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  2. Cedar Point has their graveyard out this year. Maybe Kings Island will too. Also it doesn't appear to be on Kings Islands festival list but if they sell the Jackolantern Juice try it.
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  4. I still can't believe they planned on putting baboons in the same enclosure as the lions.
  5. Wow, scare-actors purposely jumping into moving vehicles and beating park property with hard pieces of metal....sounds about Paramount. Today we would call those "OHSA violations"
  6. Also, the soil has varying strength.
  7. It would be the like the Demon Drop; only a lot longer and would fall a lot further. It would be called "Cincinnati Pro Sports Playoff Hopes". The top of the ride would be called... let's say "April" and way near the bottom would be "September"- only, when you think it is over, September would continue to fall below grade to "December." There would be some peaks... but mostly valleys. It will be a devastating ride but for some reason everyone tends to climb the hill to jump back on the bandwagon in April every time. Do I have something here?
  8. It also sits fairly high above ground as well https://www.coaster101.com/2013/08/18/Banshee-construction-update-8-10-13/
  9. I have a cool one, so hear me out on this. Cincinnati, Ohio is home to the 1st professional and paid Fire Department. Why not retheme BLSC to a fire-fighter theme? Repaint all the trains red or have them all be tiny little fire trucks. Repaint the shipping containers next to the launch and the helix structure with a brick texture to look like a firehouse. Change the billboards to reflect Cincinnati highway signs. They cloud keep the fire scene and make it look like you're driving through the burning building (the inside of the tunnel could have red lights. Riders then escape the building
  10. Love this idea. I always have thought a ground up RMC named “Wildcat” would be great to replaced BLSC.
  11. The only problem is that it would be kinda hard to access since that area is out of the way on a narrow pathway.
  12. Realize the SOB station is that of a wooden coaster that hasn't been maintained since 2009. Might be a few structural issues potentially.
  13. General Improvements? Restaurant? Wouldn't it be cool to eat out on a deck structure while watching Banshee go flying by? Like I said before, the park doesn't spend money unless they need to for a project. Doesn't always mean a new ride.
  14. I do think the Son of Beast station has served its last Halloween Haunt and is probably going to be demolished in the off season, but why? It doesn’t make sense to spend money on demolishing the station when they can just not spend the money and not lose anything. I don’t think they are putting a ride in there anytime soon, but this will an be interesting development to watch if the station ends up being demolished later this year.
  15. He is referring to this. They flipped on the old Flight Commander lights before razing the station and announcing KMAA
  16. Those would work, however with the way CF is going in theming, Idk if they'll use a name that already exists at another park. They could always tie those names into the theme like they did with Orion. Aviation theme would work if they built a wing coaster there (Skyraider comes to mind).
  17. Comet, Wildcat, Shooting Star, Aeroplane, Cyclone, basically any more classic sounding name would work. Heck, you could even make it aviation themed as Lunken Airport is really close to the OG Coney Island.
  18. I don't know what name/theme that CF would go with to tie with Coney Mall that wouldn't sound cheesy.
  19. Boomerang Bay vibes intensifies In all seriousness though, I think it should be something tied to Coney Mall. Coney Mall. YTD, CM has one anchor coaster, RiverTown has two, three if you count Mystic. Coney is the perfect spot for something to hark back to the past, while bringing modern thrills. Heck, maybe something like a modern take on the Aeroplane concept would go really well back in that area. However, with that being said, I think we have a lot of options to run with and I'm looking forward to see what the park can do.
  20. Animals are a touchy subject (unless they're petting zoo animals.) I don't know how parks like BGT can calculate how much money their animals make them. Its not like with a coaster or a flat ride where they can count the ridership numbers to determine how the ride is doing.
  21. Tatsu is mainly a Japanese term and it's here in America. Same with Flying Dinosaur being an American term and it being in Japan.
  22. We pretty much ate Backbeat every day at CP this year for our meals. I like that we can switch it up and have several decent places at KI.
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  24. Outback is mainly an Australian term...having it said in an American park seems wrong. Backwoods or badlands would make more sense
  25. Outback is also the name of a steakhouse lol. Well, you could always have Outback Steakhouse: The Ride lol
  26. One thing I am going to miss this year is the tombstones they usually set up behind the Eiffel Tower. I love looking at all of the defunct rides, and I was looking forward to seeing a new Vortex tombstone this year. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they do it next year.
  27. Chef is great. The quality and variety has been excellent. In the shadow of the flagship park in the chain, Kings Island has blown past Cedar Point in food choice and overall quality. We look forward to using our dining plan at KI, this year was a struggle at CP for our 3 visits, especially with the inexplicable removal of a Burrito/Bowl option and the excellent Frontier Foldover.
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