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  2. Great idea! One of the entrances could be near the Coke Freestyle stand/Adventure Express's exit and one could be down near Action Theater. It could even go through the center of the Coney Mall midway, just like Cedar Point's (as in, how it runs through the center of the main midway). Also, I think Psycho Mouse (with an Oktoberfest-appropriate theme) would go great in Slingshot's old spot. Apparently, there was once a Wild Mouse at Coney Island (OH), so there's the historical connection. Also, when I was a kid, I imagined a Wild Mouse similar to Ricochet going where Delirium is now (as both Kings Dominion and Carowinds were getting one at the time and I thought we would too!).
  3. The sky ride running the Coney Mall midway would be nice, but I think that would mean the removal of many of the trees which would be sad. I am all for California’s Great America’s sky ride to come to Kings Island, but I think it would be better in its original location.
  4. The old SlingShot pad is pretty ugly just sitting there along the Oktoberfest midway. If Kings Island does not have any immediate plans to replace it, it hope some nice landscaping goes in there for the 2023 season.
  5. Easily, less towers and a shorter cable. When the one at Kings Island was moved from Coney Island it was actually lengthened, and a new tower was fabricated and added. The ride had three towers at Coney and four at KI.
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  7. For a Tuesday evening concert with a group like the Avett Brothers, the crowd looks pretty decent. I hope the concerts are successful enough to warrant future concerts being held. Kings Island should also do more in-park advertising for the concerts. Even in Timberwolf’s heyday, the concerts were not necessarily always sell-outs. However, Timberwolf brought in bigger names back then. I assume weekend concerts have the potential to be more popular as well as bigger names. I hope Kings Island can bring in some more popular groups next year if this year proves to be successful.
  8. I heard one time that there used to be a coaster called Invertigo next to The Beast.
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  10. Here's a pic of the current crowd right now less than 10 minutes before the concert. Let me say, more than I thought looking at the amount of tickets sold! They were playing announcements about buying tickets online in the park all day so maybe that helped a little.
  11. Learn something new every day. But this guy was clearly referring to the recent TGG retrack. Speaking of AE, the guy who said MT isn't a wood coaster also said all the statues in AE were broken. Clearly hadn't been on it in a while.
  12. I am too! That would be a dream come true! If we get anything else, I’d like to see the Bayern Kurve, that would be icing on the cake, but I doubt it, since other parks in the chain might be asking for it as well.
  13. Would have been more plausible if they had repainted it in camo! Lol
  14. It's rows 4 and 5, they have red belts. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  15. I think it's 5 and 6 but there is a sign, they are around the middle of the train.
  16. EVERY ride will experience downtime. And a ride will go in waves. Diamondback got jealous when Orion was announced and experienced more than normal downtime that year lol. Orion has gone down a bit, as had Drop Tower and about every ride at some point in its life. KI works hard to get them open same day if they can. Sometimes it is a part they don't have sitting around like an extra Vortex lift chain or a part for Delirium and it is longer, but somet it is faster. Beast is open right now proving that just because they pull the trains off the track doesn't mean it is done for the day. They fixed it and opened it back up. You must just have bad luck... Our rides tend to have better uptime than our sister park up north...just saying...
  17. In that case could it be shortened to run the Coney Mall midway?
  18. I'm at the park today and The Beast is down with trains pulled off the track. I can verify it was running earlier today. However, as I've said before it's broken down literally every time I come. I understand the sensor reset stuff and that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about it being broke down and closed for over 30 minutes. I agree with Jeorby Nanpa that this is unacceptable. I understand the safety arguments and the sensors are touchy and occasionally it goes down for 10 minutes but I'm saying that it going down for 30 min plus is really annoying especially after waiting over an hour and having to come back later and wait an hour again. What other ride in the park has that much downtime this often??? Please let me know if I'm just having really bad luck as I'm sure others are at the park more often than I am.
  19. The slingshot towers are not present today in case I didn't make it clear three posts above lol.
  20. I went yesterday, and unless KI found the best construction crew available to get the towers up overnight, Sling Shot is still gonzo.
  21. As sad as it is, the towers are still gone as of last night.
  22. 5. Dinosaurs Alive (I liked it!) 4. Phantom Theater 3. SoB 2. Firehawk 1. Vortex
  23. Apparently Adventure Express is gone according to one guest.
  24. If they did take down The Bat and left the land barren for awhile, I would probably be left staring back there at the old Bat land.
  25. I wish it was working too. It seems like a bit too much breaking. If my stuff broke 30 times I'd be removed from the project.
  26. If it ran in the original Skyride’s path, Slingshot was just removed. That’s where the Oktoberfest station was. Snoopy Boutique was the other station. It would be welcome relief from walking from the left side of the park (Action Zone/Coney Mall) to the right side (Rivertown/Planet Snoopy) I’m pulling heavily for this idea! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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