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  1. They have been reinforcing the main support structure for the first lift.
  2. The original article that was with this video included the source. Unfortunately, the mods only allowed the video, removing the background context.
  3. Actually I talked to the mods before posting it. They told me to post video only, with no article attached that referenced the Orion line. If you doubt it, contact them.
  4. First off, respect is a part of the TOS. Second off, I was not mentioning Shaggy just to reference him. I brought up his name since he has also posted a lot about park history. Third, it is hard to discuss stuff on this site because everything I say gets thrown back at me.
  5. No need to be rude. @Oldschool75 is an expert in KI history as well as @Shaggy. It’s ironic that you make claims about my articles being wild claims as you commit the same act you accuse me of.
  6. It may be of some consequence that the original Markers that started this whole thread got removed.
  7. Bring on the Twisted Racer! All joking aside, I think this could be an interesting development, because a lot of the markers focus around KillMart, with additional markers approaching the main utility lines.
  8. It’s not paint, maintenance was reinforcing those sections two weeks ago.
  9. I did not feel it. It could be due to variances in the parts.
  10. Just got off a night ride, it was much faster than before.
  11. There’s new LED’s light based fire effects, and more. The ride was flying through the course tonight!
  12. I would say more. There were 10 foot sections of track being replaced.
  13. I’ll try to get some. It’s in the helix away from the midway, but it’s noticeable when you ride it. The effects were pretty neat.
  14. Yes, the helix and the lower valley had new track placed (its red compared to the normal brown), and there’s new lighting effects on the final lift.
  15. They almost got one. They were going to receive a $7 million dollar D.H. Morgan hypercoaster. It would have been 210 feet tall and ran alongside Shivering Timbers. I believe it fell through when plans for the resort Hotel/Campground fell through.
  16. It’s also ironic to note, that in order to make the ride work, one would need to have banked turns that lead into the inversions.
  17. There are blueprints for the original Bat showing a corkscrew, with the helixes in a different color, suggesting an alternate layout should the buyer want it.
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