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  2. Saw this on reddit today, gave me a good laugh. Clearly we're not the only ones https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasterjerk/comments/1cb7l6z/what_else_do_you_think_theyll_charge_for_this/
  3. The other thing that's been bothering me about the bad PR is that the Cedar Fair, Kings Island, and Cedar Point higher-ups allowed for such bad PR.
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  5. Never let someone else stomp on your passion! As we both know, until there is a new Comms Director, this issue will never change. For them, it’s always about their insecurities rather than how to best serve the park. They are not a fan of objective views. Hence the fact that a few dozen members of the 200 Follower & Under Club were invited out to the park for a construction tour but you and Chris weren’t. Either one of you reach more than all of those people combined - by a multitude. As what is always said about the park’s guests and fed to a member here by one of the worst in the industry, “It’s as adorable as it is predictable .”
  6. So they will cut out the people that give them thousands of dollars of free advertising on a continual basis and treat them like crap. Solid business plan. I have stayed pretty quiet about being treated like this, even thinking I did something wrong. I have literally driven hours to and from Indianapolis help support the park without riding a single ride while there. I don't own KIC, there is no reimbursement for gas or time. There it no hidden perk for me doing this other than loving the park and doing what I can to share my love with fellow enthusiasts. That is the same story for others too. I sure hope one day they can again see how much of an asset and support they have instead of just throwing it out the window.
  7. Not that it makes it right, but from a business perspective, we see this type of activity all the time. The Beach sold passes and then had to refund, same with Coney Island when they announced their respective closures. Entertrainment Junction was selling passes before it was announced this might be its last year, and they are still selling passes knowing this year may be the final year (those passes are good for 365 days after purchase instead of following a calendar year). Restaurants and stores sell gift cards and then go bankrupt. As a consumer it sucks, but they continue business as usual as long as they can because anything could happen to change the closure or whatever. And we joke, but a certain member here is correct that season passes are not guaranteeing you that any specific ride will be open. But at the same time, when your business model relies heavily on passes, the consumer bases their pass pre-purchase on historical and recent experiences. Eroding that by announcing a ride closure just before the season opens or cutting park hours after many passes were sold will turn some off and hold off until the last minute before purchasing. Enough people decide to wait until the following year and purchase right before they are ready to visit the park will drastically cut down on pass sales, not only the early pre-season sales, but even during the season. Many people that would have bought a pass in August and wait, then come June may decide to spend their money elsewhere.
  8. https://sanduskyregister.com/news/517319/cedar-point-blocks-register/ Between one PR guy making an enemy out of the local paper and other making an enemy out of the guys who run the fan site and the 70k+ member season pass group, Ohio sure does have its fair share of winners!
  9. After it was announced that Steel Curtain would stay closed all year, I saw claims that the park was careful to not use it in any of the 2024 advertising. Supposedly no one has even seen it in the background of a picture of something else. I went back and looked at marketing emails and could not find any that advertised Steel Curtain, but since those emails likely only contain a link to an image instead of embedding them, in theory the park could swap the images. If true, it would seem to suggest that they had a pretty good idea last year it would be closed.
  10. To give you an idea on costs, the wristbands that Cedar Fair currently uses are around 4 to 5 cents each. The cheapest RFID wristband I have heard of in bulk is just over 50 cents each. I could see the chain trying them at one or maybe two parks to test them, the extra cost could be worth it if it makes a big difference in scan time or reliability. But I would not expect to see widespread adoption without testing to prove its worth first.
  11. As awful as this may sound, I hope torrential flooding happens year round down at the river and absolutely destroys this new music venue. What a joke for them to absolutely demolish everything, looking at the picture of the slide makes me sad about what once was.
  12. I mean, I’m not pointing the fingers at Kennywood because maybe they just have made this decision, but I do have a little trouble believing that Carowinds and Kings Dominion didn’t know that they were cutting out months of operation before the bulk of the passes were sold.
  13. but, but, but, the season pass only provides you access to the park during regularly scheduled operating hours without any guarantee of any rides or attractions operating.... caveat emptor
  14. As I’ve been saying, ALWAYS wait as long as you can to purchase your season pass. Saving a few bucks is not worth buying a product and then find out what it is later. https://www.post-gazette.com/life/recreation/2024/04/23/kennywood-steel-curtain-lawsuit/stories/202404230057?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0BMQABHV-BfRHLv0XyjwTJuKn_JWQJPDm7_hxDAlCXqX28Z_JhODh1yNVitnhV7w_aem_Ac3JOo6YRo-d1qG2BcIXCbIpk8fKoKEPkspw3DCiW9098RRnxhYpVv3RJx8nt8leCsg
  15. I think the reason they aren’t using RFID in the wristbands is that it would increase the cost. Not significantly, but a meaningful amount. For All Season FL, One Time FL, etc it maybe an infrastructure thing. Maybe the app doesn’t support it yet.
