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  1. Just looked at some Glenwood Canyon info again, perhaps that case was even more similar to the Orlando incident than i recall and involved severe operator incompetence. In either case, I agree with BrownTgrr, standard procedures need to be re-examined and re-inforced.
  2. I know you weren't talking to me, but The Beast won't be reopened until mid to late May IIRC. Still finishing up work on it. Orion is fun, great first drop (I know Furty is taller but I can't recall if the drop itself is longer than Fury or not. I imagine the experience is pretty similar) I've only been on it once so don't have much to add other than the drop seemed like forever.
  3. Seems to me that the Glenwood Caverns incident was more inline with this incident that the TTD incident at Cedar Point. Was the incident on TTD an issue that maintenance would be expected to catch? No matter if it was or wasn't, seems to me the key takeaway from that incident moving forward is that there really should never been people allowed in the areas where rides can quickly accelerate and likely more importantly quickly brake. Seems to me that the design of the ride line was an example of an incident just waiting to happen with the sudden braking of the ride mechanism leading to the potential that some part or debris could be sent flying at an accelerated level of speed where people are calmly waiting in the designated Que area. Perhaps better maintenance could have/should have caught this incident before it happened, but I think a likely outcome is that noone will be allowed in the vicinity where a ride suddenly brakes or accelerates. In hindsight that just kind of seems like common sense. Both the Glenwood Cavern and the Orlando issues appear to be with workers either not caring or not recognizing the importance of their job. The Glenwood incident, IIRC could be chalked up to negligence, however the Orlando issue appears to be a ride operator willingly participating in altering the ride safety system. Further more, that article makes it sound like they also willingly altered the backup safety mechanism that would have ensured altering the harness restraint would not have allowed the machine to operate. I'll assume it was done with the intention of allowing this young man to experience the ride and little thought was given to the downside, however it should server as an example in all training routines what can happen when the safety system is willingly altered to allow a guest access on something they would otherwise not be able to safely enjoy.
  4. That sounds unlikely. I'm not going to say impossible, but very unlikely. If it truly needed rewelding every day that would a) cost a fortune and b) it would be better served by shutting it down for several weeks to fix what was causing the issues. I've been told by structural engineers that the weld is stronger than the steel itself, so it reasons that if something was being re-welded every day, it would be breaking a lot and in my opinion making the ride unsafe. I know you said take it with many grains of salt, but I'm going to need a Morton's factory before I start believing that one (though if true, I'd love to hear the reasoning/science behind it) Bending is better than breaking, as mentioned above, if it don't bend, its going to break.
  5. ^ Isn't The Beast shut down until like mid to late may for the retrack work they are doing? Might want to avoid going straight back to The Beast if you are heading to the park on opening day.
  6. Racer and Carousel look beautiful. Did they repaint the whirly birds? I assume so, and even though my kids have outgrown them and were never all that into them, I've always hoped those would disappear for the many parents forced to endure that contraption on a hot summer day My 2nd least favorite attraction in the entire park, right after Sally's Sea Plane.
  7. @standbyme I would very much look forward to that, but I totally get how life gets in the way of such matters. Seems like everyone I know is stretched in 50 different directions the last 3 years. Times are indeed interesting.
  8. If there is to be a new coaster installed (I doubt it) in 2023 I imagine we will see signs right away. Maybe since The Vortex plot has been mostly cleared they could hold off on a coaster in that spot for a bit longer, not sure what is the latest they could possibly start something in that area. Anyhoo, I went to go look at the webcams (not that I expected to see anything) and saw that they are off line. Its been a long while since I've bothered to look at them so perhaps they have been offline for a year + or its just an off season thing or whatever... just something that made me go "hmmmmm....." At any rate, I kind of expect any 2023 improvements to be either in Planet Snoopy or in the water park. Wouldn't mind a new coaster obviously, just not counting on it.
  9. annual bump for my favorite thread on this site. For anyone new around here, well worth exploring.
