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Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread


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My observations (and trying not to repeat with others have mentioned in this topic):


  1. I posted in another thread but for those that do not look at the preview thread - If you pass was "processed" at a different park for whatever reason, that becomes your home park and you cannot add any pass benefits (meal, drink, pics) unless you are at that park.  For example, if your Platinum pass says Carowinds on the back, you can only add meal, pic, drink to your pass unless at Carowinds.
  2. The Fischer Home Baby Care Center is extremely nice, but no water fountains inside :(
  3. I have reservations about the new entrance - only one entrance into the park and the whole design coordination with the road improvement by Mason just doesn't seem to fit, but I guess we will see when they are actually done with the road.  I so hope the entrance speeds things, but I doubt it.
  4. Exiting the park at close is a nightmare (and it wasn't that crowded).  Those that visit the park a lot like me will probably know what I am referring to regarding the south exit (not the Soak City exit).  About an hour before close, they would set up cones at the exit lane such that those that were parked in a row and headed towards Kings Island Drive to turn left when into the travel lane to proceed to south exit had an unrestricted lane and then the set up of cones allowed those that headed from the parking row to the lane between employee parking and guest parking could then proceed to the exit unrestricted.  Well they took away the cones and now have two security staffers blocking and directing traffic, so now lanes are being stopped right before you proceed to the exit light because of this - hard to explain in text and hopefully you can follow what I was trying to say.  But the old way you only stopped because of the light because they had the exit lane be fed from two different directions with continuous motion, but now they have staff their to stop and direct traffic.
  5. Skyline did not have ketchup lol.
  6. Food lines appear will continue to be a problem this year unfortunately.
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Exiting the park at 11 AM is a nightmare. Two lanes of incoming cars, a police officer stopping DOZENS of cars from coming in the exit free (I watched at least six come in that way at 8:50.)

Cars honking, horns beeping, traffic cones...

CLEAR signs pointing to use this exit.

And the line of cars to get in was backed up at least half a mile on Western Row.


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Make sure you are paying attention when checking out. No problems at the Coca-Cola refill stations, but twice at two different restaurants I have been charged a dollar for my free refill reusable cup. Both fixed without argument, but easily missed on a large order.

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Skyline backed out past Starbucks and Chicken Shack line out yo Drop Tower - been in line since 2pm and haven't moved. Will update

2:32 and just entered Skyline entrance -32 min after getting in line -

48 minutes in line still not able to place order - meal plan on screen shows a 3 coney and fries combo - it was 2 coney's last year - typo?

3:14 - just utilized my dining plan - 1 hour and 14 minutes in Skyline line!

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3:14 - just paid - 1 hour and 14 minutes in Skyline line!


That's appalling...wow.  That's enough time to leave the park, eat elsewhere, and then come back. Possibly with time to spare (and undoubtedly with nickels spared, too). 

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Larosas in rivertown was a 10-15 minute wait. Very fast and nice service. I was impressed that the employees knew what my dining plan was and how to handle it. Last night they had to scan my pass like four times at Skyline in coney mall. Lines actually were decent today. Banshee is was a 35 min wait including the front row line. I got first ride of the day on Diamondback front row. I got 1st ride of the day on Banshee 4th row. Only complaint is the line for water cups lol.

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Are tickets for Kings Island at Kroger really going to be $45?! Last year it was $37. I know with Banshee prices went up $2, so why would it go up $7 just in a year? No ig deal if you're just buying one ticket. But when 8 people go that's $56 dollars more, which is the case I'm put it.

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 called regarding the slow food service about and gave them a friendly FYI that the dining plan itself is great but the service was very slow last year. They told me that there is a new food & beverage manager this year & even agreed that last year wasn't up to par as far as speed of service. I didn't make it today but with the reviews I am reading I want to give the workers the benefit of the doubt that maybe they are still learning but I hope it improves greatly from last year. :-)

smile emoticon

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