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  1. I definitely preferred the edgier shows, and could miss Hifi Honey altogether, not a fan.
  2. No idea on the lightning strike, but it was close-by. We were at the Grand Carousel (which had closed) and it was very, very close, but it wasn't FWAP_POW! like I imagine it would be on DB, but there was very little lag between flash and thunder.
  3. So this is a site where you will learn more than you could imagine about Kings Island, so if that somehow offends, I guess you're right. This thread, for example, is simply awesome for anybody who grew up with Kings Island.
  4. So long as they make the sandwich fresh (!) it ought to be great. I noticed that they were not making tater barrels fresh at MRBH last season, which really makes them not good. Fried potato products have a life, and it's quite short. All food is better made quickly, to order (not assembled from stuff fried 30 minutes ago).
  5. Strawberries and Cream, first berry on the table. #2 son very, very not happy.
  6. I see all of them except the kids shows. Best ever was long, long ago (70s), it was a country show in the International Street Showplace, and featured both live singers and a live band. They did a rendition of Barbara Mandrell's "I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" that I have never forgotten. Talent was fantastic, show was authentic, and it was very entertaining. I prefer the shows with live bands - always! Failing that, an a Capella show would be outstanding for this old guy (and no, I don't carry an O2 tank lol...). The Cirque shows have been fantastic, though I was not enamored with Gravity. I thought the first year was just amazing. For Haunt, Blood Drums was always worth a stop, and I preferred the edgy Hot Blooded to the Haunted Homecoming, but welcomed the refresh as the soundtrack was getting very tired, but nothing has topped the Pint Sized Brawlers (once I figured out it was ok to laugh at what seemed like a total non-PC thing!). That show packed the Festhaus to capacity - I'd never witnessed that before and have not since!
  7. I miss the theming but understand why it was removed. Wish that new 'PC' theming could be added to spice it up.
  8. I just don't see star names for a new Giga. I'm scratchin' my head, and will accept ANY name on a GIGA, but those don't 'theme-out' in my head.
  9. I agree with the posts concerning price v. expectations. I used to complain that everything to eat at KI was $8. They fixed that, everything is $14! That said, I visited the new Brewhouse. Had the Big Bacon and found everything hot and fresh. It's price, but seemed made to order and very quick (about 15 minutes). I hope the draft selection broadens a bit, but overall I loved it and I'll be back. This has the potential to be a huge homerun, thanks KI!
  10. This is fantastic, and... there's still time to plan some actual Oktoberfest events/specials during the proper timeframe... just sayin'!
  11. @Jes I'm happy to hear that an experienced theme park 'nerd' is taking the reigns on this. I'm not all that picky, but I've done my time in food service (both cafeteria style and fast). You can make me really, really happy (and also get me to spend some coin on food at KI) if you can convince folks to figure out how to make food: 1) to order 2) fast 3) hot I used to complain that all food at KI was $8. Then it became all food at KI is $15! The queues were always long for stuff that had been sitting in thermotainers and under heat lamps. Yuck. Fries have a life (about 5 minutes for shoestrings), and should only take 3 minutes to cook. I get that fresh-cut take longer, but they can't sit forever under the heat lamp if a 'rush' isn't anticipated. Boardwalk fries got my business at CP and KD, because they were always made to order. Someone in the thread mentioned the cold burger. Touche! There are cheap, easy (approved) ways to keep the patty hot and moist, and assemble at purchase time. No excuse for a $15 burger platter that has 20-minute old fries and a cold burger. I got shrimp at the BBQ place, because it was ready and I was hungry when I got to the steam table (line was short). The entire bowl was full on the line so I thought it was probably fresh (and it was). Watched somebody go into the thermotainer for something else and there was an entire bowl of shrimp already fried. Folks have to learn to anticipate the rush and be ready, but not cook the food until the demand is there. Tried and true method that worked years ago, and could today - 'ringer-runner'. Money people never handle food, just take orders and handle cold stuff. Runners get the hot order assembled. Kept things moving efficiently (we had a 3-minute timeline for fresh-made food, from order to delivery, and we achieved it with a broad menu). Beverages - make clear that beverage only or beverage refills have a separate queue. No reason to stand in the Festhaus line if you're not getting food, in order to get a beverage, but 'cutting the line' is bad karma. Final bit of feedback, the kiosks separate the crowd but the UI really slows stuff down. Too many confusing screens to wade through, and if you make a mistake it's a disaster. Maybe incorporating ordering into the cellphone app could work, I dunno. You've taken a huge responsibility, welcome, and I hope you succeed wildly!
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