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Thunderbird has launched!

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Dumpster is a registered trademark. As such, it is always capitalized here. As in Rolling Dumpster. I miss that ride.

I just came across the fact that "Dumpster" was a registered trademark yesterday. I remember thinking, "I wonder if Terpy knows that." Apparently he does. :)
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Jell-O. Band-Aid. Photoshop. Google.

All still trademarks.

So far.

Of those you listed, Band-Aid is most surprising to me. Dumpster I think is more surprising than any of those though. I would have never guessed that.

So what's a generic word for a Dumpster? Giant metal trash holder contraption?

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that is because that is what your most likely used to using on a daily basis (which would apply to a great majority of the population) however while I don't deal with them directly, sit in enough construction meetings where they talk about the placement of Dumpsters, how many Dumpsters they need, what kind of Dumpsters they need and you'll hear a lot of different names that I listed above, and then some; never heard to them referred to as a garbage can though.

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Alright here's my thesis with the past few "leads". First off, in regards to the storm, I personally believe that it is an allusion, and an analogy for Thunder Run and Lightning Run both now "rocking" the boat that was added this year, The MayFlower. Secondly, the children personally sound like the enthusiasts, but something about the posts makes since of this. With the older children being able to go top side, it was referring to those who got the word on the 66 Days at Sea and those who witnessed a few events by admin. Third, to the big bang of the whole op, the attraction. I personally think this will be an B&M family attraction for 2015. Invert or not, it will be fun for everyone, with possibly a few inversions and a few water effects scattered around.

In any circumstance, the addition would be amazing for 2015 at Holiday World.

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Doesn't Band-Aid run a commercial that says Band-Aid brand band aids....


It's Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages.

Suggesting a hard rock park move?

Hard Rock is a registered trademark. As such, it is always capitalized here.

I posted that and then after my shower, thought hmm I should look. Oh well, I am probably losing my hearing..

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Really hoping for HW's first major steel coaster.

While I understand why it is done it is the most annoying thing I have ever encountered on the Internet in nearly 20 years, lol. Not to mention this particular place is the ONLY one I have EVER encountered it on in all these years.

Carry on. :)

Hey, I just noticed your username was fixed!

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HoliBlog post by Leah: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/07/05/world-leahs-lens/

According to that, beginning sometime this coming week we're going to get a live streaming webcam of the construction site. Now that's cool.

Also of interest, apparently they have a major delivery scheduled for July 25, the day after the announcement. My guess: coaster track!

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