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  1. ...and here comes the people complaining they'll never visit Cedar Point again for something out of their control. Cedar Point is allowing guests to use their tickets at Wildwater Kingdom and Kings Island for today. Although Kings Island isn't necessarily close...
  2. Take out all the darned Florida/California theme parks and Kings Island is really the second most visited amusement park in America. That's pretty cool.
  3. If only Kings Island could upgrade the theme a little bit. Adventure Express - the coaster itself - is actually not that horrible. I find myself enjoying my ride when I do get a chance to ride it. But it would be a whole lot better if there were maybe some sort of story included in the ride (the ending really does make no sense), fog, mist, better sound effects, animatronics in the other tunnels, etc., etc. - I just really wish KI would add more theme to some of the rides. I guess it's harder than it seems...?
  4. Not even sure a 102ft long coaster is possible. Even The Great Pumpkin Coaster is 200'.
  5. I think that's meant to say "in awhile"... ...since 2009, most likely, because that was the last time Halloween landed on a weekend.
  6. Kings Island, where else can thrills connect at the fun and only?

  7. Decided to waste timing reading the Facebook reviews for Kings Island. People that say they're never going to the park because of having to pay $2 for a locker...HAH! We'll all be having fun without you. I can get the complaints about the lockers, but a lot of people are blowing it way out of proportion. It's really not that big of a deal. Oh...and once again, Fast Lane. Shut up about how Fast Lane is "unfair". There are upgrades to everything in life. Why at an amusement park is it unfair? Why is Kings Island only getting slack for it - Universal has Express Passes for $80 or something crazy like that - I don't see complaints! In fact, I see people, and one of them is me, that think these passes are a great idea. I hate how everyone calls amusement parks greedy. They're making money - it's kind of their job. Before making a trip to Kings Island, understand it costs money. Disney World is the same way. Six Flags parks are the same way. They are expensive. How do some of these people not understand that before coming? Yeah, my ideas are kind of mixed in this post and I kind of jump to different ideas, but I'm tired and annoyed so...
  8. I'm wondering if the "66" is important...possibly the speed of the ride?
  9. Totally forgot to share this here - while working, a kid - 12 or so - came into the Banshee store and asked, "Is Banshee a water slide?" Once he was gone and we respectfully told him no, I think we all died a little inside. A water slide...
  10. Yeah, a lot of people take things too seriously - someone who is bashing on Banshee as much as this guy is obviously doing it for amusement. And now you've fallen into his trap.
  11. That's really cool! I had no idea they were at the park! When was this filmed?
  12. Heard Thriller thrice today. The line for Boo Blasters is kind of silly now. Adventure Express - a mine train into the jungle? Cool, let's hear modern music and get updates on pop culture. Park trivia - oh, cool! Oh, wait, that question's been asked six times today already! No useful information about the park, like wait times, current closures, attraction advertisements, or places to go get food... FUNtv is a great concept. But they really need to work on it.
  13. A cute little kitten that for some reason people believe to be a large, scary creature.
  14. Today's ride count: Banshee x16 Boo Blasters x2 The Beast, The Racer, Diamondback, and Backlot Stunt Coaster Good day at the park...
  15. Fireworks at the park right now...didn't realize they would do that on a Monday night before summer really starts. I can't imagine anybody being there watching them - of course, there's some, but I find it kind of strange. Do they do this every Memorial Day?
  16. The gulf coast does have the best beaches, but you should check out Melbourne Beach. That's where my grandparents live, and I can tell you firsthand it's beautiful - and only an hour away. Plus you could possibly check out Kennedy Space Center which is right there as well.
  17. The Walker, Fitz and the Tantrums?
  18. Yeah, there's really no reason to go for 8 days. I mean, that's your decision to make, but wow, 8 days is a long time. My family always goes for just 4 days, and we still get everything done that we want to do. Park hopper is unnecessary as well - just go to each park each day. The reason your price is so high though is definitely because of the 8 days thing. Cut back to at least 5 days and you'll still have time to do mostly everything (unless you're planning on going to the water parks). Save the three other days for things like Downtown Disney, mini golf, hotel relaxation, etc.
  19. If I found cash on the ground at KI and took it, I'd be fired... ...but on a normal day, I would honestly just keep it. It would be way too hard to find who lost it. Unless, like others have said, it was $100 or a wallet.
  20. This is pure bias, but I highly recommend staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. It is by far my favorite (and my family's) hotel we've stayed at. It has a GIANT pool with a lazy river and a water side, along with a nice poolside bar and restaurant. It has a ton of fun activities during the summer. Plus, it's on location in Disney, with Hollywood Studios and EPCOT in view; if you get a fireworks room, you can see the fireworks perfectly from your window. It also offers shuttle service to all Disney parks and I believe Sea World. Seriously, it's amazing! http://www.hiltonbonnetcreek.com/ We weren't planning on another trip in 2012, but we ended up going in 2013 as well. 10/10.
  21. Not trying to botch the thread here, but westcoaster, do you purposely put a colon instead of a period at the end of sentences? It's really bothering me...
  22. A flying coaster - called Turkey's Flight? Pilgrim Airplane Adventure? I wish there were room for other additions in other parts of the park...
  23. It still doesn't make sense for a large area of a theme park, really. Especially now that there's two Mayflower themed rides, two turkey themed rides, and possibly a new Thanksgiving ride.
  24. I find it amazing they can add another Thanksgiving ride. Thanksgiving - the holiday where you sit down and eat food while watching football - has been turned into a large section of the park with multiple rides...what else can they do?
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