  16. Soak City Water Park - Splash World They could theme it all with Looney Tunes. https://newlooneytunes.fandom.com/wiki/Splashwater_Bugs
  17. Last fall the parks were pushing digital only season passes with no plastic card, so in theory new pass holders could easily only have a copy on their cell phone, a cell phone you can’t bring in line. I don’t have a plastic card since I got a new pass instead of renewing for instance. A prestige pass holder will use their annual pass, in this case a cell phone, to get the free Fast Lane this year with a scanner at the start of the line and at the station. They want to do away with the receipts likely to prevent people from giving them away. Will Cedar Point have to provide those guests plastic cards, and will issuing them cards change their home park? Or will Cedar Point provide Fast Lane passes allowing guests to give away the single use Fast Lane?
  18. Would prefer any theme to be NOT linked to specific media franchises. Sure the ship has sailed, but I've always pulled for re-upping the German theme of that area and have AZ have a black forest theme.
  19. 'Master, a majority of your posts tend to be exceedingly full of sprite to prove to yourself that you are RIGHT. Yes, I park there (I pay for it too....). I usually ride <10 rides a year probably (I just paid $140 for a Season Pass). I tend to not use the restrooms there because they are disgusting, and not all the park's fault. Seemingly grown men who cannot hit a large target like a urinal in front of them feel the need to try their luck at a toilet and proceed to leave urine all over the seat and floor. Again, that's not the Park's fault. But, I just dropped $1,200+ to the park last Saturday... and YES, guests should have some level of expectation that goes along with spending their money there. I can only assume you do work there or had at one time as a disgruntled hourly with a bad guest experience. Otherwise, this is a strange hill for a random person on a fan site (who admittedly hasn't purchased a pass in years) to set up camp on. Again, just say "thank you." While I'm at it, how many businesses have you run? I have owned several: consultancies, a financial services company, and a marketing/web agency, and misfired on a couple. While there are certain aspects of a business that one would be intimately familiar with, if I owned a predominantly outdoor venue I would view cars in the parking lot as paying customers not liabilities to the parking lot. Wouldn't concern myself with the number of times the toilet flushed- unless there was a leak. Flushing toilets mean there are guests present. I imagine if you ran an entertainment-focused business you would be genuinely pi**ed when guests came; that's a solid business model, by the way. And Boddha saying you work there. I'm willing to be you do... or at least did at one time. I know you're not a lawyer, or have had any relevant Law classes. No lawyer worth $5/hour would be posting such strong-spirited opinions on fansite pages. I'm not sure how you can come across as level-headed on other KIC threads, but have such thin skin and unwilling to acknowledge opposite opinions to yours exist on this one.
  20. I'm glad that was spared, that structure was very Iconic so It'll be cool to see where it ends up!
  21. Pardon the double post. The flood waters are no more and demo continues. Luckily, the historic Silver Bullet slide has been purchased and removed from CSO’s carnage. Per Facebook and the buyer, there are no immediate plans for the slide, but the hope is to have it operational in the future. Photos from the buyer on Facebook:
  22. I am definitely in the camp of having a free locker system in place for people to use so there is absolutely zero excuse for people not to follow the policies. But I truly do foresee Sandusky PD patrolling TT2 much like they did for SV's opening year where violators of said policy were tossed from the park. And that was of course, before the free locker bank. Even though the absolutely zero loose item policy is stated everywhere and will be stated all over this ride, there will be without a doubt plenty of folks who will still not follow said policy and attempt to bring their phone into the line with them because they don't want to pay for a locker. Which like, yeah. Forcing people to pay for a locker is silly when you've already paid a lot of money to be there in the first place. But also, even with the free locker's that are offered for riders of SV, it's still incredible to me how many people make a surprised Pikachu face when they go through the metal detector, set it off and are found to be non-compliant. They then proceed to throw a fit when they have to go put their stuff in a locker. I imagine there is going to be a ton of this with TT2 as well even with all the signage and pre-info being put out there.
  23. The regular wrist bands could just be a place holder until a more interactive option comes along. They could be working on that and fine tuning things for next year. The technology is in place so that's a good sign.
  24. It is not....one station system...the front section is for loading, the back section is for unloading.
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