  10. I remember the buzz bars, don't remember seat belts in the mid 80s but that was a long time ago
  11. thinking out loud here, not because i think the image of the blue prints means anything, but because I've posted about Planet Snoopy improvements before. How much does KI want to get back the title of "worlds best kids area"? Wildwood grove was a pretty cool expansion down at Dollywood, and while there isn't quite as much to do in their Wildwood Grove area as Planet Snoopy @ KI, its all really well done. Could relocating (or downsizing) Picnic Grove be an option for KI? I have never been in Picnic Grove and honestly have no clue how often its used nor how much revenue it generates for the park. It does seem likes it ideally situated b/w the water park and PS as I assume it mostly serves family outings for large corporations who sponsor a KI day for their employees. If they demo'd Snoopy's Snack Shack, the theater, petting zoo and what appears to be the first picnic shelter they could open up a ton of space for upgrades in Planet Snoopy. A sit down resteraunt that could double up as a kitchen serving Picnic Grove. A coaster for the sub 48" crowd to rival Firechaser Express, plus a handful of other rides to reclaim the kids area title. Just spit balling, but I have wondered how inspired the park is to reclaim that title they held for so long.
  12. no seat belt on Congo falls. I always ride next to my youngest kid so I can make sure they stay seated down thru the experience Yes I realize everything is perfectly safe, but it makes me feel better darn it
  13. It was a good documentary, watched it last week. Seemed like a park that was doomed to fail sooner rather than later....Katrina just lead it is early demise. I do wonder if it could have been placed in the hands of a smaller family like group similar to Holiday World if it could have survived? Doc made it seem like 6 flags was ready to ditch it almost as soon as they acquired it., then the storm gave them a reason to collect on insurance and be done with the place.
  14. Thanks for all the responses. Other than our 3 days up at the Pointe, we typically don't spend enough time in the park at any one point to eat 2 full meals. There is the occasional sunday in the spring or fall, but typical summer visit is from 5:30ish to fireworks mid week. With food places often shutting down early mid week, there may not be a 90 min window b/w entering the park and settling in and getting 2 meals spaced out.
  15. Probably true, just not the original poster to this thread
  16. I haven't begun looking into this yet, but wanted to secure thoughts on Platinum + food plans. Family of 5..Mom, Dad, 14 (in June), 10 (in May) and 6. I'm not sure if the the 6 and soon to be 10 year old can still split a typical KI meal or not. 13 year old definitely would devour his whole meal and whatever is left over. Typically, we will hit the park once school is out, mid week in the evening, once a week. We will grab dinner, ride rides and leave around fireworks. With the earlier closing times at the start of last season, our typical mid-week evening visit was killed off until later in the summer. B/w baseball and football, we probably have about 6 visits we will be able to work in that way. We also plan to go to CP for a 2 night-3 day stay like we did last year. 2 mostly full days in the park, 1 day in the water park. We will also likely visit on a couple of Sundays in the fall, maybe even get the then 14 year old in for a friday night fest in the fall. So all told, I'm guessing we will be eating a meal roughly 15 times this season b/w KI and CP. I'm going to guess that the meal plan is totally worth the price at that point, but haven't looked into pricing at all yet. Any drawbacks that I'm not considering (short of just not attending as often as I think we will/have in the past)? Any upsides that I'm thinking of? Anything wrong if we just went with 4 plans for the 5 of us, we would likely be grabbing a snack or a dessert that wouldn't be included on many of those trips aside from dinner, so 5 full meals feels like it may be too much food and wasteful.
