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  2. Park is quite crowded today. Racer wasn't bad with a 20 minute wait due to only the red side running. Blue side was up around 12:15. The wait times in the app are so far off It's ridiculous. Invertigo was posting a 15 minute wait, yet it had a full queue. The Bat posting 10 minutes, but the line was backed up past the concrete tunnel. Banshee at 25 minutes... the queue was completely full and spilling out a little. No idea if that wait time is accurate as I've never seen it that full. On the plus side, bumper cars, scrambler, and Congo Falls were a walk on, and Orion was up and running at 11:05 and we were near the front of long line of people waiting for it to open. My 8-year old daughter finally worked up the courage to hop on and absolutely loved it. Really we just planned on staying for a couple hours and heading home knowing it would get crazy and got 5 rides in, left around 12:45
  3. Today
  4. Carowinds and Dollywood had some good ragtime music going on in their more fair-like sections. Might be a good way to go for Coney Mall. And get some genuine bluegrass for Rivertown.
  5. "When are they going to give me my tasting card?"
  6. I love racer radio. If it was over the full park would be fine with me, but then Racer loses its unique playlist.
  7. Racer Radio has been awesome. The rest of the park needs fixed. Bring back the I Street music and for GOD sake get rid of the bluegrass version songs in Rivertown, or at least switch them out. LOL
  8. Yes, sorry. They do various things around Carnivale.
  9. What’s party patrol? The people who wear the GC shirts but aren’t characters?
  10. I normally have another job in entertainment and they told me that I can do something for Carnivale. They gave me the options of being a driver, a guide, party patrol, or a stilt walker, and I chose stilt walker. I didn’t even have any experience on stilts!
  11. Took a while, but these are strange days. https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-islands-orion-will-give-its-one-millionth-ride-in-a-matter-of-days/37185256
  12. Interesting! I actually did an event with Cincy Circus years ago and their stilt walker said the same thing. He said it seemed like just like your normal legs with extensions. I imagine the weight is what you need to get used to. How did you get chosen as a stilt walker? I know the park trains you, but what’s their thought process?
  13. First time all season we've taken advantage of early entry, and on a Saturday no less. Straight to Orion and of course... won't open until 11:00.
  14. Finally caught BuskerJam last night in my “solo farewell to Carnivale” night. What a great show and what a bad venue! I felt for these guys trying to engage the crowd that couldn’t see for the throngs walking through. They definitely need to rope off a bit of the space to force the people walking through BEHIND the audience. It got better as it went on. I love these little “pop up” shows that they have gone this year (as well as brew beats) but I hope they develop these venues a bit more. Would be cool if they could integrate them into the area more so they don’t look as much like temporary trade show booths, and have better crowd control. Brewbeats is great in that it’s ON the midway without being IN the midway. I don’t think they need to be a “sit down in a theatre” type of setting, but a better placement would help the experience.
  15. Honda is supposedly there on September 11th
  16. Valkyria looks like an excellent ride, I would rank it as my top bucket list Dive. I like the idea of a dive into a tunnel plus no mid course second dive. Emperor has some of that, but no trench or tunnel like Valkyria does. Yukon is my favorite of the big 4 in North America, although Valravn has the best view IMO.
  17. I think this is a great addition to SFFT. I've been to the park several times and love where they chose to put it. Its essentially adjacent to Roadrunner (a completely underrated Arrow mine train - the last to be built) and across from the entrance to Iron Rattler. It creates a sort of 1-2-3 punch in the Crackaxle area of the park. I personally am glad its a more "compact" layout with a lower height. I've often said that I find B&M Dive Coasters a one-trick pony. I find virtually everything after the first drop on the ones I've ridden (Valravn, Sheikra, Griffon) essentially forgettable. I attribute that to the fact that the elements are more drawn out and cause the train to linger and just sort of drift through the inversions. This layout will likely produce better, more intense elements. I also think its an interesting move considering Six Flags has... with only one exception I can recall... steered clear of B&M for about 15 years now. (If memory serves me X-Flight at Great America was the last... 2012 or so... and prior to that the most recent SF B&Ms were installed around 2006.) Fiesta Texas has been a "trend starter" for the SF parks for the last decade. Several of the rides SFFT has installed have been repeated later at other SF parks. This may be the precursor to other dives at other SF parks. Side note... If you ever get the chance to visit SFFT... dont pass it up. Its my personal favorite of all the SF parks I've been to. It tops SFMM, SFGADV and SFGAM in my book because it retains a much fresher/cleaner feel and (for the most part) stayed true to its original theming.
  18. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words!! And I’ll be there at haunt! Yes I am! For the first couple nights my calves and feet were aching quite bad, but now I feel totally fine after walking around on them. It’s just as easy walking on stilts as walking on the ground at this point.
  19. They had 3 other full cast live shows in 2018 on the regular schedule and those performers except cirque were in the parade. This year they have 1 full (but excellent) show in the regular schedule The cutback in luge entertainment this year was definitely budget motived as the whole park has operated as a COVID fest all season.
  20. Made another Mack launch concept! The name is Polar Vortex! I even made a logo for it! Here's the link to the picture I used for the blizzard background: https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/blizzard-cartoon.html
  21. 4th time. It’s BUSY, and I’m still walking around with a goofy grin thinking, “this is EXACTLY what this park should look like!” So much energy, so much “fun”. Seeing kids dancing in the street, drummers just randomly “parading” around, people chilling on sofas eating good food. It just feels “different” I’m alone tonight, and I’ve had great conversations with total strangers. Events like this seem to put people in a more “get along” mood.
  22. "Why are all these people staring at me? Is there something in my beak."
  23. Yesterday
  24. The 2036 comment was a tounge in cheek reference to the theory that KI gets a type of ride CP got 20 years prior (Raptor/Banshee and Millie/Onion). No other speculation than that
  25. "They are putting me back in storage for how long?"
  26. When people try to make accurate speculations of the future based off of past decision-making they tend to get dogged. I know I get dogged on here for believing the park will get another B&M and it personally doesn't bother me, it just annoys me that sometimes personal biases take place over logical thinking. For example the publicly obtained commencement papers that showed the 2020 project had B&M listed as a company but people still thought that was wrong. From a business standpoint every coaster we've gotten under Cedar Fair has been a good return on investment. These coasters have great capacity, are reliable, and are crowd pleasers. I understand it is desire to want something of greater intensity but the more specific or ride is the smaller the demographic becomes. I know this is a Fiesta Texas thread but there are similarities in my argument. Let's look at this new edition. Six Flags start to work with a company that everybody said was out of their budget range. They wanted a coaster that was reliable, appealing to a great number of guests, and had a unique factor that would keep people coming back for more. I understand that people think that B&Ms aren't as thrilling as other manufacturers but their products last a great long time which is what you want in this industry. I wonder if their decision to go with a B&M dive was influenced by their desire to over take Sea World or if they're just giving Fiesta Texas another 1st for the chain.
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