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CP Food Blog: A look inside Cedar Point’s Grand Pavillion

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I like that CP is getting some nicer restaurants, however, whenever I last visited it seemed that alot of their quick service/counter service places were closed or had very few options (at a very high price let me add) Another thing that I don't like about the recent direction of CP is that they keep removing rides in favor of new restaurants (example: Antique Cars and Witches Wheel removals) while seemingly doing nothing to improve the food locations they already have. There's at least two or three counter service places in frontier town that were closed last time I visited and all the restaurants in pioneer trail were closed and the one by iron Dragon was closed. My only option in the back half of the park was the Farmhouse Kitchen and Grill which had a ridiculous line and the Friars Corndog place by Gemini (which had very limited options given I ended up and ate there to avoid the long waits) For example, CP needs to do something like what KI did with the 50th anniversary and actually have unique food offerings at various locations. It will be interesting to me to see the future additions to CP as the days of them mass building coasters have come to an end and they seem to be having a hard time choosing what direction to pursue next. 

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I could see this being because of the Grand Pavilion opening nearby. But still, another loss for Cedar Point in my opinion, it always seemed busy. I always found it funny they had a Johnny Rockets when right down the midway they had Coasters, which is pretty much their own generic version of the same establishment.

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