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  1. agreen browntggrr. We've been talking about a boo blaster reboot for at least as long as I've been here, and probably well before then Ironically, just looked at my registered date, and it was 2011, so happy 10 years to me, but perhaps we haven't been talking about a reboot of boo hill for that long. Then again, people were probably talking about a reboot back to phantom theater when boo Blasters go rethemed back in 2010. anyhoo, its time. I'm happy with the concept, just needs improved functionability and theming.
  2. Finish retracking and repaint The Racer, ideally with the original scheme, but just repainting it white would be satisfactory. Redo boo blasters (I'm actually fine with the attraction concept, just needs revamped, refreshed and consistently working guns). I know many want a return to phantom theater, which would be great, but I have trouble envisioning that going thru. I'd actually prefer a boat ride like they had years ago, but don't see that as possible either. Kids love boo blasters, so here's my idea: most important, all the guns need to work and work well. Revamp all the rooms to a different background. Pay some homage to phantom theater and even previous incarnations like the smurf boat ride (if possible w/o infringing on trademark licenses) at various points. Load up on easter eggs that pay homage to the parks history, present and perhaps even future. Make several items in each room easily interchangeable so that each day the ride is slightly different than the last. Even better if it could be done automatically while the ride is operating, but that would seem troublesome with each room constantly in vision of one or more cars.
  3. I haven't been to near as many parks as a lot of people on here, but on my 1 visit to ValleyFair, I wondered why that park received so little love. We did not originally plan to attend, but on a trip up that way to visit my wife's family, we found out that my wife's cousin was going to be there at the same time we were swinging thru Minneapolis, so we altered plans and met him and his kids there. Obviously, the attendance numbers must be lower otherwise it would receive more love from CF. Minneapolis is a huge city in its back yard, but i suspect the Dells pull a lot of the would be Wisconsin population away from an annual visit or two. Lots of Iowa and South Dakota plates in the parking lot but neither are huge population centers. Anyhoo, Mystic Timbers is my favorite ride at KI, I like Renegade a tad bit more than Mystic (though perhaps some of that is because it was my first CGI and I had 0 idea of what to expect; it blew my son and I away). wild thing has a great first drop, fantastic air time hill on the 2nd hill, and solid set of bunny hills at the end, unfortunately the middle section takes away a lot from the ride. Maybe give some TLC to High Roller, add in a decent invert and a modern looping coaster (I think their version of corkscrew is the only looper out there and well we all know how those bang you around) and you would have a very solid set of coasters. throw in some decent flats (not a bad set of flats last time I went, though flats are not my thing as I can't do a bunch of spinning things) and you'd be cooking. Don't know if the area would support that kind of investment or not.
  4. Random thoughts.... Peanut characters used to (perhaps still do) roam around the tower for their show on that small stage by the fountains. A peanut parade to "open" up the park could be a good idea, help lead the kids back into Planet Snoopy. The animal farm......it stinks, literally. I don't know how popular that is, but that is a big area devoted to animals that do what animals do (and often cleaner than their human counterparts) but causes an unpleasant order. My plan... Reboot Boo Blasters... Concept is good for kids, but need fresh targets and guns that consistently work. Take the other half of the building, or at least part of it to leave some room for storage and turn it into an indoor playground, foam ball shooter area. ValleyFair has one and it was a great place to cool off while kids could run around and have fun. Remove Whirly Birds. I'm thankfully it was never a huge draw for my kids. Ride was hot, the pedals never seemed to do anything, lines were long and slow. I'd take this area and create your indoor dining area here. Probably need to relocate the Snoopy Boutique as well. There seems to be a bit of a dead area next to the Linus Launcher, plus in that area you are close to rivertown and rides that get you wet. Remove the snack shack in that area to again open up that path, then in the dead area (behind the fence with the peanuts pictures) I'd do some sort of aqua feature/maze/splash area thing that the kids could run around in and cool down. Finally, I'd remove the snoopy junction train ride, plus the Peanuts off road rally and the petting zoo, old stage and add a couple of small rides to compliment the beetle bugs (wooden ship, or hot air ballon type rides like Cedar Pointe has plus a new family coaster aimed at the 42" or 44" crowd. Ideally, a fire chaser express clone, but something that helps bridge the gap between Woodstock express and Adventure Express that only FAAC seems to fill. With the sit down dining expeirence, that would leave room to relocate a few of the snack shacks they have scattered around, some of which are rarely open to open up more space perhaps even add a new building that could help faciliate Picnic Groove's need (or enhance what they do back there, I've never been)
  5. I hope they never change the essence of the front entrance to the park. Updates, for sure, new restaurant/ticket counters/customer service/entry ques....absolutely. Essence - leave it like it is. What is this Essence that I'm talking about? Its about the slow gradual incline from the parking lot up to the front entry plaza. I could do w/o the security aspect cluttering things up, but its the reality we have to live with, and as such, I actually think they have placed the security clearances fairly well. Anhoo, back to the point.... the slow walk up the inclined entry, sure you see the tower, you see some rides, you hear some going, but you don't really get a feel for the park. You proceed to the ticket counter if needed, or straight for the pass/ticket scanners. Now the ground is relatively flat, its relatively quit and its absolutely shady. You can hear the excitement in the air, but if you've never been you don't get a sense for what is about to hit you. As you proceed into the park, you get the 180 flip from shaded cover to full sun. You get the full view of the tower, the sounds of the fountains, the smell of the baked goods, food and sweets. It all combines in a flash to hit you like a ton of bricks and lets you know that you've arrived somewhere special. Above all else, the essence of the front entry they nailed. I have never been to an amusement park that nails it quite like Kings Island has nailed their front entrance. Disneyworld is pretty solid with the castle in view, but you don't get the rush of fountains that makes KI's better. I haven't been to as many amusement parks as others, but in my mind, they couldn't have done it any better. Sure the building/restaurant could use a face lift/update as mentioned earlier, but the feel, the smells, the sounds as you step into the open area is as good a feeling as you can find.
