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  2. I guess that's where we differ. I feel like this is more of a dance. It has been fun to watch - despite having a lot of cyr wheel acts over the past 4 years. I feel like the original Nico was terribly boring with the two replacements through the course of the season being absolutely superb. Also, this made it so there weren't two contortion acts back to back, which greatly helped with the flow of the show. Over all I like this year's show better than any other year of Cirque shows so far.
  3. If Vortex gets replaced with another looping coaster, I hope its Mack to keep KI with a multi-looper in its collection with a 48" height requirement.
  4. Not that I think anything is wrong with it's current trains, but they are older Arrow Loopers in the Cedar Fair Chain. Vortex and Anaconda are actually the babies of the Arrow Loopers in the chain. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  5. I should also mention I took 2 mayflies to the face on my Raptor night ride and one Magnum night ride on day 2. Its becoming a theme...
  6. Got here at 8. All is walk on. Mystic Timbers was roping off the back of the trains
  7. My friend texted me around 6:30ish and said that SpritSong was currently suspended b/c of the weather (I'm assuming the show is still going on now as the weather has improved since then). Also, I didn't end up going to the 7 PM Cirque show as planned (due to some unforeseen circumstances...), but I will for sure be at the 3:30 and 5 PM shows tomorrow. Also hoping to get a night ride on Adventure Express as well as ride The Bat, among other rides!
  8. And it is still making me force stop on it. Grrrr. Can't comment if wait times are fixed as everything is walk on now
  9. ^um, oops!
  10. Want. To. Ride!
  11. Yesterday
  12. I've heard some ethusiasts say that Diamondback and KCKC could have coexisted had they kept it instead of TR, hopefully this picture will make them think otherwise
  13. This is how the updated app comes up on my phone. Lol
  14. Yeah I knew all that about vekoma and arrows past, but I wasn't sure if there would be a legal liability should a park use a vekoma train when it wasn't originally in the design. You answered the questions since they are advertising it as a direct replacement. Vortex could greatly be improved with these. But tbh, I'm curious if they aren't seeing it as being towards end of life and wouldn't want to put the money into it.
  15. There were posts here that some of the bars were not open during the other times. Also the bartenders are more than likely the ONLY people that are 21+ and can have that location open. You have to weigh not having any beer in the biergarten vs. having an extra cashier at the chicken shack. Something else a lot of people aren't mentioning is that a good chunk of the food locations are not staffed by KI but by outside contractors.
  16. This should answer a lot of the questions.
  17. Cedar Point ride reviews- Non-coasters Cedar Downs- Surprisingly, I had yet to go on this despite its fame on my previous trips. Didn't think much of it at the time, but boy was I wrong. Its pretty slick. The horses going back and forth feels randomized and it was pretty exciting for what it is. I liked the audio of a horse race radio broadcast on top of it. Definitely added a nice touch. Skyhawk- KI needs a S&S Screaming Swing pronto. Great weightlessness moments and some strong g forces as it swings. Didn't realize it released air from it, which you can see as it runs. MaXair- While its the same model as Delirium, the ride visuals felt different as it isn't in as close to other rides like the KI ride. It felt like a longer ride cycle as well with more swings at full tilt. I like MaXair's colors better though. Power Tower- S&S rides always amaze me with the power of their compressed air. It really gets you to the top of the tower quickly regardless of tower mode. It didn't feel completely like free fall though. I could feel a bit of resistance as it descended. Drop Tower is better. Thunder Canyon- The water falls are the only part that gets you wet. The rapids barely get water over the bow. I wish it had some geysers. If the waterfalls weren't on, it'd be pretty dull. It does move pretty quick towards the end. Snake River Falls- These kinds of flumes always get me nervous. The lap bar only comes down so far, and SRF is nearly as tall as Racer. No lap bars or lap bars that don't come all the way down kind of freaks me out on those big shoot the shutes rides. Its great at building tension with it being in that covered building and just dropping into daylight from there. CP&LE Railroad- standard train ride mostly, but it one ups KI&MVRR with the fact that it kept the animatronics. I like how CP has kept little things like that through the park. I think Rivertown could learn a thing or two from Frontier Trail. Those whistles are loud. They keep the locomotives looking amazing as well. The brass, cabs and boilers are pristine. Coasters in alphabetical order Blue Streak- Still in great shape for 53 years. I appreciate that CP keeps it well painted and love the chaser lights (coughRacerrehabcough). The turn around actually has some laterals as well. The anti-roll backs used to reduce speed don't take too much off, and it scoots along pretty quickly. Great airtime as well. Cedar Creek Mine Ride- This was a lot more fun than I remember. The small hops had pops of