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  2. I know what you mean. That MCBR before the last inversion does slow the pace down.
  3. THE_BEASTmaster

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    Darn you, Oldschool75! Lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If you make the BBQ in Kansas City how can it be anything but authentic Kansas City barbecue?
  5. IndyGuy4KI

    2019 Season Passes

    That would be a question for the park.
  6. I don’t know, I am really concerned about the pacing of this new ride. Especially the 2nd half.
  7. https://www.worldsoffun.com/play/drinks-dining/boathouse-grill
  8. Today
  9. Bridge and fountain feature was mentioned. @pianoman will have more Fountain ERT options.
  10. JubJester

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    Not always a bad thing! Especially during Haunt!
  11. They did say there was a bridge, correct? Along with other things. Can't recall for sure.
  12. I'm holding out hope for some rehab work on The Racer to be completed on the off season. If it goes "in front" of the ride, The Racer will be a backdrop to the Antique car ride. It would make the decrepit condition it is in stick out much more with the brand new Kings Mills Antique Autos right in front of it. And The Racer was mentioned a few times during the presentation. But, heck, I just want the Coney Mall sign back.
  13. A lovely addition. I was very sad when I found out Les Taxis were being taken out in 2004, and it's a family attraction the park needed to return. I'm also thrilled that (if the location is where I think it is) park guests will actually be able to SEE and admire Racer without it being blocked by trees and mostly un-used buildings/space. Having that as a backdrop to Antique Autos should be awesome! And it still gives me hope that Racer will still get some love this off-season.
  14. The paths are not that wide and can twist upon each other. I think it will utilize that area very well.
  15. Why is any of this relevant to the Kings Mills Antique Rides? Wait, it's not. Your opinions, too. It's a lot more space when you go by it in person. Even if they keep the KillMart building.
  16. Do you guys really think that the entire ride will go here? For some reason I just feel like it would feel really cramped. I think the station will go where the Dinos store was and then maybe follow the path under Racer. Then they could put the covered bridge over the maintenance road and go through part of the Dinos path. They did say there was going to be some theming and scenery so I think going back there would open up a lot more possibilities of what they could do without it feeling extremely cramped
  17. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I'm not going to dismiss a ride that's not even confirmed, based on the manufacturer. As long as it's a great ride. I know they won't disappoint in whatever they do. I'd rather save Intamin for a Maverick type coaster. Maybe even Mack.
  18. I'm new-ish. And I thought he was a jerk. Not personally. He's probably a fine guy. Just here. On what I consider a blog. I'm probably a jerk on here, too. I just didn't like his posts. Did nothing for me.
  19. I don't think we will see a return of ginko trees. The last few remaining ones were removed earlier this year before the park opened and replaced with maple trees. I'd conjecture this was for the WinterFest expansion as it looks like another large Christmas tree will go there.
  20. Could someone answer my question from up above please?
  21. Information about today's announcement and the proposed teaser posters. Please read the following KIC admin information. The park only posted there would be an announcement today. You got a 24hrs notice. A social media invite 24 hrs in advance is not hype. By the way, did you see any other type of teasers at the announcement today? Speaking of the teasers, anything out there has nothing to do with anyone holding an official position at Kings Island. Any posters/teasers out there that points back to Outpost 5 and Kings Island hints is creative marketing use of other CF properties. These are no hidden/intended messages about an SOB coaster. Lastly, this is a thread about the Kings Mills Antique Autos. Please stay on topic. Thanks!
  22. As someone who has frequented this site since 2006, I think I can say that the vast majority of us enjoyed having Terpy on the site and miss him and his unique humor, wit, and sarcasm. A jerk he most definately was not.
  23. Even though I am a coaster enthusiast, I do enjoy antique car rides. I have ridden Cedar Point’s and Darien Lake’s antique cars, so I am glad to hear that next year I will not need to go as far to drive an old-fashioned car! It’s been a while since Vortex, WindSeeker and Shake Rattle & Roll have seen a new neighbor *cough* R.I.P. Dinos *cough* so I am excited to see (and experience) this new addition! Edited to add: One of the few rides my mom is willing to ride is antique cars, and they are a great ride that we always enjoy together. Looks like Kings Mills Antique Autos will join Scrambler and the Grand Carousel on the short list of rides my mom and I enjoy riding together!
  24. Fair enough. But at its best his interpreting basically amounted to, "If a new coaster is going to make them money, it's coming, if not...maybe we'll get some other good stuff". He never provided much info, just pompous about what he knew but couldn't tell. As he told us over and over (and over) again. "Those who know can't tell". What a jerk!
  25. I was going to say..if that was the case then it was dumb. I loved Terpy.
  26. I don't think this was the case. i believe it's an issue with his work not wanting him to have a presence online. He had mentioned a day when he might not be allowed to post on here long before he actually left. Someone knows...
  27. I think a lot of people got sick of him, so he checked out. Whatevs.
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