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  2. Here is my suggestion. Start Happy Hour at 5 (AM) open some Wine with DeWine and enjoy some POV.
  3. Through the trees I see Orion’s crest.
  4. Any idea is this is still going on? I can find nothing on the main pages at KI and did not see any updates on the page I did find
  5. Don't worry, media day will be here eventually. From what I remember from the email from Don, they aren't planning on completely cancelling media day or the first rider auction. They'll likely hold them a few days before the reopening of the park whenever that is.
  6. Yes. Yes I did. We can not let this virus control us, we must take charge, we must not let it get us down, depress us destroy our FUN. Stand tall and celebrate tomorrow. Don’t let the virus win. Enjoy your favorite hobby, don’t hide from it. We may not have Orion in the morning but we have great memories and we should celebrate those. Orion and KI will come.
  7. Remember, the renderings were only concepts. As with any creative project, the final design will be different than the original concept.
  8. Did you have for to remind me?
  9. Everybody get to bed early and get a good nights sleep. Media Day starts bright and early in the morning. Everyone should post content from Banshee and Mystic Media Days in the morning. It will be like ESPN Classic.
  10. Oh. That is understandable. Do you think they will still have that blue one by the Orion entrance?
  11. There are detailed posts in the other thread going into details from a financial standpoint why they may stay closed (as well as a growing list of non-financial reasons why too). The TL:DR version is there comes a certain date that after that point it will financially not make sense to open this year and simply make passes valid for 2021...I encourage you to go over and read that thread if you want the details...
  12. This is really stupid. The passes are sunk costs for the park and extending them to 2021 is the right thing to do to make customers happy. Closing all year means losing out on lots of in park revenue like shirts, food and fast lanes.
  13. It’s likely supposed to tie in with the news video they show in the Flight of Fear hangar. Having the van closer to Flight of Fear than Orion allows guests to make that connection between the outside and inside of the hangar. It’s better visual storytelling IMO.
  14. "We know that all of our coaster fans come to HoliWood Nights for insane night rides with The Voyage without trim brakes, and we’re going to make sure that happens. This likely means rescheduling the event, but we’re waiting to finalize our opening date and waiting to find out when our Voyage trains will arrive to be certain."
  15. They do have the van out. According to Heightened-Imageries post, the van is out and it is white.
  16. I agree with everything you wrote, but just want to point out that I don't think the entities themselves will be making these decisions. We're to the point that only State governor's will be making these decisions. Sports and KI are pretty similar as far as large crowds go. The Reds nor KI will "play" in Ohio until the governor gives the "okay".
  17. Those things can be moved though. I wouldn't expect them to have it out when the park isn't open yet
  18. I expected the News Van to be blue and near the Orion entrance.
  19. From the looks of it, there is still quite a ways to go. Most of the theming will probably be placed and installed within 2-3 weeks of opening.
  20. Well what did you expect - the video also had Vortex in it; Racer running backwards, and Soak City on the north end of the park
  21. Yesterday
  22. I heard a really great argument on how things like sports and amusement parks should open back up and the pressure they're under. Not only do they have the pressure of re-opening, but they're essentially hoping for a silver bullet of a situation. They have to do it the right way, a way where they won't get scrutiny for a bad decision which leads to more people getting sick. The consequences of getting their re-opens wrong is actually being without them until next year/whenever the virus subsides. I for one hope all these entities take their time re-opening, do it right, and make sure the decision to open back up is the right one. Whatever form that takes, I'm game.
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