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Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread


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I will also like to give out a reminder to everyone for this year, this will also be posted on the first post.



This project involves widening Kings Island Drive to better support incoming traffic off of I-71. Improvements also include the addition of a left turn lane into Kings Island for southbound traffic, new medians, new curbs and gutters, new traffic signals, overhead signage, decorative lighting and a bike path from Western Row Road to Great Wolf Drive.

Construction crews are working on the installation of an underground storm pipe on Kings Island Drive. There will be occasional single lane closures in both the north and southbound lanes while this work is taking place, with some lane closures occurring overnight Monday through Thursday.

All lanes will be open to traffic Friday through Sunday.

Signage will be placed in the project area to alert drivers of changes to traffic patterns.

- See more at: http://www.imaginewesternrow.com/projects/kings-island-drive-improvements/#sthash.2b3qAC11.dpuf
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Nothing in the world makes me more happier than that news right there.


I was really, really hoping they'd not only make traffic flow better but also spruce the area up. As it was before, it was not very exciting driving on Kings Island Drive as you approach parking tolls. But with the additions of all new medians, curbs, gutters, traffic lights, signs, lights, and that bike path...wow! Makes me so excited! 


I'm kind of worried, though, about the timeline...Kings Island opens in a little more than two months...


Edit: Oh...completion date December 2016? That kind of killed my buzz there...I expected all this construction to take place over the offseason...

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This is all expected to be done by a few years. December '16 is just for KI Drive alone.


Yeah, I know that. But what you posted about was just for KI Drive. That's what I'm excited about! Although the Western Row/Columbia Road improvements are much needed as well.

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Meh.  "Fair" is totally subjective, but I see your point.  Still prefer the Kings Island Fast Lane way.  I suppose they could tier it further, but I'd like to see a front-of-the-line-pass exist at all parks.  Even if it costs a fortune.

 Not quoting this particular post for a reason, just to go back to that topic.


The obvious is being missed here. Front of the line? Sure! but not multiple times. See the Six model for how it should work. You get to ride all the "big" attractions, with no wait, but you can't hop right back in line and clog up the system, causing both lines to stall. 

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...and the new big ride? Twice. IF you pay for the highest level, and most expensive, The Flash Pass. After that, you can buy it again or wait like everybody else who didn't.

SIX also does a far, far better job of blending the two lines--as opposed to FUN. On Banshee opening day, for instance, some regular liners waited five hours while Fast Lane buyers not only hogged shirt after shirt (many later sold on EBay) but also ride after ride after ride. One young lad claimed to have gotten 24 rides that day, and 14 shirts.

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On Banshee opening day, for instance, some regular liners waited five hours.



Glad I went on Banshee media day. I think I was busy during the semester that year so I couldn't go opening weekend. But I would have waited in that had I not gone to Banshee media day.

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The Fast Lane system is cheaper to buy, simpler to use and gets you more rides compared to the SIX system


...but is it the best system? Or could another system produce greater profit and/or greater overall customer satisfaction (among both guests using the system and guests not using the system)? And what weight should each of those two (profit or customer satisfaction) be given relative to the other?

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