  6. After reading some of the recent comments here, are Sundays the new Wednesdays at KI? Went after church yesterday, expecting it to be fairly crowded but hoping the early morning rain (that happened before most woke up) might lessen things a bit. Got to the park around 10:30 and lines at the parking lot were light, got a spot up fairly close. Got into the park shortly before 11:00, got my youngest son measured (oh so close to 48") while the wife and oldest son went to ride Orion. Shortly after getting him measured (or perhaps while he was getting his band) they had rope drop so we walked back to Planet Snoopy. 0 wait for FAAC, my son and daughter got front row, I got second and I think there were 2-4 other people on the train. Jumped over to woodstock express and again a station wait. By the time we were done, my 2 youngest wanted to ride it again, so I had them get in line and I was texting with my wife who was off of Orion and headed back our way. Line at Woodstock Express had grown to a 3-4 train wait as parents and their kids started getting there, nothing terrible but my wife was at WE before my kids even got on again. Daughter wanted to ride Mystic Timbers for the first time (she's finally braving up a bit) so we headed there while my wife and youngest son did the peanut 500. Mystic at 0 line, got front row seats with my daughter on her first ride. As we got off, my wife meet us there and rode with her for her second ride and again it was station wait. Two youngest wanted to do WWC, so I took them there kinda expecting some sort of line with the hot humid weather, nope, they were sending out empty boats. Wife and oldest son rode The Beast with maybe a 5-10 min wait. Next was Stunt coaster, with about a 10 min wait, lunch, then Racers with a station wait (twice). Banshee was maybe 5 minutes. Congo falls was a station wait, Viking Fury the same. Back to Planet Snoopy and the Pumpkin coaster was a 10 min wait, Beastie was down to a 5 min wait, maybe less and nobody was in line for boo blasters (seemed darker in there, and odd that they had no line separator, not that you really needed one). Super fun day, got in way more rides than I ever would anticipate. Think my daughter is ready to do The Bat next time, and The Beast. She's growing confidence on coasters that she didn't have even a few months ago. Racers were waaaaaayyyyyyy to big in May, now they look tiny I think she realizes that once her younger brother hits 48" he's gonna want to ride everything that opens up to him. Oh, one other thought, when we were at CP a couple of weeks ago, I took notice, and appreciation for the old ride height signs that Melt had in on display. Would love to see those come back as they add a bit of theming for each ride that is unique from the last, plus a good photo opp. Approx wait times would be nice as well, not that you needed them yesterday but noticed those aren't even shown on the rides we were on.
  7. I've never been there, but found this extended clip to gt a sense for the park. One thing I noticed, was there didn't appear to be an abundance of life gaurds stationed. Maybe saw one in the whole video. Certainly its possible there were plenty there off camera, but just seems like there is a lack of life gaurd stations to even stage them and keep an eye on everything. Having just been to Cedar Pointe's water park, there are life gaurds everywhere that people can get in the water. Lazy river? One is never out of site and often there are 2 or more in site (and clearly they are trainied to have their eyes constantly scanning the river). Same story in the wave pool, seemed like there were always 12 or more on duty, didn't count by they had many stationed on each side of the wave pool. Multiple guards at the top of each ride, multiple guards at the bottom. Are life jackets mandatory? Seems like from a liability standpoint, they should be at that park. Don't know how deep the water is, but gotta figure its at least 10 feet deep in several areas where they are jumping off of large "cliffs". Tragic to here that anyone died, I wonder what lead up to the incident. Was she a good swimmer? Hit her head on something where she feel too far down due to not having a life jacket on. Get caught under a float? How many life guards were stationed? Lots of questions to be asked.
