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  2. Totally agree! The music over in that section has been great lately. Also I guess this is an unpopular opinion around here now but I still like the Rivertown music.
  3. I was watching Airtime Thrills new video about this and wondered what members here thought for Ohio (His was Steel Vengeance, Millennium, Maverick and Orion). For me, it is: Steel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster Orion The Beast What say you?
  4. Now I don't know about all of you but I am pretty dang content hearing Rush and The Eagles in Action Zone now lol. Also a strong supporter of I-Street's music too. Never thought I'd hear orchestral Muse, Green Day, David Bowie and some Meme songs all play on International street yet here we are and I'm all for it.
  5. Esports make a ton of money actually. So popular NFL owners have a stake in it. There's merch and everything.
  6. I'm picking up the hidden meaning. You don't want a gate coaster. You want twin racing gate coasters.
  7. Something tells me this was part of the plan all along. This Tetris piece has landed. What interests me is what is the blue piece going to be?
  8. Esports, whoever heard of such nonsense.. if esports is considered sports, than McDonald’s is considered fine dining in my eyes.
  9. Esports is getting growing, and it's year round and unaffected by weather... Trying to grab a piece of the pie sounds like a good idea...
  10. LOL! That was just a joke for one of my crew members lol. Or how about this new joke I have: replace all the lights with multi color lights and have them programmed to new "poppy" music making it "better" lol
  11. Very interesting stuff. However, I think it is likely just an idea being considered for the future. Maybe up to 5 years out. Ik parks look at different things to add over the next 5 years and it could change with time. I would love a new indoor dining option in Planet Snoopy. They could even do the Lunch with the Peanuts Characters show they used to do in the Festhaus in there. They could even do a dinner time show as well! Wonder what food we could see in there!
  12. Yesterday
  13. These guys have got the moves and the crowd going lol
  14. A few days ago, an employee walked up to my mom while she was in Planet Snoopy. The employee did a survey and the questions that she asked kind of heavily hinted some new stuff for Planet Snoopy. Here's the gist of the questions: Are you a season passholder? About how many times do you visit per year? On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) how satisfied are you with the Planet Snoopy area? (Using the same scale as before) How satisfied are you with dining options in Planet Snoopy? How satisfied are you with the rides in Planet Snoopy? How satisfied are you with amenities in Planet Snoopy? How satisfied are you with the games in Planet Snoopy? How satisfied are you with entertainment in Planet Snoopy? How connected are your children to the Peanuts characters? How would you feel about an indoor dining facility with entertainment for kids? There was also a question about "When choosing a place to eat, how important are the following..." but my mom doesn't really remember the options. What kind of food options would you want at an indoor dining facility in Planet Snoopy? If you could add anything to Planet Snoopy, what would you add? How important to you is it that a new attraction be themed to Planet Snoopy? And that is the gist of the questions. I can't wait to see what you guys think of this! Side Note: Should I have put this in "Coming Attractions"?
  15. I was always told that an amusement park's main competitor is not other parks but rather electronic devices. This is a perfect way to attract the gamer demographic.
  16. Well we wouldn’t want an X wing fight. Or would we…?
  17. And bring your own so you can join the party.
  18. Drone show as part of the Royal Finale.
  19. To second KDD, the parking tolls open at 8:30, security gates open at 8:45, and then you can scan in and be at the open rides at 9:00.
  20. It's a thing - some people like to turn old buses (even school buses) into RVs by gutting the interior and building it into an RV. Popular Mechanics even wrote an article about it: https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/a30022899/convert-school-bus-house/
  21. You may be on to something. Sometimes smaller is better. In fact, I would take the smaller S&S Screamin’ Swings over the bigger ones any day: Funspot Orlando > Dollywood > Cedar Point I just feel like the smaller ones pack more of a punch.
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