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  2. First of all, I don’t recall anybody saying Orion was a HORRIBLE ride. Second of all, I said the VAST MAJORITY of people love Orion! Some people have blatantly criticized Orion, but those people are honestly just entitled “enthusiasts” who can’t seem to get enthusiastic about a freaking GIGA COASTER! Some people can’t admit they had a great time on a coaster if it doesn’t have crazy lateral forces, -2 g of airtime, and a zero g stall. People who can’t have fun on a ride really shouldn’t be riding rides and throwing their negative opinions out there. And regarding El Toro and Skyrush, some people absolutely HATE those rides, especially Skyrush, but that doesn’t mean they are bad rides. It just means some people have different opinions. In Orion’s case, it will probably be a lot more universally loved because not only enthusiasts will find enjoyment in it, but the general public will enjoy it too. Sorry to break it to you, but a lot of the general public think El Toro and Skyrush are painful, but again, that doesn’t mean they are bad rides.
  3. Haven't read anyone say Orion is a horrible ride?
  4. Maybe you just rode Orion under some unfavorable conditions. I don’t know. The vast majority of people say that Orion gives some pretty strong airtime, and I can agree with that having ridden it. Like @DonHelbig said, let’s just enjoy the ride! We don’t need to compare Orion to other giga coasters, let alone Skyrush and El Toro which are completely different rides.
  5. Its widely known that the rolling thunder hill produces over -2.0 g's. This recording may have been when it was a cold early day or anything else etc.
  6. Shake, Rattle & Roll debuted 45 years ago. Guests loved it! Today its opening would result in a thread comparing it to other similar type rides, debates about the ride's colors, the lighting package, how the queue was set up, etc. Once upon a time, people just enjoyed the ride.
  7. Yes because everyone can tell with 100% accuracy how much force each hill has with their mind and that makes a app specifically designed to measure ride forces incorrect.
  8. Let’s say it does provide -2 g’s of airtime which means we have to assume the Ride Forces app is wrong. What’s not to say the app also greatly underestimated Orion’s airtime?
  9. Its widely known that the rolling thunder hill provides -2 g's and skyrush's first hill and last hil.
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  11. Idk where you got those numbers from but I found a force chart for El Toro and it’s lowest is -1.3g. Anything less then 0.0g is stronger airtime then floater and when you get that much sustained airtime on the speed hill it’s just fantastic. Orion has more total airtime also.
  12. -0.5 g's proves there is no strong airtime even on the speed hill. Rides like skyrush and el toro have moments of ‐2.0g's.
  13. And extend the seating at Larosas around the building with awesome waterfront dining and please replace pizza with a more theme appropriate “signature” dining option like fried chicken and great sides. Maybe even set up like a family style “buffet”. Even if you had to take over the arcade to do it, I do t think that would be a big loss. All of that, including the soccer game should go to coney or action.
  14. I’m having trouble making such a list. Especially since O doesn’t really have the “feel” of a giga. I’d put 305 over MF, but comparing the others is like comparing Wicked Twister to Invertigo, in which they’re just similar enough that you feel like they SHOULD be compared. I don’t feel ya with the back seat. I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all. I did, however, just get my first front row seat yesterday and WOW! Now I know what everyone is talking about.
  15. Needed, but that was a horrible spot. It interrupted so much and required so much reworking. Seemed like short sighted planning to get a massive “beast” right in the middle of everything. I think it could’ve been added AND had some of the visibility without wrecking the charm of the area.
  16. Looking at the land, Idk if the valley is completely round enough to make a lake out of it.
  17. Nice trip report. Going at the end of the month. Very grateful to the employees. Not grateful for the suits that are still charging 300$+/night for breakers with park at limited hours.
  18. A terrain multi launch is best there. If CF chose the new b&m surf coaster though i would say fill it in.
  19. YES I said something similar a few pages back. Fill ‘er in! Screamin swing over the water back where Vortex’s station used to be. And eventually they could develop a ride that interacts with the water from the rivertown side if they wanted to.
  20. Diamondback was sorely needed but it was such a shame it had to come at the cost of this. I used to work in Rivertown back in those days and it really felt like you were somewhere else altogether.
  21. Do you know what? That is an excellent idea! With the addition of Diamondback, and the removal of Swan Lake, Rivertown lost a lot of it's old look and charm. A return of a real, nicely landscaped lake would help so much to restore the look at least in another location. For those of you too young to remember, this was Swan Lake. Today it is the site of the Diamondback splashdown pool, brake run, and station. Credit to the fine folks of KIExtreme.com.
  22. You guys give me a lot to think about I always just figured it would be a matter of time before an updated entry plaze like Carowinds or Ceadr Point was inevitable I never realized there were people against it.
  23. Hey guys thanks for taking the time to check out my report! So I had a 10:30 reservation for Cedar Point on July 10th (2nd day open to passholders) and I arrived around 11 - 11:20 (I never arrive at Cedar Point at the planned time just too many variables lol). To start off the temperature screening (though reminiscent of an unnecesary cattle pen) was quick and painless - as was security. As we wondered through the park not knowing were to start or what to do (i.e. never ride Raptor first that's where everyone goes lol). Happen to come across a rather long ling extending past the train tracks leading to Millennium Force. After asking if it was for Millennium Force the attendant told me I needed an "Access Pass". So there's another line next to the queue in which to obtain the "Access Pass". Got our passes to return from 1:00 - 2:00 so we decided to find something to kill the time... Oh let's get in line for Thunder Canyon (water rapids ride) that can't possibly be that bad. Famous last words - took about an hour to get through a line of maybe 50 people (between cleaning the boasts, only 1 party per boat, every other boat was sent empty... it took a long time). And for the first time in my life I've seen guests in line get more aggitated than me waiting in line lol. After the water ride we queued for Skyhawk (big swing ride) - again same mistake the line was soooo short, but again another hour had past and we were next to get on the ride... Finally it would all be worth the wait - oh what was down? Down for maintenance - Well time to leave to use my almost expired Millenium Force "Access Pass" While waiting in line for Millenium Force I had a very nice conversation with an employee that had just gotten off work and wanted to ride Millenium, cause who doesn't. And get this we are next to ride and an announcement comes on the speaker "Just a warning there is a storm heading this way... The ride is not stopping opperation right now.. but just a warning" - Well thank god some light shone down on us for another 5 minutes to ride the ride before the park shut down for inclement weather. I won't share all the minute details but you guys get the picture lol (got one more coaster in with Magnum before that day was out). I just mostly wanted to post words of wisdom or inspiration for anyone that reads this from the park - or guests thinking about going there - DO IT - Cedar Fair and Cedar Point have absolutely killed it with handling this sooo well - To the poor employees dealing with all the complaints and bull**** of all the ungrateful season passholders that were there today GOD BLESS YOU - and to all the ungrateful season pass holders SHAME ON YOU. 99.99% of the people I came in contact were wearing masks the entire time (wearing it properly we need to work on) and social distancing was done of a level I couldn't even fathom would actually be followed - so thats where I say to all of those guests also following the rules and making it easy THANK YOU! If anyone else is there I would love to hear your perspective or see some pictures from you
  24. Does anyone know if the band organ is working this year?
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