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  3. Season 1 was just International Street and the Festahaus.
  4. As I recall, (it’s been a long long time ago, so I could be wrong) season 1 was international street only with the KI theater, a small section of Hanna Barbera Land with carriage rides through Coney Mall. Then the.next season expanded to Rivertown ending at The Beast. It seems like the Carrousel and Smurfs were the rides season 1 with the train came later. I don’t recall it expanding beyond those areas. However, there was a lot of fun packed into those areas!
  5. Winterfest Questions

    Fyi.. I asked my winterfest question here because I don't look in the "coming attractions" thread for posts as most of them are actually speculation posts. Since others are asking questions in the main forum, can an admin move the winterfest thread to this forum? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Can we move this thread into the "Kings Island discussing" forum instead of coming attractions? I never look in this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bill Balfour, Keith James, Bill Mefford... just a few people you could reach out to for perspectives on Winterfests 1 and 2. -Ryan ...who is trying to help.
  8. 2005 was great for Daytonians and all surrounding Cities, to 2017 and many years of Winterfest
  9. Guests for sure could not enjoy a ride on Smurf's Enchanted Voyage in 1982 - that attraction didn't open till 1984
  10. Dollywood 2017 Fall Trip

    Which buffet did you eat at? There are several and I personally prefer Miss Lillian's Smokehouse and Fried Chicken. Glad you got to experience the park at Christmas time! Did you see any shows? I agree with you on Lightning Rod! Thanks for sharing your trip report with us!
  11. Red Track spotted at Batavia Steel Plant

    Drove by the plant when i went to pick up a SOB bolt from a friendly lad, did not trespass and the only track/supports on site are for Valkyria at Liseburg! Tweet with pictures!
  12. Yesterday
  13. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that no rides would be operating.
  14. Winterfest Questions

    Not sure if it has been answered in this thread or another. I did check with the park and you are allowed to leave and renter the park. So it is not like Haunt where once you leave you can’t re-enter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I am fairly certain that the Carousel and KI and Miami Valley railroad were open for the first season of Winterfest. Other rides were eventually added in later years. I haven`t seen a park map from that first season of Winterfest to confirm. I could always be wrong. I would love to see a map from that first season.
  16. There is a mistake—no rides were open during the original Winterfest in 1982.
  17. International Street looks fabulous with all the lights. I like how they not only outlined the roofs of the buildings, but have lights casting overall purple/blue hue on the facade of the buildings and the trunks of the trees. It looks like the entertainment is going to be top notch. I am sure that this will be a family tradition for years to come. I can`t wait for Friday!
  18. I'll be going to Winterfest on Saturday since I get off work at 5:45. Can't wait! Sent from my LG G5 using Tapatalk
  19. Winterfest entertainment

    Please use the existing threads. This one will be locked.
  20. Winterfest 2017 is just days away and I thought it would be cool to share what KIC has in its archives. From our Park history page here is information written by Admin @CoastersRZ on Winterfest starting back in the 1982 season. There is a link to the page with over 100 pictures from past Winterfest events and then we get into Winterfest 2017! In 1982, Kings Island opened its gates in December to a park that was transformed into a winter wonderland. The Eiffel Tower was decked out as a large Christmas tree, and there was ice-skating in the royal fountain. Guests could visit with Scrooge, or enjoy a ride on the Smurf`s Enchanted Voyage. Guests could also embark on the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad, take a spin on the Grand Carousel or the Hanna Barbera Carousel or take in the shows. Kings Island`s WinterFest debuted in 1982, one year before the Cincinnati Zoo started their winter festival, dubbed “Festival of Lights.” Millions of guests enjoyed WinterFest over the years. Then Paramount Communications purchased the park and wished to keep the park open longer in the fall. The result of staying open through the end of October was that they would not have enough time to prepare for WinterFest. So they decided to discontinue it after the conclusion of the 1992 incarnation. On July 25, 2005 Kings Island announced that they were bringing back WinterFest in 2005, after a thirteen-season absence. Paramount`s Carowinds also announced that they will introduce WinterFest in 2005, for the first time in their history. It would feature many of the old traditions established at the original, and many more. All the decorations were brand new, as the original ones were either sold off or donated. They decided to reinstate WinterFest after years of surveying park guests about the concept. Preparations began years in advance as well: a new sound system on International Street was installed, more indoor dining establishments in 2005 on International Street , and a renovation of the Royal Fountain. For WinterFest 2005, the Eiffel Tower was once again decked out as a large Christmas tree. The Royal Fountain was once again transformed into a large ice skating rink. The Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad wass transformed into the White Christmas Express, complete with a cast of 1940`s era characters. On Swan Lake in Rivertown, there was Holiday Illuminations, featuring an immersive light show on the lake and in the surrounding forest. There was also a Christmas parade through the streets, as well as a Toy Factory musical in the Paramount Theater. Nickelodeon Central was transformed into Santa`s Christmastown and the Paramount Story was transformed into the Nickelodeon Holiday Tree lot. The Festhaus was transformed into the WinterFest Haus, with live entertainers on a revolving turntable stage. The classic Scrooge`s house returned for the reincarnated Winterfest. Also, every night, one lucky family was chosen to light the Eiffel Tower. In addition to the train ride, the park had both the Grand Carousel, and the Hanna Barbera Carousel open. They also had Pixie and Dixie`s Swingset, Topcat`s Taxi Jam and Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle open for the guests enjoying WinterFest. The master planning of this multi-million dollar event was conducted by Jack Rouse Associates. They designed and produced the thematic elements for the White Christmas Express, Santa`s Christmastown, Holiday Illuminations on Swan Lake, as well as the thematic elements in the WinterFest Haus and the thematic elements for Scrooge`s house on International Street. With the Paramount Parks purchasing the park in 2006 by Cedar Fair, it was announced that this second incarnation of Winterfest would not return for a second season in 2006. In 2016, Cedar Fair announced that they would hold a Winterfest event at sister park, California`s Great America, with the possibility of expanding to other Cedar Fair Parks in the future. In the summer of 2016, it was announced that Winterfest would once again return to Kings Island for the 2017 holiday season. Sister parks, Carowinds and Worlds of Fun will also be hosting Winterfest in 2017. This new version of Winterfest will be included free for Gold and Platinum pass holders. Winterfest Version 3.0 is set to debut on Friday, November 24th, 2017. Full article here with Winterfest photo library at the bottom of the page: https://kicentral.com/parkhistory/winterfest/ I will be on FB live and posing to other social media outlets on Friday the 24th as we experience the new Cedar Fair Winterfest 2017. Feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts and pictures. We will also be posing updates in this thread through the evening. We hope Winterfest 2017 will become the start of a yearly holiday tradition for years to come at Kings Island. Here are a few pics the park sent to me this morning for sneak peak! Thanks Don and Chad! See you in the park!
  21. Holiday World 2018 additions

