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KI Throwback Photo of The Day


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Fantastic photos, Shaggy! Thanks so much for sharing.

Two comments for two of the photos:

For King Cobra's demolition, it's interesting to see how carefully the ride appeared to have been dismantled, especially when compared to recent demolitions like Kentucky Kingdom's Greezed Lightnin (if the linked picture doesn't make it clear, the ride was practically torn apart in a non-salvageable way). Kings Island must've been more careful with KC, as they had the coaster on the market for several years after its removal.

Regarding the Phantom Theater picture, I feel as though the ride is well remembered and dearly missed by most members of the enthusiast community, but that specific scene (the Pepper's Ghost Effect) seems to be forgotten.

I find it interesting to note that BBOBH's library room was built over top where the Pepper's Ghost Effect scene was. The PGE room was substantially lower than the library is, so I've always wondered whether there remains a basement of sorts down there.

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Peppers ghost.


It's not the exact procedure used.... the glass wasn't at 45 degrees, but perpendicular. The "ghosts" were above you with ambient light that reflected on them casting a reflection from a large pane of glass in front of you. This gave the impression of the ghost performers were in the Phantom Theater. The process is still in use in Disney's Haunted Mansion in the ballroom sequence.


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