  8. I was at CP last week. though a vast majority of the general public has no idea who makes what coaster...for those that do would have seen Gate Keeper testing on Tuesday (but no guest ever were on that I saw) and listed as down on Thursday (not sure about Wednesday we were in the water park.) Meanwhile, Dragster was down both tuesday and wednesday (obviously visible from the water park) and testing about noonish on tuesday then giving rides 30 min or so later. At the other end of the park, on both Tuesday and thursday (and from what I observed on Wednesday while walking from our cabin to the waterpark) Steel Vengance was late to open. 3 rides, 3 different manufacturers, none running full steam all day, every day. Maverick was a ton of fun...something like that in Vortex's space would be well received. Not sure about the maintenance on that vs other intamen's but a fun ride none the less. Seemed to be running (sans rain delays) all day both Tuesday and Thursday (and presumably Wednesday). Back to my 1st point however, the general public isn't going to care who makes the ride, so long as its fun and reliable. A mack multi launch would be equally well received, and given CF's history with Intamen, a more likely addition. I'm guessing if one were built at KI, you'd overhear more than once someone in line telling someone else "yeah, this is just like Maverick up at Cedar Point"
  9. Thanks for the feedback. For a place that likes to themselves America's Roller Coast, you would think they'd be active in getting some of their bigger attractions open and ready at the public entry time. Anyhoo, still a ton of fun.
  10. Some questions about Cedar Point, Took the kids there this past week, it had been roughly 15 years since I last visited that park. Kids loved it, many great experiences, but there were a few that left me scratching my head a bit. First day, there were some early morning rain and storms in the area that had a bunch of rids down (never rained too hard in the park so we just sat under some table umbrellas and waited it out. We were just outside of MF, right next to the lift hills for Iron Dragon and Ragouru (or however that is spelled). Ragouru started running so my wife and son jumped on. Fairly quick turnaround once things got going, however, right next to it, Iron Dragon was sitting on the lift hill not cycling or testing or anything. Didn't think too much about it, but eventually came back. My daughter, who is shall we say roller coaster hesitant, decided that she would brave Iron Dragon. Line was 45 min, but to get her on a new ride and help her overcome that fear, that was a small price to pay. However, they were only cycling 1 train while the 2nd just stood on the side. Could have trimmed that 45 min wait to 30 or less by running the 2nd train. Why only run 1? Wait times were fairly short 2 days later, I assume they were running both, but not sure if running 1 is standard. Later, while finishing up lunch, we saw that the app said Steel Vengance was a 30 min wait. Great, my son and I headed over there. When we got there, the wait indicator in the front said it was a 60 min wait, in actuality, it took about 90 min. Meanwhile, the app updated while in line and eventually came up to a 2 hour wait as we were still in the early stages. Seems like a pretty wide gap, enough not to feel like I could trust the app, is that normal? SV was well worth the 90 min wait however, what an awesome ride. 2nd day, we went to the water park. Kids all enjoyed it, were wiped out by the end, but thought it was interesting that they closed the water park at 6:00. Is it always that early, or is that a Covid/staffing thing? 3rd day, my wife and son headed over to wait in line for SV right at the open; we got into the park right around 9:30 and figured waiting in line for it to open would have been the easiest route to ensure my wife got to experience it. I had the 2 younger kids over by Camp Snoopy and while they were riding the Monster, I noticed at 10:15 or so, a train was still parked on the lift hill for SV. They eventually started cycyling, but were still running empty trains around 10:30 or so, and eventually had a regular flow of packed trains around 10:45. Gemini never cycled any trains until 10:30, then stayed closed until around 11:30. Looking at the app, there were several other coasters that were also listed as "closed" until after 10:30. Gate keeper tested some on Tuesday (lift chain issues I think I read somewhere), but I never did see it carry any passengers. Dragster was dead tuesday and wednesday, eventually started testing on Thursday, then started running full trains around 1200 on thursday. I realize Gate keeper had/has issues with his chain, and dragster is often down, but so many other rides were starting significantly later than 10:00, plus I'm not sure Maverick, which was supposed to be on ERT was open prior to 10:00 either. Is that Covid-staffing issues, or is that normal? For a place that likes to pride itself as the Roller Coaster capital of the world, seems like they need more ride open and running as the park fully opens up to guests. On the plus side, since my youngest is tall enough to ride pipe scream, we did that on thursday morning, walked over to get in line around 9:55 knowing it wasn't supposed to open for a few more minutes, but the kid working the gate opened things up and started early. 2 youngest enjoyed the frontier trail adventure thing they did on the island, theming and acting were great, but overall it seems like the setup could have been much better; it feels like a forgotten area of the park that has a lot more potential with a little more thought behind the setup. And to the question above, they did let someone wait an extra cycle to get front row seats on Maverick so I assume they would do that elsewhere if you ask and are willing to wait.
