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  2. Hey! I was just wondering what food options are there specifically in Soak City? If I remember right there was a subway I think the last time I went? But I was curious on other options too.
  3. They no longer using the characters at all for Haunt, not even in burlap as they are in quite unpresentable condition. However in The Beast queue there is a barrel from Phantom and in both Slaughterhouse and Cavern of Terror (old Crypt building) several Phantom Theater props are used. I've taken a few photos of them the past few years during Haunt but besides that, the rest are either destroyed or in storage. I'm hoping for a Phantom Theater 2 in old Crypt building as well as I've ridden Haunted Mansion at WDW as well as Phantom Theater as a kid and hope to see a return and are both excellent, spooky dark rides. MaestroJr
  4. Awesome, any idea if we get free parking?
  5. Now that's an achievement in itself! I would say my highest score came during the rides Scooby days, although no idea what it may have been. My brother got 2200 this year during a stop that occurred during the ride so Id say that's the highest I've seen in a while at least. MaestroJr
  6. You can use your souvenir cup and all season drink plan and FunPix at any other Cedar Fair park
  7. Just curious if we get discounted tickets, free parking, or what other benefits etc at other Cedar Fair parks if we only have a Gold Pass and not Platinum. Thanks!
  8. I'm sure the new meanstreak will be great as well. I'm sad I only got to ride the original once, but my group always acted like it was the spawn of satan and wasn't worth the time from being to rough. I actually remembered liking it...
  9. As much as I want to write detailed reports about every day, I simply don't have the time because I work so much. But I will still make sure to include the highlights of my days at my #KIBestJob! Also, in time, I'll post reports about my adventures at the park as a guest. They're too much fun to not tell about! And I also really want to tell about when I got trained at Tower and Drop/Bat a couple of weeks ago! But for now I'll start with how my all-day went yesterday, as I have to catch some Z's in preparation for my Open tomorrow (and I actually have time to write about this as today was a day off). July 19: One of my fellow associates had his 18th birthday on the 18th, so he got drive trained at Vortex which was exciting (and in my opinion would be the best 18th birthday present ever!). I found it rather interesting that I spent only one hour at WindSeeker and the rest of the time at Vortex, but I liked it! My crew supervisors are making sure they rotate us through the positions we like, and apparently they like me working at Vortex (which makes sense because even amongst stress, I love working at Vortex, no surprise - especially at Unload and Dual!). I spent a total of one hour at Op-3, two hours at Separator, three hours at Unload and four hours at Dual throughout that day. Since I had gone a couple of days without working Dual recently, I guess yesterday made up for that! I also spent a total of four hours spieling. Good thing I am now quite comfortable with the mic, lol. Good night! Don't want to be too groggy to get to the park early for my Open tomorrow.
  10. That's the complicated part. I noticed that the 633 Squadron Theme and the E.T. Theme play over top of each other as one track, and this happens three times - between Apollo 13 and Cody's Flight, between Harry's Wondrous World and Ride of the Valkyries, and between the Star Trek Main Title and The High and the Mighty. I have no idea why the two tracks play on top of each other, but that is what I always hear. But you are correct, @Rallyomalley. The E.T. theme does play. It's just overlapped with the 633 Squadron Theme for whatever reason.
  11. I'm anxious to see the decorations. I hope it'll be something unforgettable!
  12. @VortexBFForever - I could swear I heard an excerpt that sounded an awful lot like it came from the movie ET. I'm drawing on memory here but I want to say it sounded like the flight theme from the movie. Unfortunately I couldn't get my device out quick enough to identify it. I don't see it mentioned on your list, am I crazy or did it just get missed?
  13. Yeah, I just have no idea why Dino alive is so big. It has to be the biggest one of all the chains. I wish they could shrink it. They could always leave the buildings and just go around. Idk. KI has a lot of space but I hope the use it wisely and don't waste it.
  14. To be honest, we would all like to see X-Base X-panded but in all reality, its just not in the cards right now. There isn't as much space as there is in other parts of the park. Maybe I'll be proven wrong but I don't see them really leveling a lot of buildings in X-Base or Dinosaurs Alive when there's already a lot of free space.
  15. Yeah, That's also a really pretty green space. I wanna see them build up behind x-base. Shrink Dino alive and go back around that way with a new midway and meet up with WindSeeker area. That bring action theater back into play. Or from x-base to the left with a midway meeting Action Zone near old SOB station. So much room to play with at KI. I know it won't happen but I'd love to have a coaster running down near the little Miami river. through the woods. Heck maybe go over the water!
  16. I think this is something @CoastersRZ and I have both brought up a couple of times- flats around Backlot Stunt Coaster and Diamondback behind the Eiffel Tower. I could think of a couple good places where they could add a few
  17. In other news..... https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/be-the-first-to-see-it I wrote my letter!
  18. In other news....... https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/be-the-first-to-see-it
  19. I'm really, really excited for RMC Mean Streak. With the pictures I've seen so far, it looks incredible and I think it's going to blow everyone away, similar to how Storm Runner blew me away when it was announced as I didn't know a coaster could do what it did. Also, this: https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/be-the-first-to-see-it
  20. I never said that he said they were getting a large coaster. He said it was gonna be something very big. It very well could be a huge celebration, it could be nothing at all "which I highly doubt". They will have 2 years to do it because of the 2 year 150th celebration. But this is Cedar Point & they have a major hole in the coaster line up, a very nice wooden coaster. As I said earlier I'd be shocked if CP doesn't add a new major wooden coaster during the 2 year celebration of the 150th anniversary.
  21. I just identified another soundtrack! A two minute excerpt of "Cody's Flight," composed by Bruce Broughton for the 1990 movie The Rescuers Down Under, played when I took my 99th flight on July 18. Thanks to the Voice Memos and SoundHound apps on my phone, I finally know all of the soundtracks that play on WindSeeker! From 0:59 to 2:55 is the excerpt that plays on WindSeeker. Happy listening!
  22. Yesterday
  23. I didn't know they were an actual band (as in, outside of KI); that's so cool! Although don't see Off The Charts as often as Cirque or the 90's show, I usually watch it if I'm staying late at the park - it reminds me of the bands who used to play at the Blue Ash Towne Square when I was a kid (and now, to some extent, as there was a concert series up there as of last summer).
  24. Due to unforeseen circumstances my trip got pushed back till July 30th. Though disappointed maybe it want be quite as crowded that day.
  25. Ahh that sucks! I really wish they could convert the old crypt building into a new Phantom ride! They could do so much with that place. I rode Haunted Mansion at Disney. That was awesome.
  26. In recent years they had the characters covered in burlap near the Madam Fatale's maze.
  27. Yeah I see that now. I would honestly shrink Dino alive by half the size. That's a huge attraction that really doesn't need that much space. no other park has a Dino alive that bit. If they do that then connect a midway back to the back side of WindSeeker. Add a ferris wheel or a topple tower and some restaurants and shops. They can really have a whole new section of the park. Plus how cool would it be to have a coaster swing all the way out to the Miami River and rung along the banks. I'd die of that happens someday!
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