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KI Throwback Photo of The Day


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That's the ride I was talking about in another thread^. Where was that ride located?

The park has had two Hampton rides, one which I believe was removed in the 1980s, the other which remains today. The picture is one of these two:

-Autocat, which underwent a couple name changes. Titles included Huck's Hot Rods, Go Diego Go, and Peanuts' Off-Road Rally. It was relocated within the area in 2006.

-Motor Mouse, which *may* have also been Boo Boo's Buggies and Peeway Raceway (if not, then Autocat went by those names for a while). I'm fairly confident it was removed in the mid-1980s.

I was looking for pictures of the old Kings Island Ferris Wheel, does anyone have any? I seen a few pic's on Youtube in someone's video but nothing really here. Thanks

Here's a couple I've spotted over the years. None are mine.




Notice how it was repainted a darker brown at some point.

The Ferris Wheel opened in 1978 and last operated in 1990 or 1991 (I'm learning towards 1990). Despite being at the park for well over a decade, there is very little information on it. It was manufactured by Eli Bridge though, who also manufactured Scrambler.

Wow that is awesome! Thanks a lot! I went to Kings Island when I was little 3 time's if I remember right in the early 90's, I don't remember it being there. But I was young so it could have been there and I just forgot, everything is so much bigger when you are a kid! lol. I checked on Wikipedia on former rides and it say's 1991 was year it closed. I hope they add one to the park again! :)

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^No problem, glad I could help. Just a friendly tip though, no need to quote the pictures too - you can delete them in the quoted post, and that way the page will load faster and be less cluttered for other readers.

What's with the ghosts drawn onto the photo lol?

The blogger who posted the photo, Dan Alexander Dizmentia, is apparently really concerned with concealing the identity of him and his cousins... in pictures from 26-years-ago.

Here's what he specifically said in the post:

While in Hanna Barbera Land, I made sure to ride the Smurf's Enchanted Voyage Ride. In front of this boat ride, you could find a Scooby Doo statue. I decided to make myself and my two cousins cartoon ghosts for this story. I'm the green ghost in this picture.

And here's the post, for the curious:


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These ferris wheel pictures keep reminding me of a trip I took to Kings Island with my cousin around 1987... I was maybe 10 and she was 13. We waited forever in line and right before we got on a little girl threw up on one on the seats. They put that weird pink sawdust on it and just left it and then loaded us into the car right below it. It was a windy day and as soon as it started moving, all the sawdust started blowing back into our faces and hair. We freaked out and screamed like crazy for them to stop and let us off, but the ride op just couldn't fathom what our problem was and by the time he finally decided to stop the ride we were completely covered in pink pukey sawdust. It was the most tramatizing experience of my young life, lol.

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Can I just take a moment and comment on the fact that the park practically ignored having a Ferris Wheel for the entirety of the ride's thirteen/fourteen year existence. A few examples how:

  • I have never found a single news article or press release mentioning the ride's addition
  • The ride wasn't always given an "official" name, but was referred to as "a ferris wheel" or similar (reference first picture in my original post)
  • It was misplaced on at least one map (I cannot recall the exact year, but it was placed on the wrong side of Oktoberfest's pond on a 1980s poster map)
  • The year it opened (1978) it wasn't even part of the "fun guide" (the map). To be fair, Bavarian Beetle (which I'm 95% sure was removed after 1977) was on the 1978 map, so it may have been a case of a last minute, unplanned removal of the coaster and addition of the wheel.

Regardless, I think a Ferris Wheel would make an excellent addition to the park today. There is a lack of family rides outside of Planet Snoopy, and a Wheel in Coney Mall would look and fit wonderfully. It could either be an Eli Bridge model (similar to the ones at Cincinnati's Coney Island or Stricker's Grove) or a larger one. Personally, I'd adore an eccentric wheel, like at Disney California Adventure or New York's Coney Island.

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There were minor changes [to Phantom Theater] through the years, and many original effects bit the dust after just a season or two. In it's first year of operation, the attraction was insanely amazing. By the final years, the maintenance of it was laughable. One time, while riding, I witnessed one of the character's arm fall off. No joke... in the final boiler room scene.. one of the "How 'bout some heat!" fellas arm fell out of socket and was dangling by his sleeve.

I know I'm bumping an older thread here and referencing an old post, but I'm curious: What were some of the original effects in Phantom Theater that bit the dust? I know plenty of ones from Adventure Express, but I've never heard of any from Phantom Theater.

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My husband and I have been marathoning Star Trek: The Next Generation in the evenings. We got to the end of the 4th season when Worf leaves to join in the Klingon civil war, and it reminded me of going to the Star Trek Experience when it was at Kings Island.

Looking for more info about that, I found out this happened:


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YEa be cool to see some pics of that. Remember going to it when I was a kid but hardly remember what it looked like inside the tent/dome thing it was in.

Are you referring to the same tent/dome that housed the preview for the movie Congo?

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Back in October 1977 the park paid President Jimmy Carter's brother Billy Carter $10,000 to visit and participate in a promotional event called the "U.S. Peanut Olympics". The two-day event consisted of six peanut themed events, including a peanut butter sandwich making contest, throwing a fifty-pound peanut bag blindfolded, and a peanut-filled wheelbarrow race (pictured). In-between the rounds Billy Carter answered questions from park guests.

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