  17. I'd venture that you won't find them any cheaper than they are online right now. You can buy 1 day pass and I believe its good for any day you want, don't have to commit to a day at the moment. Some things to consider: How old are your grandsons? Are you taking either of their parents along with them, or is this just a trip with grandma/grandpa? have they ever been to KI, or something similar, and if so, do you know what kind of things they are willing/able to ride? Reason i ask, and I'll assume you are retired or in a situation where you can attend any day of the week that serves your purpose. If you are limited to weekends, then you may want to consider fast passes if a) they will want to ride everything (and are tall enough) and b) you are willing to ride everything with them. If you go mid week, fast passes won't be needed, but have to wait in a few lines (though typically not too bad). If they are both on the younger side and you will be mostly limited to Planet Snoopy, another thing to consider is if what hours you would like to attend. Planet Snoopy tends to clear out late in the evening. If you are able to keep them up and in the park thru fireworks that last hour in PS can be a magical time where it feels like you have the whole area to yourself. Woodstock express has often been walkon, and even stay in your seat and reride late in the evening as the remaining families head home or find spots to watch the firework show. If you plan to go all day, food passes might be a good plan, depending on the age of the boys, they might be able to split a meal. My 5 & 8 year old could last year, my 13 year old....not so much, he would eat 2 meals on his own If they are tall enough for coasters and its something you want to do with them but they are apprehensive, spend some time checking out POVs on youtube so they can get a feel for what the ride is like. Have fun, some of my most cherished memories are watching the reactions of my kids the first time they got on a new ride and was able to sit shotgun with them for the experience. Way better watching the joy on their faces than the ride itself. EDIT: Another thing I just thought of, is there anyone else aside from yourself that is taking your grandsons along with you? They may want to do very different things. One may want to ride rollercoasters while the other is too nervous (or too short). My oldest was on The Beast, Drop Tower, Vortex, etc... all when he was still 4. My daughter wouldn't touch The Beast until last season when she was 9. Our youngest, now 6 was the kid that would get upset because he couldn't ride the bigger rides that his older brother was enjoying. He's now tall enough to ride The Beast, Mystic Timbers, and Drop Tower once its open on a visit (it was closed the 1 trip we made last year when he finally hit the 48" mark). Begin able to, and willing to divide and conquer the park with more than 1 grownup can make things very enjoyable. Often my wife would take the younger kids and do rides they would enjoy while I took my son on a nearby coaster or two, then once we rode, we would switch and my wife would ride a coaster or two with my oldest while I took the 2 youngest on things they could enjoy. In some areas (like around Banshee) there isn't much for smaller kids so sometimes we would just hang out near the que until the oldest and 1 parent was done with Banshee, bat, etc... but most everything else has something for younger kids close by that you never have to be too far away.
  18. I think you need a mix of both. Skyline and LaRosa's are your big local chains that may not be available to ever patron that walks thru the doors. Tom & Chee is significantly smaller and my guess is that a large % of the their park regulars have never seen a tom & chee restaurant outside of the park. Then there is Subway (for now) and Chic-fila Both huge international chains that everyone is at least familiar with, and likely have eaten at. These are good for the people who are picky (little kids maybe) that only want certain things, they know these brands, have had them before and won't eat anything else at the park cause they are not used to it. They are also fairly consistent, you know what you are going to get. Then there is the KI only restaurants, that offer their own brand of food, things you can only get while in KI and hopefully make the trip special cause you know when you go to KI, you can get xyz that you can't get anywhere else (like blue ice cream, or perhaps a particular dish at the smoke house). There are many people with the attitude that "I can get skyline, Larosas, Subway, etc... any day of the week, this is my one day a month/year at KI, I'm going to the smoke house and getting pulled pork". Personally, I think KI needs a few more places like these, but it makes sense to keep the other brands around as well.
  19. Anytime I've looked at the POV of Steel Dragon (Never actually ridden it) it has always reminded me of Wild Thing at ValleyFair! (which I have ridden twice (same day)). I assume Steel Dragon is bigger since its longer, and it appears to be faster on the POV (though i can't say for sure) but it just feels so similar to Wild Thing... Great first drop, epic floater air time on the 2nd hill, a boring figure 8 kind of maneuver in the middle, break run, hit some little ejector air time (similar to Magnum at CP) then continue the small bunny hills into an ending tunnel. At some point, someone will make a ride longer than Steel Dragon, but to be honest, it appears thru the POV and in comparison to my ride on wild thing to be a far inferior ride compared to Orion, Diamondback, Maverick, Steel Vengence, Millie, Banshee, Lightening Rod, The Beast, Renegade, Mystic Timbers, etc.... basically if not for the length, it wouldn't be particularly noteworthy. Wild thing was enjoyable, but was easily outperformed by Renegade. Only reason I'd ride Wild Thing again is because I'd be willing to go out of my way if every in that area again to ride Renegade; its largely forgettable.
  20. When I was up there last summer (2 days we were there at early entry, the middle day we were at the waterpark, but could clearly see Steel Vengeance from the water park) It doesn't feel like either of them ever opened up for early ride time, at least not right away, even when the park opened (10:00?) for regular hours, rides like Gemini didn't start running for an hour + Gate keeper was down 9but testing a couple of different times that I noticed) and TTD was down the first 2 days, and eventually opened back up on day 3. GateKeeper aside, makes me wonder if they had staffing issues (like everyone else last summer) and perhaps they anticipate the same thing this season (doesn't feel like its getting any better in other job forces, so not sure that seasonal park employee hiring would be any better).
  21. Well of course, if it was any more it would have to be called Hooters; I don't think that is owned by Hershey's however.