    This is a great family addition to the park. For me, it's something like this that is likely to draw me in for the first time. Yes, my family loves coasters, but we also love other things we can all do together. We enjoy a variety of attractions.
  22. Holiday World 2018 additions

    I love kiddie slides and the small wave pool is a awesome idea. Hopefully they keep that wave pool age/weight restricted.
  23. Dollywood 2017 Fall Trip

    Last Friday I surprised my family and got everyone 2018 Dollywood passes as we are in the Pigeon Forge area a lot. I hurried home after work and tossed some clothes in the bag and headed to Pigeon Forge. We arrived to a cabin that our friends had rented for the week around 12:30AM and we slept on the pull out bed. The next morning we had a nice breakfast with everyone and headed to Dollywood. I think we got to the park shortly after open. After wondering around the main entrance area for a few minutes trying to find season pass processing we found an employee who told us it was inside the park. I thought that was strange. We wondered over to the season pass processing center where we got a pictures and passes in about 5 minutes. The first ride up was the old cars. I love these and KI really needs a set. We waited 15 minutes for these and were an instant hit with my son. We start to walk away from the area to get my son something to eat when I heard a group of guest talking about Lighting Rod was open. Well the coasterboy in me just had to ride! I waited about 40 minutes to get on and got a front seat ride. This ride is awesome and the airtime is top notch not to mention how well it fits into the terrain. Next we headed over to the train. The train that Dollywood has is truly something special. It only runs once an hour though. Our son didn't like how loud the whistle on it was but I thought it was pretty awesome. AFter the train we watched the magic show which was really fun even though it seemed like it a pitch to sell things from the magic store. It was almost ready for an early dinner we we tried the buffet. It was pretty good food and top notch for a themepark. After dinner we let the little guy ride some of the kiddie rides and I stunk a ride in on Thunderhead which gave me a thunder of a headache. It was already closing time and time to head back home. We are super glad to be able to make it Dollywood for the Christmas event and the weather held off for us. Can't wait for the next trip. On a sidenote: It is awesome Dollywood employees let you reride a ride if there isn't a line. We did this several times on some of the smaller rides!
  24. Cedar Point changes for 2018

    They already have their 2018 calendar out https://www.cedarpoint.com/explore/cedar-point-calendar-and-hours
  25. Holiday World 2018 additions

    Oh I am aware that this is no longer being pursued. I just much prefer the newer style wood coaster trains such as Millennium Flyers and Timberliners to the older trains.
  26. Winterfest entertainment

    Someone posted this on the Winterfest thread.
  27. Winterfest entertainment

    Has anyone seen a show schedule (with times) for the live entertainment? The app lists the shows and locations... But not the times. I assume Friday will be busy, so I'd like to avoid the 5:00 car parade, but I'd also like to not miss shows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Official: WinterFest 2017

    All of these pictures remind me of this song. I hope to hear it play at least once during Winterfest.
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