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World's Best Kids' Area to Get a Whole New Look in 2010!

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Even though I hold Nick U near and dear to my heart and they will be missed greatly, I think this change will be very interesting and give it more of a Cedar Fair kids area feel. I do think however, that a tribute to Nickelodeon Central video should be arranged. Gotta love the tribute videos.

I agree ^_^

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Are they announcing like tomorrow or the beginning of next year (the ride names)

It is very unlikely that they would announce it the first day of the offseason. I would give it untill at least January for anything to be heard. There is a possiblility that they might not even announce it and just silently change the ride names on the web site like they did the 2007-2008 offseason, or maybe they will have some big press conference like CP did. Who knows, only time will tell.

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Wasting money is exactly the opposite of what they would want to do. Adding more kid attractions does the following:

1. Kings Island can have another safe bet of getting the golden ticket award again for the best kids area.

2. They could add another kiddie coaster and then the coaster count for the park goes up.

3. Advertisement('Snoopy and the gang is back to give your little kids more thrills than ever before with our new attractions making it the best kids area in the world'. Somthing of that nature).

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Well I hear that the SDATHC will be changed to something to do with the Wizard Of OZ!!!!! They say either Snoopy Theme Or Wizard Of Oz, Oh Lets hope the Wizard OF Oz, Oh what a great movie, and how awsome would that be!!!!

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Too true! Besides, Universal has the rights to amusement park related Wizard of Oz things... Of course, their park in Japan also has a Snoopy themed area and coaster... But Wizard of Oz? Doubt it. If a beloved park icon who was already well-established and whose liscencing doesn't expire for quite a few years was kicked out of the mansion, it's likely due to Snoopy not wanting to intermingle with other cartoon characters... We'll likely see nothing but the Scooby characters removal, perhaps with a few carboard cutouts of those Howl-O-Scream characters with the big eyes. I can't imagine much more than that.

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Well I hear that the SDATHC will be changed to something to do with the Wizard Of OZ!!!!! They say either Snoopy Theme Or Wizard Of Oz, Oh Lets hope the Wizard OF Oz, Oh what a great movie, and how awsome would that be!!!!

I believe it was Kd's Twitter page that said their SDatHC would become a generic shooting game. I would assume ours would become the same.

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Judging off of Carowinds names, I think they had some real clever ones, and dont seem as 'forced' as the Paramount switchover names. Though I am really hoping that The Beastie does make a reappearance.

That would be nice, but considering that woodstock express at carowinds is almost the same coaster as FoC and had some of the same names that ki's did (Scooby-Doo, Fairly-Odd Coaster) I am not so sure....

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I agree with Mike I do not understand why they are converting it to the Peanuts. Kids these days will not know who the characters are since the Peanuts are not on TV (at least to my knowledge). I wonder why they didn't go back to hanna barbara?

Start at the begining of this thread to get some feedback of what our kids think. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20256&view=getnewpost&hl=&fromsearch=1

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I didn't see anyone else mention this, so my apologies if it has already been somewhere... Not sure when this was updated, but according to the Wikipedia entry for Kings Island, the ride names and descriptions for Planet Snoopy at Kings Island are...

Charlie's Wave Crave 2006 Skateboard themed ride that spins as it glides over a ramp; known as Avatar: The Last Airbender (??-2009).

Woodstock Flyers 2006 Known as Danny Phantom's Phantom Flyers (2006–2007)and Phantom Flyers (2007-2009).

Kite Eating Tree 2006 A very small version of The Drop Zone ride; known as Plankton’s Plunge (??-2009).

Snoopy's Wet Zone 1995 Known as Nickelodeon Green Slime Zone (1995–2005) and SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bash (2006-2009).

Captain Snoopy 2001 A Vekoma family inverted coaster; known as Rugrats Runaway Reptar (??-2009).

Lucy's Flight Zone 1998 Known as Atom Ant's Airways (1998–2005) and Timmy's Airtours (2006-2009).

Helicopter Highway 1998 Known as Yogi's Sky Tours (1998–2005) and Lazytown Sportacopters (2006-2009).

Charlie's Liftoff 1992 This junior roller takes guests up a small hill and then circles around and goes up the chain again. It was remodeled in 2006 to reflect its new theme as part of Nick Universe. Known as Scooby Zoom (1992–1997), Top Cat's Taxi Jam (1998–2005), and Little Bill's Giggle Coaster (2006-2009).

Snoopy's Swingset 1992 Known as Pixie and Dixie's Swingset (1992–2005) and Backyardigan's Swing-Along (2006-2009).

The Pet Show 1992 Known as Dick Dastardly's Biplanes (1992–2005) and Blue's Skidoo (2006-2009).

Snoopy-Go-Round 1982 Known as Hanna Barbera Carousel (1982–2005) and Nick-O-Round (2006-2009).

The Train Station 1982 Known as Quick Draw's Railway (1982–2005) and La Adventura de Azul (2006-2009).

Snoopy Vs. Woodstock 1976 Known as Flintstone's Boulder Bumpers (1976–2005) and Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smasher (2006-2009).

Snoopy Kart 1979 Known as Fender Bender 500 (????-2005) and Nick Jr. Drivers (2006-2009).

Lucy's Kidz Coaster 1972 A John Allen/Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters family wooden coaster. Known as Scooby Doo (1972–1979), Beastie (1980–2005), and Fairly Odd Coaster (2006-2009).

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin 1972 A Sally dark ride experience for families which involves shooting laser guns at ghosts and ghouls. Known as Enchanted Voyage (1972–1982), Smurf's Enchanted Voyage (1984–1991), Phantom Theater (1992–2002), and Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle (2003-2009)

Summer Blast With Charlie 1972 Themed log ride from Coney Island (1968–1971). Closed during the 2000 season, reopened with new name and theming in 2001. Known as Kings Mills Log Flume (1972–1999) and The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure (2000-2009).

Silly Sweepers 1972 From Coney Island (1967–1971) Known as Alley Cat 500 (-2005) and Swiper's Sweepers (2006-2009).

Extreme Fun Palace 2010 New For 2010

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As far as the kids' area goes, I feel bad for any kids who loved Nick. I also hate that Scooby is leaving. Personally, though, I'm looking forward to Snoopy in 2010! I've never been a fan of anything Nick related even when I was a kid growing up.

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Most of those names are okay for the most part. Just very generic. AS of right now, I am hoping these are not the real names. Like Interpreter said, the Train Station would be very confusing, and in my opinion it would just be way to generic.

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