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Next New Ride?


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Its a beautiful thing when pigs fly,

Now THAT is a FANTASTIC idea for a Cincinnati area coaster! "The Flying Pigs.". Have a barn station, troughs next to the queue, workers could wear overalls...

Der Flying Piggus?(Pigoos)

I would have to go with the idea of a Flying Eagles installment, it's something that the whole family will love and something that people remember from long ago. I cannot even begin to ask for an Intamin product, they are not young, nor are they truly studly.

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Here's a few ideas:

-Put a Ferris Wheel in the location now occupied by the Action Theatre. The place has seen better days, and Kings Island doesn't have a Ferris Wheel. How is this?

- Get our old/a new set of Flyers for the old Flight Commander spot. I know how much we all enjoy the DA Party Patio, but life is about making sacrifices.

- Build some kind of water ride in place of KIC's favorite box over in Rivertown. (Get it? A water ride in Rivertown? There used to be some back there. A nice lake, too.) You know, a nice water ride where you're not soaked by a large trundled mammal. Or any mammal for that matter.

- Update and/or overhaul Boo Blasters. It's time for a nice, quality, non- shoot 'em up style dark ride. Whether or not this is a "haunted house" or not doesn't really matter.

- Do something with the thematic elements of our beloved train. I don't think we'll ever see a show again, but I can't imagine a little sprucing up would be all that difficult. Make the train more than just a mode of transportation. It deserves much better.

This ones a little crazier and doesn't fall under the category of "ride," but what the hell: Complety overhaul International Street and Octoberfest.

Give International Steet it's international back. I mean, geez. Look at it. It's a pathetic shell of what it once was or what it could be. Make it like a mini version of the World Showcase at Epcot. Bring in different foods, shops, etc. And for the love of what ever diety you subscribe to, change the soundtrack. Get the International Restaurant up to par with current saftey and disability regulations and USE it. We have seen how well our first sit down joint worked, so this seems like a no brainer to me. High quality food, speciality drinks, excellent service, you name it. Yea, it'll be pricey, but it would be a worthwhile experience.

Same goes for Oktoberfest. Bring some German flair back to the area. The Festhaus needs and overhaul in every sense of the word.

Take the Hofbrahaus (spelling?) in Newport. That place is packed. The food is great and the atmosphere is even better. Its a blast. Bring something like that to the park. Make the day memorable. In short, make Oktoberfest German. It could be a wonderfully unique experience instead of a few rides and food you can get elsewhere in the park.

All of these attractions all contribute to that concept of "the best day of the summer." Why? Because its something that the whole family could enjoy, and that is something that Kings Island is lacking if you want my opinion. What's my grandpa going to do if I take him to the park? As of now, not a whole lot. That should change.

If it seems like I'm being critical, I guess it because I am. It's only because I'm passionate about the park.

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I'd like to see these flat rides added sometime in the next 5-10 years:

-Ferris Wheel, with a nice light package. Placed somewhere in Coney Mall.

-Flying Eagles (preferably our old set). Placed somewhere in Coney Mall, possibly up on Flight Commander's old ride pad.

-Dark Ride like Wonder Mountain's Guardian, placed in The Crypt's shiny metal box.

-Somekind of major renovation to the Action Theater building to hold something new. Any suggestions?

-If we either don't get a flying eagles or we do and its not placed on Flight Commander's old ride pad, then <to be continued, let me visit some ride manufacter websites and I'll be back on this one>. (Won't do that yet as I do not have my laptop with me and I am on my Xbox 360.)

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Kings Dominion's International Street is getting a lot of TLC this season, along with a fountain upgrade. I'm sure it's on the list of things to do for Kings Island. It is probably a long, ever evolving, list, though.

Actually they've already begun at Kings Island. The shops were repainted this fall.

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ShieKra is the only Dive Machine I've ridden. It is tied with GateSleeper, er, Gatekeeper for the most boring coaster I've ever ridden. Even Flying Ace Aerial Chase is more thrilling to me.

EDIT: OK, not to start yet another debate over trademark capitalization, but it's OCD time. Gatekeeper is supposed to have a capital "K" per this page, but Dane's script is changing it to the incorrect "Gatekeeper". Dane, could you fix that?

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