  11. dollywood? While it doesn't have the high end super thrills that CP or KI does, it has an awesome collection of coasters for a young family with kids in the 2-18 range. Also, when you average things out, how do the kiddie coasters affect things? KI has 3 family coasters while CP has 2 and Holiday World has 1? I love FAAC and The Beastie, I assume neither made the top 500 because they are what they are, designed for smaller riders 3
  12. Worst decision, SoB and everything involved with it. From the cheap build, to the boring layout, to the patchwork fixes, the whole dang thing. Had they waited 5 years, for what they spent they could have had one of the best wooden coasters in the world, to complement its other "one of the best wooden coasters in the world" on the other side of the park. Best decisions: The entrance and layout.
  13. With 2020 being what it is, and 2021 perhaps being another slow year for the industry, I'd be shocked if KI got a major installation prior to 2023, and more likely 2024 or 25. I assume everything is backed up across the company at best, so things that were originally planned for 2021 elsewhere won't open until 2022, 2022 pushed back to 2023 and on down the line. At that assumes next year approaches something "normal" which is far from a guarantee at this point.
  14. medford

    Teasing of RMC?!

    They may or may not have been "just having fun" but certainly they are already in the planning stages for their next major attraction. Might be another 3-5 years away and not even set in stone, but the planning has certainly begun.
  15. OK, how about a tunnel under 1-71 and a Hogwards Express like train ride b/w the 2 parks Purchase GWL, the new campground area, the hotel by The Beach and some extra land behind The Beach to add dry attractions over there as well.
  16. I want to say 4,000 plus. Does it still count when the ride pauses right in front of a sensor for several minutes (presumably helping someone load or unload)?
  17. Dragon Flier is a great family invert, aside from the one @ KI, I haven't ridden any others but hard to imagine being much better than Dragon Flier for a family invert. With that said, I think something like Fire Chaser express would be a fantastic addition to KI. KI is lacking in rides that are "thrilling" for the 40" crowd not yet tall enough for the 48" rides (Beast, Racers, Stunt Track, etc...) IIRC, Fire Chase has a 39" requirement, while FAAC has a 44" high requirement. I'd love to see 1 more tweener coaster at KI for that 40-44" crowd and their families. However, there would be no need for a B&M inverted family coaster, FAAC is solid enough for its purpose. The 2nd ride I think the park needs, after a tweener coaster, is a great RMC. Since I don't want any of the current woodies rehabbed, it would have to be a ground up RMC, but again, that's not a B&M. So...for purposes of this poll, the 3rd type coaster I'd love to see at KI is a launched wing coaster. The only wing coaster I've ridden is Wild Eagle. While I know it doesn't have the greatest forces, I found it to be a ton of fun. It would fit in well in the new Area 72 at KI down the road, it would also fit in well in Votex's plot, a side swipe where Vortex's batwing used to be would look pretty cool.
  18. google is your friend:
  19. One less person in line if they every bring it back
  20. It did not open with one train going backwards, it switched I believe during the time of The Bat failure. I wouldn't call it a short stint either, I think the backward racer stayed that way for 20 years or so. Someone will provide the exact timeline. I loved the backwards racer, always rode The Racer at least twice, once forward, once backwards and often times 3 times in a row, backwards, forwards, and then backwards again before moving on. Edit, ran backwards from 1982-2008, so 26 years
  21. Are you implying that its not?
  22. Dodgem building pics look sweet. Nice to see that building get some love.
  23. Where there is a family restroom there are usually men's/women's restrooms. Wonder if that Chaos Labs Building general health associations..... could be the location for that family restroom sign (and hopefully others) though if I had to guess, the Chaos Labs building is the maintenance sheds after a makeover.
  24. Last summer was the only time I've been to Dollywood, we loved it. Park had to shut down for a few hours due to thunderstorms (and a downpour) but that helped keep the crowds down a bit and we barely had to wait for anything. 10 min for Lighting Rod was the longest I think. Beautiful park, pretty good ride selection (especially for younger kids on the Coaster side with Fire Chaser Express). I think if they added a Hyper it would be about a perfect park.
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