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  2. I have been lucky enough to ride Top Thrill Dragster a few times. The launch and the atmosphere around the ride is awesome. However on my last few visits to the park its been nothing but a dissapointment. Queuing for an hour and have it break down. I don't think anything really make sa guest more upset. Its mechanical and things happen but this has happened to us multiple times the past few years. Its time for the thing to go.
  3. Is that the official statement? That line made me laugh. I think I am most excited about the repaint of Racer with all we have learned so far about the 50th. What about the rest of you?
  4. Yep, I remember the temporary set up for that Haunt. They need to do something in that area to liven it up a bit. It would be nice to see a small flat ride there. And put a solid roof on the International Showplace. I cam fine with keeping the open sides, but a solid roof over it would allow them to utilize it for a Winterfest show.
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  6. TTD is the star of the show and draws many to the park even despite its costs. 50% may not ride it, but the notireity of the ride itself is enough to draw people to the park, look at it, say "oof thats my limit, but I will ride Magnum". Its a net draw. I know for a fact for 2020-2021 Cedar Point Maintenance completely revamped the launch system of the ride and did major retrofits to the ride. I dont think after that investment meant to create longevity for the ride they would tear it down without serious thoughts. But the accident does expose the park to liability, from how well reported the accident was and the fact through FOIA the body cam showed an impartial view of what happened that day from Sandusky Police. This accident was the most serious the company has faced in my opinion since Son of Beast. Kings Dominion's Twisted Timbers incident from the loose cell phone lead to chain wide changes to cell phone policies in 2018-19, but this accident was different due to the liability being fulled fronted onto Cedar Fair over this incident. It will be very interesting to see the outcome. And in my personal opinion, how the park handled it initially was bungled to say the least. -stashua123 who has not been on the forum since February 2021 lol-
  7. https://www.coaster101.com/2016/01/12/book-review-dick-kinzel-biography/ I'm sure the above information will play into the discussion if TTD will be operating again.
  8. The linden trees were likely at the end of their service life. The Autumn Blaze Maples will eventually grow in and provide shade and add beautiful fall color to IS, vs the linen trees which held on to the leaves much later in the season. But honestly, the smaller trees fit the scale of IS much better. KD does have a lovely IS, but it feels tiny and cramped in my opinion. And the concrete dividers were one of the worst KECO decisions--cold and stark. The seating on IS at KI is much, much improved over those tacky concrete pours. The ash borer has decimated trees at both parks, but I think their tower looks better without them. The ornate shrubbery and evergreen trees at KD are lovely and KI could take a hint from them.
  9. Kings Dominion has the most beautiful entrance area of all theme parks. The large mature trees and the landscape islands make it absolutely gorgeous. I like how the islands separate the seating areas from the main walkways. Kings Dominion I Street fit Winterfest is soooo much more immersive with lights all above everything in the high trees KD I Street was even better when the Eiffel Tower was totally surrounded by trees. But some insect or disease wiped those trees out. That was the failure of the Kings Island I Street renovating. The single row of trees and lack of landscape iislands. it was probably done for parade purposes but it feels much more linear and boring than KDs design. The other fault of the renovation is the hideous exposed light poles. Although those exposed light poles do make Let It Snow work great.
  10. Let’s be thankful Paramount didn’t destroy the beautiful queue building of Racer. At Kings Dominion they bulldozed it, and then built the most ridiculously long, unshaded and HOT I’m the summer queue ramp they possibly could.
  11. Right, but I’m saying they could have had some interesting findings or conclusions and we won’t know until they’re ready to talk. They’re not going to release anything until they consider themselves to be finished.
  12. That plot of land, other than minor use for Starlight Spectacular props and storing Diamondback components during construction, has been vacant for a LONG time. The last actual use of it was in the 2004-2005 range for FearFest when they set up a temporary structure and queue there with the Massacre Manor name. It would easily accommodate a dual Screamin' Swing like Skyhawk, in addition to entrance, queue, etc, without interfering with Diamondback or Showplace. Over by Dodgem, a wheel like a Chance Giant would still be a nice visual statement without being so large like the KK or CP wheels to worry about the balancing so much. I believe they offer a ground-mount park model of them in addition to the three-trailer fair units.