  22. I'm not sure what the above is trying to say.... I'll just add that when I ride with my youngest kids I always make sure they have their seat belt strapped on first then I do mine. The employees do a great job of checking this (and frankly it is overkill on most, if not all coasters) but it gives me peace of mind knowing that I checked it myself as well. As far as getting kids on coasters, I recommend letting them set the pace with perhaps some gentle nudging where appropriate. I'll never forget taking my niece one day for her first trip on The Beast. As she got off, she looked to her right and asked "What is that?" I told her it was Vortex and she promptly asked if we could ride that. I proceeded to ask her if she knew that it went upside down... She immediately replied "yes" so off we went and she rode Vortex. My 3 kids were different; oldest has ADHD but has never really minded waiting in lines. We tended always go mid week in the evenings when he was growing up, so the park was never super crowded, but as a 4 year old he was on Drop Zone, Beast, Vortex, etc.... If he was tall enough, he wanted to ride. Our daughter was always scared of coasters. She is 9 now and finally took her first ride on Mystic Timbers and The Beast this summer. She has always been very hesitant, so we've gently nudged her a few times, even offered bribes but she wasn't biting that apple. She has finally learned that she loves a lot of the rides she was too scared to ride the summer prior (though with that being a Covid year, she only went once). Part of the reason why she is more willing; our youngest was still 5 last summer and he was the kid that at 3 was ****ed he couldn't ride the bigger coasters at Dollywood or KI. Thankfully both parks had lots of options, but even on their Dragonfly (similar to FAAC in concept (though much better) at KI) he rode it happily while our then 7 year old daughter stood at the exit side of the station and watched. I think she realized she's too big for much of Planet Snoopy and she couldn't have her little brother showing her up. Neither have been upside down yet, but if the now 6 year is tall enough for anything that will take you thru a loop, he's going to ride it and my daughter will probably grudgingly follow along.
  23. Thanks. That ride looks like it would be really low capacity. IIRC, it took them a lot of time to get Firechaser express up and running correctly, perhaps there are no maintenance issues since its been going. Either way its a ton of fun. Day I was there, it rained pretty good for a couple of hours early in the morning but once things cleared up the park was empty and everything was practically walkon. Only had to wait a few min for Firechaser express at most, Wild Eagle was complete walkon with less than full trains dispatching. Only thing with a semblance of a wait was Lightening Rod. I do love Lightening Rod and thankful that it was open and running while we were there, worst thing a ride can be is unreliable; don't want a major attraction to be down when someone has traveled several hundred miles and doesn't get a chance to be on it.
  24. I was born in 77 and have lived around the park my entire life. Ghoster Coaster is the 1 coaster coaster I have no recollection of. It existed from 1998 thru 2005, which is probably the period of my life that I visited KI the least (would have been a junior in college at Dayton up thru living in the Cincy area then eventually back in the south Dayton area towards the later stages of his existence) but had no kids at the time, nor visiting the park with people who had kids so I likely didn't even enter PS during that time frame. I know I was in the park during its existence because I definitely rode SOB its first year of existence, plus at least once (and I think more than once) post loop. My son was born in 2008 and we started getting season passes as a family in 2010 and have had them since. I've never been able to find a POV of this ride, would love to see it if anyone has a link. I've seen the pics on RCDB, but that is about all I have. anyhoo; I'd love to see a fire chaser express clone in PS, or at least something for the 44" or 46" plus crowd, another tweaner coaster for kids to short or too scared to ride The Racer or The Beast, but ready for something else besides FAAC or Woodstock Express. Fire Chaser express is fabulous, but my be a maintenance headache and not worth the investment (or maybe it isn't a headache and totally worth the investment) Relocate Linus' Beatle Bugs and use the space occupied by Planet Snoopy and the petting zoo/stage area. A nice sit down resteraunt and a tweaner coaster plus some other improvements would put that area back up in line with what Dollywood built a few years ago at Wildwood Grove.
  25. What makes you so confident that its not going to happen? I would think it would take more than $60 per share, but I have no clue at what point the major holders of CF stock would accept such a deal. Lets say it were to happen, would it be a good thing for KI, or a bad thing; perhaps even negligible? If you have an opinion either way, why do you feel that way? Would love to hear people's thought on a potential Sea World takeover and how it would affect KI and other CF parks. Seems like a potentially death blow to King's dominion, I don't think there are any other parks in direct competition. TIA
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