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  2. Winterfest is my favorite Cincinnati-area christmas attraction. They go into serious detail in every corner of the park, changing all the restaurant and shop names. The lights display beats the zoo! There’s just magic in the air. Here are some of my fav pics I’ve taken, from the last two years!
  3. Everyone was so worried about record crowds for starwars land that it actually had a opposite effect with less crowds
  4. I love how the Grand Carousel looks at Winterfest!
  5. Are we talking about now, or back in the day?
  6. Land should not actually be a problem. This is complicated, but the park used to own like 150-200 acres because they have a giant campground across the street, and they are not even using large sections of that land. Apex sold all of the land to a holding company and was paying a lease. I remember the new owners of the park had stated before the purchase closed that being able to repurchase the land was a requirement. But I have never seen any evidence either way if the land purchase occurred. The counties GIS website still lists Store Master Funding as the owner, but it also still lists
  7. Theirs the splash pad and the former tornado ride that is empty.
  8. How often do they fill up both grass lots anyways? They could pave them. Would be a great idea to use up parking lot space if they have too much. Or buy some of those shady looking motels and get rid of them.
  9. I'm wondering how Star Wars is so low with all the hype around it. 2020 was a luckluster year that is for sure.
  10. My guess is this will be a parking lot coaster. It’s pretty compact, it appears to be 130’ x 260’ when I measured it on Google maps. Likely to be located next to Steel Hawg. If the park is planning to continue to expand we will likely see more rides located in this lot and people will have to park in the grass lots and walk in.
  11. Voted Orion! Although it is very strange how West Coast Racers is so low, I heard it is a very good ride.
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  13. Those big Schwarzkopfs are allegedly Anton's masterpieces according to many an enthusiast. Very intense, lots of high positive G's (I believe Olympia Looping pulls up to 5) I'm dragging myself to Indiana Beach to ride it if that's the case.
  14. I wonder where they are going to put it? I know there is several empty spots for a flat but a coaster I have no idea. They do not have a lot of empty land.
  15. I am SO excited to have a Schwarzkopf looper so close. The closest one currently would be Sooperdooperlooper.
  16. They are getting Quimera. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quimera_(roller_coaster)
  17. https://www.indianabeach.com/ Here is the first ride: It looks like this might be the coaster they are getting. Not 100%? https://rcdb.com/825.htm
  18. Vote your favorite new attraction for 2020. Orion is currently #1. https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-new-amusement-park-attraction-2020/
  19. Looks like a fun ride. Seems like low capacity which might be good for that park but I don't want to see it at King Island. I like the people eaters!
  20. So many good memories of Winterfest...I will certainly miss it this year. One of Santa’s elves at making cookies with Mrs. Claus.
  21. I think most of us in the last few years were getting excited for Winterfest. With all the fun we are going to miss this year, post your Winterfest memories and favorite pictures! This is one of my favorite pictures that I took at Winterfest in 2017.
  22. It looks like they may be going for the family approach. Yeah it has inversions but they don't look very whippy. You never know tbh, because we didn't know the potential of the raptors until we saw them hauling.
  23. If its anything like the inversions on RMC Raptors it will be a great ride. Generally, I'm not an "inversion guy" per-say, but the ones on WWGL were great. It does lack a significant/large drop... which is what made Wonder Woman at SFFT surprisingly intense when I rode.
  24. Looks like a fun ride that isn't overly intense for the gp. Probably what the park wanted. The lapbars will make the experience amazing.
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