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  1. It’s a business. I see no problem with it. Its like airlines who say if you fly x miles to join medallion. There are benefits for joining medallion. You’re trying to say that the system is wrong and everyone should get the benefits, but that is how many industries work.
  2. Anyone else getting Coney Vibes from these views? One major difference of the original concept was a Racer with split lifts.
  3. As originally proposed and visualized, Coney Mall was a two midway area. The first midway ran in a North South orientation from The Racer to the Sid and Marty Kroft theatre and featured Haley's Comet, Racer, Ferris Wheel, Dodgems, Whip, and the Giant Slide. The second midway ran in an east west orientation from the Sid and Marty Kroft theatre to the Antiques. The second midway had Tumble Bug, Haley's Comet, the theatre and the Antiques. There are no flying scooters in the early visualization.
  4. Elitch won’t close. The park is owned by a spouse to a heir of the Walton family. The owner has a history of having his businesses get their way (LA Rams for example). If anything the city will relocate them. Furthermore, with this pandemic, the housing community might not proceed as originally anticipated.
  5. It looks like this turned out to be Ash Bore and some sitework by the future site of the dorm complex. Speaking of The Bat queue, would it be better if there were trees and TV’s by the old monorail crossing?
  6. I know. I’m kind of kicking myself for not sharing them. I did share one of the survey stations. This along with the drainage runoff improvements by The Beast indicated that there was a large ride coming into the park. Similar steps were done for Fury and Yukon Striker.
  7. The funny thing is, around this time, there were surveys being done for this plot of land. Along with the markers that popped up a few weeks later. I never shared these to kic. Rereading this thread, there were a lot of clues pointing to something large being built. New drainage system, strengthening surrounding rides, markers, and survey stations. I must admit the ride they built there was the perfect ride for the park.
  8. It’s looking like it’ll be a partial rebuild of The Racer. For those wondering what I mean, check Racer 75 at KD, a large portion was rebuilt.
  9. There’s documents submitted to counties/cities where owners of properties will list the contractors hired for the year.
  10. Last weekend, I tried out several of the Tricks and Treats offerings. When I tried out the churro at Hanks, it came with a sauce similar to Boysenberry at Knotts Berry Farm. Did anyone else try the churro?
  11. True, but I believe GCI’s not scheduled for this upcoming offseason.
  12. Over the course of the last week, it seems new construction materials were dropped off at the park (large crates of lumber). Any thoughts on what this is for?
  13. Take a look at KI’s newest event: 


  14. It depends on which lift model you use.
  15. They are occasionally plugged in. Furthermore, I’m never said they would replace a piece in a week. You’re misquoting me which is rude.
  16. True, however, the area where we saw the work being done has no sensors (the sensors for the section between lift top and brake entrance are on the top of the lift, not the bottom of the drop).
  17. I never said they were fabricating a piece of track and installing it in a week.
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