air, the drop by the lake and by the station were good. It's also very quiet as most of the Arrows at CP are sans Magnum. Corkscrew- I like MIA's version's trains better. CP's has a raised floor to allow its 42" height requirement vs MIA's 48". Its a lot more restricting of movement, and my elbows banged around the chassis a lot. I'm glad the drop into the corkscrews was gradual or else I wouldn't like it very much. The hop before the loop is pretty good. Strong G's in the loop which is difficult to get a good picture of. If CP ever decides to get rid of it, I hope they keep the corkscrews over the midway, lights included. Gatekeeper- I had high expectations having previously ridden Thunderbird. In the case of wing coasters- bigger is better. The first drop is funky, I preferred it in the back. The near misses over the front gate were intense, had great pacing throughout which surprised me given how it must create a lot of drag. I liked it on the right side better. Gemini- Super smooth for its age. More great airtime to be had. Its such a cool ride aesthetically as well, with the wooden supports the decals on the trains, and a cool looking station. Heck, most of the coasters at CP have cool stations and signs. I like the way the figure 8 layout lets the trains go back and forth before the mad dash to the finish. The helix wasn't as jarring as I thought it would be, at least compared to the likes of Vortex. Iron Dragon- Very underrated ride. Also super smooth. Unfortunately, they didn't have the misters going in the lagoon section. Pretty strong g's in the 2nd helix. Not quite as good as Bat, but fun. Magnum XL-200- Still my favorite coaster at CP and #2 among my favorite steel coasters behind Diamondback. I found it, Gemini, CCMR, and Blue Streak all share that with the 3 row trains, the middle row is the smoother ride. I finally rode the ejector seat, and its a bit overrated. I found it rather rough. My ideal seats are the 2nd row of cars 2-6. 2-2 and 5-2 are probably my go-to rows. The tunnels are intense, especially the one after the 2nd drop which is a great moment. The turn around is a bit rough. Glad it has trims there, with the Ron Toomer style transition. The return run is great, especially if you learn not to fight the train as it crests. Not quite as hard on the legs, also a benefit of being in the middle rows. Love, love, love it. Maverick- This requires rider participation and some upper body strength to ride comfortably which is why its not quite my favorite. Its very intense, very smooth, very quiet, has insane ejector air even on the Stengel dives, but the snappy transitions are a turn off, especially the one after it launches you to 70 mph (which, is an extremely powerful launch). I'm dreading riding I-305 and taking those transitions at 80+ mph. Millennium Force- I don't find it as forceless as some claim it is. Its mostly got positive g's, but nothing that strong as the turns are spread out. I grayed out due to the sustained g forces, mostly on the first overbanked turn. The first drop and the 3 other camel backs have some nice floater air, near the front its a bit more poppy. I have it just below Magnum as it relates to my coaster tastes. The way it keeps up its speed is great factor of why I like it. It's fantastic at night. Raptor- Another ride I really like at CP. It moves like a fighter jet- very deliberately, precisely, and snappy. The 0g roll, cobra roll, and corkscrews really fling you around. Solid speed through the ride, very smooth. Also my favorite helix of any steel coaster I've done. The main reason I like Banshee better is that it's transitions are spread out and flow better. Even with a MCBR, Raptor's pacing is superb. Love the lift at night. Rougarou- The floorless transition took me by surprise in how it improved the layout. It's enough of an improvement to make this my favorite CP B&M. If it had a 0g roll, it'd be pretty near perfect. The light package at night is awesome to see, love the red lights and mist machines they added. It eats lines very well. Top Thrill Dragster- A pretty simple premise, but its great at what it does. That launch gets me every time, as you ascend, the moment after it makes the twist kind of got to me not seeing the track curve over the top. All you can see is sky. A nice disorientation at 400+ ft. The twist on the plummet is a great bit of added intensity as well. May be a 2 trick pony, but they are great tricks. The station music, x-mas lights, and engine sounds complete the package (they need to make the station music louder on the rides that have them). Valravn- This was my first B&M Dive Machine. It is my least favorite B&M at Cedar Point, but it had some good moments. Getting a good look down the drop was built up well, but only the back row delivered any kind of weightlessness on either vertical drop. Took the elements gracefully, all of which are a bit better being on the outside seats. Coming off the top of the Immelman on the far right is a great moment. I feel the newer restraints hurt it in suppressing weightless feelings. Should have used the old restraints on this. Wicked Twister- This ride is better either at the very front or very back. At the very front, the top of the track spire comes up faster than you want it to. In the back, you don't have the perception to know how far you're gonna keep going. You get the maximum twisting motion at either end as well. Very run ride. Another with a powerful launch.
