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Carowinds will be investing $50 million in the next three years!

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We drove past the park on our way to Disney over spring break. I was literally drooling against the window while everyone else didn't even seem to notice (I'm such a coaster nerd). I've never been there but heard it's a nice park. With this expansion I want to go even worse, so hopefully it's be soon. I just can't wait to find out what all will be added to the park!

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And many will forget that Paramount Park`s corporate office was down in Charlotte prior to the Cedar Fair acquisition. And I bet that Charlotte has a lot better airport in terms of destinations served than Sandusky.

Charlotte most certainly does, in fact that's the main reason why Chiquita bolted out of Cincinnati in favor of Charlotte.

At any rate, Cedar Fair primarily uses Cleveland's airport to reach Sandusky.

How do we know this?

Because that's where Jack Falfas was standing the last time Dick Kinzel called him.

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You know, for years, I have always thought KD looked smaller than KI

This may have changed over the last decade, but I always thought so as well, due to the size of the parking lot being much smaller than KI's. I have not been by that park in 15 years so my info could be off now!

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