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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  2. Do you see less marketing efforts in the Cincinnati region in favor of Louisville/Southern Indiana?
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  4. I looked that up and it looks pretty cool and unique... even if it essentially is a family coaster. Link: https://rcdb.com/17617.htm
  5. 1. Son of Beast 2. Orion 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Dodgem 5.The Bat (Top Gun)
  6. Millennium Force at Cedar Point on September 15th...2019. It has now been 532 days since that ride- my record for longest "drought" between coaster rides since I broke my fear in 2009 is 594 days. If my next ride comes at Kings Island Passholder Preview 2021 on May 8th, that record will be broken as this new drought will by then have reached 601 days. Ironically if Kings Island is my next park to visit- which it should be I assume- Orion is most likely gonna be the ride that breaks the drought. So the "gap" will be between 2 Blue Giga Coasters with 300 foot drops. LOLZ.
  7. Frank' N Coaster on top of the Burger King in Niagara Falls... Only coaster I rode in 2020 It was slim pickings up here, my options were 3 hours to Niagara or 6 hours to La Ronde...
  8. Mystic Timbers Diamondback Orion Beast @ night. Drop Zone Only rides we get on when we visit, use meal plans then leave.
  9. 1. Mystic Timbers 2. Racer, love the classic feel and airtime on this ride. Plus its the one coaster I can ride without long waits even on crowded days. 3. Diamondback 4. Orion 5. Banshee
  10. 1. Diamondback 2. Mystic Timbers 3. Beast 4. Banshee 5. Delirium Note: I have not ridden Orion yet so it coudl likely bump Delirium off the list. HM: tough choices to Drop Tower and AE as well Previous rides of Tomb Raider (original version) and Phantom Theatre would have been on here as well.
  11. Easy to be when your competition is scrambler, monster, zephr, and WindSeeker.
  12. ^Delirium is such an underrated ride at the park, it's honestly the best flat there!
  13. Note: I didn't get to the park in 2020 and thus have not ridden Orion yet, though I fully expect that will at least make this list once I can get back to Kings Island, which seems very likely to happen this year. #1- The Beast #2- Diamondback #3- Banshee #4- Mystic Timbers #5- Delirium (was a tough choice between this and Flight of Fear for current #5 spot. Before it was closed Vortex was also in the running for this spot.)
  14. I like the smell of Panda Express. A funny scent for a building called Festhaus.
  15. The kitchen smells awful, after smelling that the rest smells great.
  16. Last week
  17. I like smelling the chain lift of The Beast, if you know what I am talking about...
  18. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised KI doesn't have a candle collection yet. Cedar Point has a COOP with another company for candles already. Add to the Winterfest scent they have for Winterfest, I would gladly buy a few candles themed after some of our favorite rides and slides. (I'm looking at you tropical scented candles for the body slides)
  19. $50 right now gets you entry, food and parking. Same type of deals will be in play all season. Same for KI. Days tickets are $40 right now. $75+tax and service fees is probably real close to the price to change your gold to platinum. Opens more options for you this summer. Pull out a spreadsheet. Plug some numbers in. See what works best. There's a lot of ways to do this and there are probably still more ticket offers to come. (groupon, etc.) In reality, you'll probably get cheap tix for him at KI. Another way to save money: Parking at Cedar Point good for 24 h
  20. A CP two day pre-season ticket special (which also includes Cedar Shores water park, a single day ticket would not) runs $74.99. Add two days of $20/day parking, and you would be around $190 for both. If you would upgrade to Platinum, you would save the $40 total parking fee and a little bit on overall gate price. A Platinum pass upgrade would also get you an hour early entry to CP, but since your friend would have just the two day ticket, the early entry for just you may not be a benefit. If you upgraded to platinum, the $40 parking savings could be used to purchase the all park drink p
  21. Happy Pokemon Day! Today is Pokemon's 25th anniversary! :D

  22. I truly hope you are just being sarcastic when you mentioned Festhaus
  23. Gate prices are darn near $70 plus $20 parking and you won't get the hour early entry. An upgrade should only be about $100 this time of year. Consider getting the $30 drink plan too. The 2 of you can share that.
  24. @DonHelbig does this mean my wish is coming true?!
  25. compare the price and if you are not going to anymore CF parks beside CP for 2 days. They will probably be giving away the gate, your buddy will probably be able to buy tix and for well under a platinum pass IMO
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