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