  18. The cyr wheel dou is a neat act, but I feel like it moves a lot slower than the single cyr wheel act last year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Cedar Point Day 2 I got a late start as I wanted to get an extra hour of sleep, so I skipped morning ERT. It rained slightly, so I decided to go on a 2 hour photo session. The rain did stop around 11:30, so I did get rides while they were in motion. I didn't hit TTD until later, so I didn't get a roll back. Never witnessed one this trip either. Some came close on day 2 with some winds and much higher humidity. Started riding stuff around 12:30, and that FLP I got from the night before proved useless except for Raptor and Maverick. Everything else was either past the merge points or walk on. The Magnum fan in me jumped for joy. Got in 16 laps in 2 days, most of them on day 2. I also did the train a few times, either to take a break or for more photos. RMC Streak looks wicked in person. I may have to break with my rule of visiting CP every few years to get a lap or 2 on it next season. If it keeps to the good parts of Storm Chaser and puts it on steroids with the size increase, then it should be pretty awesome. If you've seen pictures of it floating around the internet, nothing has changed recently. RMC is really taking their time on construction it seems. Day 2 presented a different kind of problem- high winds. I pretty much got in the last Dragster ride before it, WindSeeker, Sky Ride, Gatekeeper, Power Tower and Raptor (the later 2 only temporary) all were down. They didn't open for the rest of that day (occurred around 4 pm). It was quite humid as well, at least until the sun started to set. I did grab a few cycles on Thunder Canyon with waterfalls on and Snake River Falls. TC's exit concerns me a bit in that its wet all the time and its a downward slope. There was water running down it often. Seems like a bit of a problem. I wore my Banshee first rider shirt for day 2 and MIA. Got a lot of reactions at both parks including a little fun trolling at Rougarou. In terms of added credits, Gatekeeper, Rougarou and Valravn brought me up to 79. The first coaster at Kennywood will be #80 for me. Even with a FLP, I often used the main entrances for rides if the walk was about the same. It felt rather tedious to have it with the crowds not as prevalent as day 1. Had pizza for a late lunch near Skyhawk. I wanted something smaller with it being so humid. I pounded fluids all day, and that paper cup plan got a work out. Got in some decent night rides later in the day, including Raptor, and 4 rounds on Magnum, which, is a tradition for me at CP since the first time I rode it with it additionally being my first 200 ft coaster, was at night. The nostalgia trip was strong. That night was a Platinum Pass ERT night, featuring Rougarou and Millennium Force. I was quite ecstatic as those are 2 of my favorites at the park. Rougarou has a sweet lighting package and MF is very fun. It felt like a guided tour through a dead Cedar Point as it flew around its island. Didn't leave until 11 and the ERT was still going on at about 11:20. As I left, I was greeted by rain and drove the whole 5.5 hours home in a downpour. Had some Skyline before I went back home. Had an excellent time at Cedar Point with the FLP stuff being the cherry on top. Its a fantastic park all around with great service, atmosphere, and ride collection. I think I found a reason people like the park so much. It's that it always has something to look at or do. Everywhere you look, you see anywhere between 3-5 coasters, the paths have a lot of things going on around them including some paths that are void of rides (between MF and SRF comes to mind). There's a lot of excitement from the staff and it all comes together well. I still like Dollywood and Hershey better, but its still a great park.
  20. The beach has Beach Mountain tubing, but I think they have given up on a Holiday event... who knows. Maybe they will in have another holiday event in the future. edit: just went to their site. (Beach Mountain) and apparently they have/had 100,000 Christmas lights on display during the season.
