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14 Year Old Boy Killed on Orlando Free Fall Ride

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59 minutes ago, Oldiesmann said:

I'm wondering how Gerstlauer is involved in this since they didn't manufacture the ride.

Apparently Gerstlauer created the actual restraints

If it does turn out that someone at the park adjusted the seats to allow larger riders, then whoever did that and whoever employed them is fully at fault rather than the manufacturer. As someone previously pointed out, the belts on KI's Drop Tower are more of a sizing mechanism. It sounds like the Orlando Freefall has sensors for that same purpose and, from the manufacturer perspective, doesn't need belts. And belts aren't going to stop an operator determined to let more people ride.

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The article didn’t exactly state WHO was responsible for the ride’s removal. Since the lawsuit hasn’t come to a conclusion, my guess is that Gerstlauer demanded it be dismantled. 

This tragedy makes my blood boil. This family lost a son, THEIR CHILD, because of an egregious chain of errors and monumentally poor decision making that prioritized their pockets over human safety. I hope that when the lawsuit is resolved (lol) the owners and managers of Slingshot Group are held accountable. At the very least they should be bankrupted and banned from the industry. Manslaughter or negligible homicide convictions on top of that would be ideal. 

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