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  2. Yes, I went last year!! Amazing time. They let you rome the park and they have certain times for certain things. Other than like lunch and the speaking portion, you are on your own. Its super fun!!
  3. According to my 11yo a bit of construction or Area 72 can be seen while riding Zephyr, I'm just taking her word for it because I can't do dethaw quickly enough to ride. And of all things she was most excited to see during Winterfest this weekend was.... a Skyhigh Coasters truck in our hotel parking lot
  4. Strange. While the blue mudded up quite a bit, its track never lost its orange-ness to me. Maybe a little lighter, but definitely always orange.
  5. Yes, there was a building labeled “Quonset building” and “prop building” on the blueprints, and you can see it on the virtual POV. I haven’t heard anything more specific about it, but I do know generally speaking the ride will be pretty heavily themed.
  6. I remember seeing something about a “prop building” which the queue went through on the blueprints. I couldn’t find the original post. Does anyone remember this? Has anyone heard anything?
  7. I am not completely sure if I want the park to put restrooms there. It may just be me, but I don't know if i want bathrooms to be the first thing I see when walking into a newly themed area. A small restaurant or an Area 72 souvenir shop would be a better thing to put there in my opinion. A flat ride, if it could fit, would be even better.
  8. Yea... I guess so. I've ridden the 4 other Cedar Fair gigas and the Orion station just seems smaller. Maybe it's just the pictures and how BIG everything else around it is...
  9. I'm glad to at least see some love given to The Racer. I'm hoping for the parks 50th anniversary the ride gets a whole overhaul. I will say it is interesting on racer 75/ rebel yell how most parts are retracked and then a couple aren't, so you go from butter smooth to incredibly rough then back to butter smooth.
  10. Turns out they are just replacing Vortex with an exact replica, using modern engineering
  11. Has to be. What else would they have marked like that this early? Can't think of anything.
  12. You've been waiting for this for so long, but it will be a restroom in AREA 72
  13. So if you have gone to Kings Island this year or any from now on, you might notice the KI&MVRR billboard during the ride on Kings Mills Autos. The ride advertises the two beautiful crown locomotives at the other side of the park. But if you notice something, the locomotive on the billboard which is No. 12 aka Kenny Van Meter or Tecumseh, the stack is the original stack it carried from 1972 to when it was taken off. It is really awesome to see Kings Island show it's railroad history. If you notice anything else on the billboard that I don't notice, please let me know. P.S. The billboard photo is mine.
  14. Im wondering if I should change the name of this thread to "Vortex Construction Updates" to confuse the heck out of people. Make 'em wonder why there is a demolition thread AND a construction thread of the same ride!
  15. Yesterday
  16. It used to be orange and dark blue but then the Sun and 16+ years since a complete paint job happened.
  17. A friend of mine donated some of their pictures to KIC from the tour yesterday.
  18. Melody

    Pass Perks

    I got that one too and am going to the Snowday Buffet tonite. No meal plan I have the gold pass discount for me but my mother will be paying the regular price. Was hoping to use on that but asked I a FB group and they said to see the fine print it’s not valid at any “specialty food events” or some of the chain restaurants like chick filet / Panda Express Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I still think its strange seeing that model being orange. I always thought of Vortex as a greenish blue coaster.
  20. Happy to have my own little version of Vortex now. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  21. I'd like to see another major water ride added to the main park, especially since it's likely that we may one day lose Congo Falls.
  22. I saw stakes on the last day the park was open in October before all this happened..
  23. Better picture of the mysterious cleared land from wild gravity travels. Note flag markers are present. http://www.wildgravitytravels.com/orion-kings-island-update-32-behind-the-scenes-tour/
  24. There are only 8 rows per train on Orion, just like on Banshee. The trains aren’t long with many rows like Diamondback (16), The Beast (18), Mystic Timbers (12), Vortex (14) and The Racer (15). Simply put, it doesn’t need a long station. Edit: And to add to this, the smaller station and smaller trains are going to give the perception that this ride is bigger than it already is. The trains on the lift hill will look tiny, and the brake run will look massive compared to the station (lol)
  25. @SnakePlisskenI love "What the Dickens"! I saw that last night too (I caught the 6:30 show). I think my favorite bits were the Actually, the show as a whole is pretty funny. Also, were you one of the people waiting for the last ride of the night at Mystic? If so, you probably saw me hanging around. We ended up being the second to last train of the night, but I didn't care!
  26. I was there last night...it was busy...but I still had a very good time. I was very disappointed how Snow Works was being operated. There was only one person at the top of the slide...so even though there are 6 slides, if your party had 2 people, they only used 2, 3 people, 3 slides, etc...It really backed the line up. (So, in conclusion, they need a second person on top of the hill.)
  27. I picked up mine last night. I thought it was nice that the park was at least attempting to put a damper on the eBay scalpers by limiting the amount of each coaster a person could purchase. (Disney does the same thing with their souvenirs...so who says Kings Island Isn’t in the same league as Disney! )
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