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Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread


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Does The Beast and Diamondback have single rider lines?

Diamondback used to, but then Fast Lane happened the very next year. SRL was the reason why I only waited 10 minutes for D-Back on Opening Day 2009.



No it didn't. FastLane happened two years later: Diamondback opened 2009, FastLane began 2011.

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I saw that, myself, when looking for the razed buildings.

Okay- people were kvetching about the lack of love for Rivertown, and there you go, something's happening.

Now my mind is itching with the "What would Ouimet do?" Question.

I'm just getting used to having an actual park attendee in charge, and not a nickel and dime man.

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It's kind of hard to tell, but by the looks of it on the webcam, the path the tracks go on seem to be covered in dirt. Hopefully it's just my eyes and the vantage point from the Tower.

*Edit* False alarm. Just my eyes messing with me.

Perhaps the dirt on the rails is just a temporary buffer for driving over the raised tracks. The only place I've seen any leveling of the road to the tracks is at both designated stops.

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Lots of interesting posts on KI's Instagram this week....




Take a look at this! A 1977 concept drawing of The Beast. #KingsIsland #rollercoaster

A photo posted by Kings Island (@kingsislandpr) on

From the vault. #bananasplits #KingsIsland

A photo posted by Kings Island (@kingsislandpr) on

Opening Day 1972. #KingsIsland

A photo posted by Kings Island (@kingsislandpr) on

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I remember seeing that last picture displayed in front of the Shooting Star... Hey wouldn't it be a hoot to ride the Shooting Star again only at Kings Island? I'd rather see the Lost River come back to life, myself, and that would look really nice in the Coney Mall.

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