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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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This will be a perfect transitioning coaster. I was 99% sure it was going to be an RMC but understand why they went with GCI. It wouldn't be right to throw another extreme coaster directly next to PS. I know that Diamondback is practically inside PS but another over the top coaster would seem a bit much. Maybe the name will grow on me(pun intended) but seems kind of "drawn out of a hat." You already know that I'll be a first rider. Looking forward to those other announcements!

I also had the chance to meet a few of you, Zayzayd13 and BeautyandTheBeast to be specific. It was nice to experience tonight with fellow friends from kic.


This seems unsatisfying to me. On more than one occasion, many of us tried to explain to the community here that, despite presenting himself as such, GavPenn was not an insider. (And GavPenn, you must admit – you did WAY more than just speculate and guess and have fun with us. You 100% purported yourself as an insider. "...I'll give you a hint..." "...that's all I'll say..." "You'll see..." "Just wait until the announcement..." etc. etc.) Every time you popped into this thread, it was as a know-it-all lording his inside information over us, "gifting" us with little hints and tips about what the answer was. We told you then that little coy "winks" presented as if you knew the answer were NOT cute, constructive, or fun, and warned your "followers" to be wary, and you literally just kept on going with 100% confidence that you knew and we didn't.


Now, those who trusted you (because you purported to be "in the know" and to have some access the rest of us don't), your "followers," are not renewing passes. You convinced them to anticipate something that many of us knew was not coming and crafted yourself into an insider who they could trust (never mind that, if you actually HAD known the answer, you would've been ruining the anticipation and fun for many of us by strutting around dropping hints). But you were wrong! After all that, you weren't even the insider you thought you were.




I will "un-ignore" your posts now and let's carry on. I hope we ALL learn a lesson from this – the same one we've been repeating for ever: those who know don't say, and those who say don't know.

I NEVER claimed to know everything. In fact I stated that I DID NOT know it all many times. It was people like yourself who used the terms "know it All." I said that my version of the layout was in more detail than what was leaked. I'm still in shock over the fact that I won't get the chance to hang upside down over WWC. I'm not the only one surprised at the announcement. You could literally hear a pin drop after the announcement. We were all like, wtf. Its not like KI to hype something mild-ish like they did.

I also do not stand in the way of people's decision to purchase a season pass. Its ludicrous to put me on such a high pedestal.

Here are a few things I was correct about BEFORE any leaks...

The exact spot in which the coaster would be.

The amount of times it crosses WWC.

The fact that it wouldn't go under the train bridge.

That RFYLCB wouldn't be removed.

No interaction with Diamondback and the box.

No teardrop loops.

That it would cross over the reservoir and not under it.

The railroad wouldn't be rerouted or altered.

Also the basic fact that it was a coaster BEFORE the layout was leaked, when people were insisting it was a relocation of DA, antique cars, etc..

Here is a list of what I was DEAD WRONG about...

The manufacturer.

Amount of inversions.

The name.

The list speaks for itself. I might not of had ALL the answers but in all fairness I should still receive some credibility. I never deliberately lied or spoke in a Know it all fashion. I was just under the trance of KI's history to build bigger, better, faster.

Not to mention, who would have thought they would stick a mild coaster in between two of their biggest coasters? All signs pointed to RMC but the reality of GCI must settle in.

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In the intro video, I wonder if the paver with the star is a nod to MagentaLizard?

Well I know I'm a star of the forums and all *blushes*

Just kidding. I don't understand what you mean tho.


Didn't you post in this forum, or in the theming rundown forum, a picture of the stars from Tower Gardens, with a comment about how you had never seen them, and they must have been leftover from the PP days?

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I hope this kicks up a healthy re-theme of the Rivertown area; RFYLCB, theme the box or something, and a better train "experience." Really all could be doable over the next several seasons. Very glad to see it will have 3 trains, Renegade has a bit of a line issue on the several days of Minnesota summer. Ultimately it reminds me of the air-time hills 1 and 3 on Renegade, should be a blast.

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It appears Mystic Timbers isn't running Millenium Flyers, it seems. The press release states the trains will seat four per car.

If we get those awful PTC trains....

^^ No it is 100% wooden from what we can see.

I think you misunderstand my concern..


On my screen 2 posts above mine is someone asking if the supports were steel.

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@GavPenn- there was a lot of language you used in the posts you deleted that suggested you claimed to be in the know.  You kept bringing up your 'credibility' in about half the posts you've made.  



My credibility will come with tomorrow's announcement. I certainly wasn't the first on #TEAMRMC but quickly climbed aboard right after the spaghetti bowl giga daydream. I also never shifted on my final answer.

*Bolded and italicized for emphasis.

That's an example of leading people on if I've ever seen it.  

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Don't bother. I sent GavPenn a direct message to cordially explain why I and many others here were frustrated. He replied simply, "Wow, you moved me..." 


He's just an ass. No interest in being part of the community or learning how we do things. 

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I was in the process of sending you this but you left too soon.

Seriously, I was moved. Sometimes I get carried away and stubborn as hell. Being that we are both under the Taurus sign, I know you "get it." Maybe my defensiveness is sometimes unnecessary and may be perceived as arogancy. I'm really not an ass.

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Wow... out of the country and just got to some internet to see the info.


And very "boring" looking ride according to the rendered video.


On a better note though, I'll be riding Taron at Phantasialand next week! Looks a billion times better than "some thing timbers"...

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I'm not exactly sure what constitues a car in this case,


But both Renegade and Prowler have what appear to my untrained eye to have 12 cars, 2 riders per car, 24 total.


Perhaps, the "cars" are joined by 2 w/ a joint b/w them to consider them 1 actual car, thus creating 6 cars of 4 riders, the same 24 total.


I know that is confusing, but I'm assuming the trains are set up similar to both, off ride videos are available on both which clearly show the trains from the side.

I was confused by that as well. Other than the truck theming piece at the front, they look very similar to Prowler's trains to me.

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