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  2. Nice video and I admire the commitment to getting this done. As for Oldschool's comment, Zac does state in the video that blue ice cream has been around since before KI, at least the Blue Moon version. Not sure what you're saying but from what I can see this is well researched and I found the same information on a google search in a City Beat article from June 2022 (https://www.citybeat.com/food-drink/the-true-blue-story-behind-cincinnatis-blue-creamy-whip-13266792). Again, instead of being snide ("that's how we lean") how about teaching him instead. It would go a long way with him and his future creations of his channel.
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  4. That sign has been there all season I think. I'll have to try the mobile ordering process next time I'm at KI
  5. Blue Ice Cream was around way before the Smurfs at Kings Islands. Again, go do some research, that's how we learn.
  6. When I was at the park this Sunday, there was a sign on the door of Hanks that said "Mobile Ordering Pickup"
  7. The latest episode features a frank discussion with Taylor Bybee of Coaster Studios. We walk about his career as a coaster YouTuber and what it took to get there. https://linktr.ee/attractions_group
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  9. I just received an update for my Kings Island app saying it now has the ability to pick up food at a designated locker. Interesting. Same for my Carowinds app.
  10. ^ Yep! Can confirm it was torn down before the start of the 2009 season. I started going to the park as an adult in 2008 and remember being curious about that theater... and then they tore it down the next year. EDIT: Just realized I already replied to this thread and was unsure about the Omnimax theater. Guess I had a moment of clarity?
  11. Are we 100% sure that building was torn down in 2009? I don't recall it being back there in 2004 and 2005 when I worked at Action Theatre and Vortex.
  12. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Silverdome#Original_silver-like_roof https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubert_H._Humphrey_Metrodome#1980s_roof_incidents A lot of the old Geiger designed (or derived) tensile membrane structures in the 70s and 80s had real problems with snow accumulation. Modern ones seem to employ a roof slope and texture that causes to snow to slide off rather than accumulate. Entering the Silverdome and RCA dome airlocks are some of my fondest memories from high school band.
  13. Skylab…so big the card can’t hold it all!
  14. I hope so. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  15. but will they be on sale in the park??????
  16. 25 and 26 have been released. Skylab and White Water Canyon. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  17. looks like their originally weekly releases have come to a big halt.....
  18. Also, there was some restructuring and some people who leaned too heavily on BAF deals (in my opinion) are now gone. Also also, the demand has never been higher, so BAF wasn’t terribly necessary.
  19. For me personally, and I speak for no one but myself, I would rather them take their time on bringing in a new attraction rather than throw in some run of the mill kind of ride or experience ( a Larson Loop anyone? LOL ). I may be in the minority and I've stated it before, but I would absolutely love to see a new Vekoma sit down coaster in Vortex's place. Something that gives that classic looper feel but with today's technology. It probably may never happen in a Cedar Fair park, but a person can dream right? But I digress. My viewpoint is that I'm glad they're not just throwing stuff in just to say "here's something new". I'm sure we will get something amazing soon enough, but in due time. Again, just my own thought process.
  20. This season was definitely one for the books. I felt operations were really on it this season as well as the overall attention to detail and the little Easter eggs nodding to the past throughout. The concert series, the fireworks show. It was really something special this year for a lot of reasons. And as someone who attended a private event ( Pride Night ) I felt that they even went above and beyond for that as well. I'm excited to experience Haunt, Tricks & Treats Fest and Winterfest respectively to wrap up the remainder of the season to see what all they have and will do to finish out their 50th.
  21. Since the big part of my pass has been gifted to me, I am probably also going to add the dining plan to my pass as well. I know that with the prices of park food and with more regular visits planned for next season, I definitely think that will be a big money saver in the long run.
  22. Interesting. I've tried both and personally they taste the same to me.
  23. I thought blue ice cream flavor is a blueberry cream. Kinda like orangesicle but blueberry. Blue moo is a totally different flavor; more artificial, more cotton candy, little bit of a cake batter flavor. KI blue is more of a "natural" fruit flavor
  24. Article pointing blame at the park: https://triblive.com/local/kennywood-shooting-raises-concerns-about-park-security-metal-detectors/ Another article on the gun being stolen from Columbus. I'm surprised they didn't blame the park for that either (100% sarcasm, but pointing blame at a venue as opposed to the criminal is nails on a chalkboard for me). https://www.wtae.com/article/kennywood-shooting-gunman/41391787#
  25. @Oldschool75 I don't believe there's any false information in the video. Maybe rather than leaving a rude comment, you can tell me what I got wrong so I can fix it?
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