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  2. It was removed, in large part, because a 90-something year old man broke his neck on it and sued the park.
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  4. It was mid-1978. Both these photos were from 1978, one from earlier in the season and then one from August of that year. (Photos ripped from the Kings Island Ride Ops pre-Paramount Facebook page.) Additionally, both Bavarian Beetle and the Ferris Wheel are in the 1978 employee yearbook, and they both have largely the same crew.
  5. What's the difference between a 100ft coaster accident and a 300ft coaster accident? Pretty much nothing. It is just as safe it not safer than older coaster models.
  6. Maybe a giga dive coaster? One that dives into the ground and comes up somewhere else. Say it dives from where Invertigo is located under the main walkway, comes up on the casting office hammerheads back under the walkway and comes out back in the Action Zone area and continues its cycle.
  7. I don’t know why but this ride causes me so much mystery. All we know is that it opened in the park and closed. I’ve heard mid 1978, end of 1979 and end of 1981. We don’t even know who made it. I’ve heard SDC and Schwartzkopf. If anyone could confirm any of these it would be great.
  8. It just auto corrects my it to Kong’s for some reason
  9. It was removed mid-season 1978. The explanation I have heard is that it was mechanically worn (it was built to be a traveling coaster) and was simply deemed not worth keeping.
  10. B&M surf coaster will probably be B&M's version of that jet ski or motorbike coasters Intamin makes.
  11. It drives me crazy how many comments are all over the internet calling Kings Island Kong's Island lol
  12. I would take a B&M floorless any day! They would probably have the next generation floorless trains with vest restraints which would be fine by me. Kings Island could easily smash records with something like a floorless too as none of those records have been broken in a long time. Or we could always get that B&M Surf Coaster or whatever that is supposed to be!
  13. Auto correct... Before anyone says anything about King Kong! LOL!
  14. It was built by the same company who built Python at Coney Island if you didn't know that. It opened along with racer and the other coasters opened at the park when the park was released.
  15. I cant wait to see more track at Kongs island!! lol.
  16. Another track update: 8:43 pm, Kong’s island transfer track is still on trailer , probably going to be shipped tonight
  17. Air traffic controller here. And yes, we can tell most of the time. That doesn't mean we police a guy that's flying VFR. The pilot of the aircraft does not have to talk to us so long as he/she isn't in Class Bravo airspace. I honestly don't care what Joe Pilot does flying his Skyhawk (Cessna not Cedar Point's screamin' swing).
  18. I think the 13 ft trade for repaved parking lot is a great decision
  19. Some digital bar napkin math here using google maps measurement and googling the average cost per square foot to resurface a parking lot. Lot: 4500’ x 850’ @ $1.59 per square foot is about $6M. Maybe that is what the “missing” 13’ is going towards.
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  21. Mike Seems to be doing a fantastic job, this year was probably one of the best years when it comes to additions in my opinion with the several all around improvements that were needed. Does anyone know how much it’d cost to repave the entire parking lot (I’m aware they’d likely only repave the most used portions)
  22. I don’t know how I feel about a dive coaster, they’re fantastic supporting coasters but I’d kind of prefer a Launched Wing coaster after riding Thunderbird. As to where they should put it I say take out Invertigo and Congo falls and bam you have a fantastic front entrance coaster. I’d be incredibly upset if they remove Vortex for a cookie cutter Dive coaster, not worth it imo.
  23. Or an Intimin blitz! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. In that case, next should be a resurfaced parking lot followed by the return of the backwards Racer. I do also feel that since Mike Koontz became general manager, the park has been paying a lot more attention to guest feedback, though. Especially on the little things that make a big difference.
  25. Its probably where the brake run flattens out. Credit to James C
  26. More track is being shipped!!!! I don’t know what part this is though!!?? brake run?
  27. Lol Iv'e gotten so used to frequent track updates.
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