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  2. Jes has had a huge hand in turning around that department. Doesn’t anyone else find it weird to crave Kings Island food in the off-season now?
  3. The local government here in Clermont County did a video on Clermont Steel Fabricators, which can be viewed here.
  4. Yeah, that bright yellow didn't stay nice and bright for very long. Yellow doesn't seem to survive well at KI, remember Invertigo fading out from fresh paint almost instantly, before the switch to blue?
  5. Diamondback needs a repaint very badly. It would honestly spruce up Rivertown so much as it dominates that section of Kings Island.
  6. Have you almost forgotten that DB is two different colors? With how the supports have aged, I saw a photo that either one of your staffers or ours took of the model they had at the announcement in 2008 and I was shocked to see that the hill was a different color. They all just look the lighter color to me.
  7. Made an Intamin Blitz concept. The name is STALLION. The queue house goes overtop the second launch
  8. I wish Drop Tower would get a completely new scheme, it's looking rather dated with the mostly-original scheme just getting touched up a few times. Diamondback's track is faded, but the worst part is how bad the yellow lift structure is. It either needs a new coat, or just paint it to match the rest of the structure which hasn't really faded much. Banshee has faded a lot faster than I expected, and could use some attention. Perhaps darker blue on the structure to limit fading. BUT... Most of all I want Baynum to make Racer look like new for the 50th anniversary.
  9. If you want a Gerstlauer Sky Roller, there's one in the chain that will wouldn't be missed if you relocate it, it's one of the least popular flats they have...
  10. Having ridden Invertigo with the user I quoted above [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] , it is also one of my favorite rides at Kings Island, and I enjoy it as it is intense but not terribly intense. I think about it like this: every time I have ridden Invertigo, I usually end up riding Xtreme Skyflyer or Drop Tower after riding Invertigo, and this is a good stepping stone for getting to those rides. If I didn’t do Invertigo, I would have never ridden Skyflyer or Drop Tower, and I highly recommend riding Invertigo going forward first. When I first rode Invertigo going backwards first, it felt a lot more intense than going forward first, but I still would recommend trying both if you have the time to. Here are my tips for Invertigo: 1. Keep your head back for the whole ride. 2. Breathe through the loops to help go through the intensity of it. 3. Despite what the General Public (GP comments are always interesting for Invertigo) says, the restraint keeps you in place, and I say this as someone who always enjoys a tighter than usual restraint. You are safe on Invertigo and the other rides, but if you are nervous, try making the restraint a little bit tighter if possible. 4. Have fun! With the removal of Vortex and Firehawk, I quite enjoy the intensity of Invertigo, but Banshee is also one of my favorite rides with loops at Kings Island. I would recommend starting off with Invertigo later on, maybe start with Bat, or Banshee to get a feel for the loops. Hopefully this helps, I was also quite nervous for my first ride on Invertigo, but thankfully I had [mention]VortexBFForever [/mention] with me to help me through it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The chilli from Tricks and Treats was amazing! My girlfriend and I were both exhausted on Sunday and liked of lethargic because we had family stuff all weekend and this was the perfect comfort food to share. Unfortunately they were out of the bread bowls it was supposed to come in.
  12. They could still do a camp snoopy upgrade along with having Planet Snoopy. If you remove the old theater and part of picnic grove, you can make that whole area into Camp Snoopy similar to what Michigan's Adventure did. Cedar Point has both Planet Snoopy and Camp Snoopy. I think since KI lost the best kids area award to Dollywood recently, they could try and take the award back with a whole new Camp Snoopy area along with an updated Planet Snoopy. It would also allow them to have a more open walkway to Soak City that isn't hidden as much like the current one.
  13. Carowinds' Camp Snoopy is actually done very, very well. If our Planet Snoopy received that kind of detail (along with some much needed shade like Carowinds' got), then we'd be in good shape. It was actually one of the areas that most surprised me about Carowinds and it kind of became one of my more favorite areas in the park.
  14. If the buildings get repainted, I wonder if other parts of Planet Snoopy will be renovated. Some of the color schemes and colored concrete could stand to be removed. Planet Snoopy really does need some love.
  15. Remember when they changed our name to Soak City to have the same corporate identity brand...
  16. Well, part of that is they have been trying to give each park its own identity, and not have the same corporate identity from park to park. Case in point, look at the Soak City name for the water parks. Carowinds water park is now know as Carolina Harbor, Cedar Point Shores at Cedar Point and this year California`s Great America rebranded their water park South Bay Shores. I wonder how long before Soak City at Kings Island gets its own unique name and theme to tie into the area?
  17. Ugh. Sound like we are stuck with tacky Planet Snoopynick universe if they are repainting. Why won’t they invest in a camp snoopy conversion that would tie into river town, align with their corporate branding and provide an overall better experience.
  18. Orion has had some issues. All modern roller coasters are marvels in physical and computer engineering. All operations are controlled by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), essentially a large computer located under the loading platform in a climate controlled room. The default response to any problem in the PLC is to stop operations and have maintenance review the issue. Keep in mind there are over 300 separate inputs and any one wrong input can trigger a fault. The trains will advance as close to the station and stop there. Braking systems are fail safe closed; they need power to open rather than close. The brakes are located in the track, not on the train. Needless to say Orion is 100s of times safer than driving to the park in a car. All Orion faults are attended to by both area supervisors and maintenance personnel. Both groups have to clear the ride for operation before guests are allowed to ride. Kings Island has a seasoned team well versed in the particulars of roller coaster operations. Ride operators are told specifically not to tell guests what is wrong with the coaster (the majority of times they really don’t know!). But be patient. The first priority is always to get guests off the ride, the next is to determine what has happened and prevent it from happening again and the third is to resume operations. In my experience downtime is kept to a minimum as the maintenance and operations teams work quickly to resume operations.
  19. It appeared as though they began painting some of the buildings in Planet Snoopy too. Perhaps much of the park will get a coat of paint for next year.
  20. Here are some updates from yesterday:
  21. Last week
  22. I think the top of the tower is all they have completely finished so far. Kings Island probably wanted to get the top done in time for Halloween Haunt. The ready of the tower seems like it is being prepped for a final coat of green paint.
  23. what is complicated about a chain lift coaster?
  24. I would venture a guess that Maverick is currently the most sophisticated coaster in Ohio. You also have to consider that there was a shortened season in 2020. Most coasters, even B&M's, take longer than that to get over their bugs. I would think that some of that time trickled into 2021 for Orion. I trust B&M and by next season or 2023, it should be on par with DB and Banshee for lack of downtime. I'm with Brad, I've seen it down a few times, but nothing more than 15-20 minutes, mostly ghost trains during my visits.
  25. Prozac prescription was out of date.
  26. So out of curiosity, did they start from the top of the tower? It seemed like that a couple weeks ago.
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