  13. We do know that the investigation is not yet over, meaning that they likely have a decent understanding of at least some contributing factors, but are not yet ready to say they've identified all of them. Per the article:
  14. Last week
  15. Meant to reply to this sooner; like a non-family bathroom, normal I guess. Something simple; a walk-in bathroom similar to the ones by WindSeeker or Backlot. Moving on, I really hope they reroute the Flight of Fear line, for both standby & FLP. For FLP, I always find it spilling out of the building and blocking the normal exit. For standby, they rarely ever use a good majority of the inside anymore for the line, so if it's a hot day I'd stay away from that ride if you don't have FLP.
  16. I think they mostly knew the cause in short order after it happened. I keep coming back to XCelerator never closing, not even for a day, at Knotts. Compare that to Canada's Wonderland taking Yukon down to 1 train ops immediately on the day of Valravn's train bump in 2019 (I happened to be there that day). Now, XCelerator remains open and was just given a brand new paint job. If they never re open Dragster it will be for cost savings and to avoid more regional media scrutiny, which was very heavy last August. It would greatly reduce the park and guest experience. It's honestly the only "irreplaceable" major coaster at the park, as the launch type is no longer used and it's replacement (see Red Force) is thought to be a lot less thrilling/aggressive.
  17. WE don't know what caused it. Whether Ohio and/or Cedar Fair know yet is unknown. May not be public yet. I'd be shocked if they removed it unless it's an absolute last resort. It's so iconic and I truly do believe that people still travel there just for that ride. The backlash may be pretty bad too. I don't think that people felt the same way about Son of Beast.
  18. TTD has much more of an ability to lure in visitors from far away than SOB ever did amongst the broader public, not just enthusiasts, IMHO. So there's a difference there. At the same time, as you say, anything is possible. The ride does have a rather high cost-per-rider and I imagine it isn't as much of a draw as it used to be. Downtime is still a big problem after ~19 seasons of operation. As for the investigation continuing? When the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigates a major jet airliner crash, automobile crash, etc., their investigations take a while - sometimes two years. The goal is to figure out exactly what failures in hardware, software, and people led to the incident and how it can be prevented from ever happening again. It takes time to have a thorough understanding of these things, and isn't something you want to rush. I don't really see it being a problem that they haven't finished the investigation yet.
  19. Been following IB and Gene Staples....Coney should just sell to him....

  20. I wouldn’t rule out a removal of TTD. Remember, SOB was removed and it was a one of a kind wooden hyper coaster. So I would say all Options are on the table still. What has me scratching my head is how they don’t know what caused it yet. I mean it’s been 5 months. You have to wonder if they know what caused it and are deciding if they want to put money into modifying a 20 year old steel coaster that already has issues with its launch system and is down a lot?? I guess time will tell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. They will need much bigger restrooms if they are to expand Area 72.
  22. I have loved the Screamin Swings that I have been on (Skyhwak and Barnstormer). They are fun rides, One put on the former Salt Water Circus site would be a nice added addition on a midway that has seemed under utilized for far too long.
  23. A smaller one elsewhere could be themed to a mill waterwheel I guess, but I still think across from Dodgem would be the best place to make a nice entrance statement for that path into Coney. The former Salt Water Circus location, I wouldn't mind the entrance statement for Rivertown being a Screamin' Swing on that site.
  24. Are they going to relay new footers where the old ones are currently sitting at the base of the second drop? I thought part of the second drop where it entered the helix was sinking over the years? I figured that was one of the reasons they took it apart right there?
  25. You could easily theme a wheel to fit, I think.
  26. I think a wheel should be separated from the Eiffel Tower a bit so it kinda has its own place in the park skyline.
  27. Why do we need another big entertainment district out there? Newport on the Levee and all the stuff on Beechmont are both within 10 minutes of Coney.
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