  21. Port Clinton, Cedar Point, Day 1 Left early on Tuesday and trekked through all the Michigan construction to get to my beloved town of Port Clinton. I have 2 reasons I stay there. 1. The average hotel rate is about $20 cheaper than Sandusky 2. Its a beautiful area I also ate at Toast N' Jams in Muskegon for breakfast. Pretty average place, but wasn't left with options with not much else in the breakfast department around my hotel. It was warm enough for a swim in Lake Erie. It is kind of a pain walking out there. Right at the water line, there are lots of rocks and sediment being splashed around and before you get to smoother walking space, there are quite a lot of painful rocks to get across. Spent a few hours on the beach to just sit back and relax and then headed to dinner. Found a place called Crosswinds just east of town and wasn't disappointed. Got a 10 oz NY strip which needed no steak sauce, a baked potato and salad with iced tea to drink. Drove around for a few hours after before going to bed early. For my first day at the Point of Cedar, I went with participating in morning ERT on Millennium Force and Gatekeeper. I held off until noon to see how crowds did before getting a Fast Lane Plus. I had money on me with that purpose, but if I didn't need it, then I wouldn't bother. That said, the first day was also the first day of summer, so the crowds picked up. I got rides on Dragster (no roll back), Corkscrew and Magnum before I went for the upgrade. During day one, it was much more useful. Circled counter-clockwise from Magnum and rode the next big ride I came across after another. Ate lunch at Famous Dave's near Snake River Falls and had a decent BBQ sandwich. It was chopped pork, which felt like they took very tender rib meat and put it on a sandwich. It was very good. Didn't make my way back to the front until after 3 pm and got all the bigger rides there. I skipped the water rides until day 2 as I didn't have extra clothes on me at the time. It wasn't that hot on day 1, not much warmer than Muskegon (about mid 70s). After going up front, I went back towards Frontier Trail going clockwise. Didn't need to eat anything after lunch, which, I ate later in the afternoon. Then things took a turn for the not so good. At about 8 pm, there was a power outage which took out about 2/3 of the park including all the bigger flats and coasters. A few of the older rides, CCMR being the only coaster, kept running, but it was a huge bummer. They never reopened, and with the advice of malem, I went to guest relations and received a voucher for a FLP on day 2. I stayed until 10 with the hopes things would re-open. Day 2 would remedy that and then some.
  22. Got it. Yes, the single lift on KCKC used two belts. It's also worth noting that for at least the last few years of operation only one drop chute was operational.
  23. Muskegon, Michigan's Adventure PRT The drive up was rainy at first, but dried up after I got past Dayton. I need to comb through Google Maps from now on because it took me on unpainted farm roads between highways in northern Ohio and Indiana. Drove around Muskegon on when I got there including a 90 minute visit to Michigan's Adventure to get the 4 bigger coasters in. Spent some time on Lake Michigan and ate at a place called Handsome Henry's for dinner. Had some great pizza there. Recommend it highly if any of you are in the area. Day 2 was more devoted to Michigan's Adventure. Got there at park opening, which, they let people in about 20 minutes early. Got some shots of motionless Corkscrew before the park opened. They don't have a lot of space opened before the actual opening, just the immediate area around Corkscrew. Did Mad Mouse first due to it having the longest wait I had and then meandered around and rode the other 4 coasters multiple times as well as a few flats and water rides. Overall, it's a great little park for taking your time with the light crowds and Shivering Timbers, Wolverine Wildcat and Corkscrew have high re-rideability. I already posted my reviews of the coasters. For their other rides, Adventure Falls and Grand Rapids are solid for getting riders wet, and Logger's Run is a nice flume, similar in style to KCKC minus the turntable. Flying Trapeze was alright, and Sea Dragon was a fun swinging ship, with moments where the wheels stop pushing it and it just swings on gravity alone. The train is a great way of going back and forth between Thunderhawk and Timbers since there is kind of a void between the two. The main park is mostly by the front gate on one side, and the water park, Thunderhawk, and the 2 bigger water rides are clear across the park. Shivering Timbers became my 75th coaster I've ridden and left the park sitting at 76. Service was decent sans a few times where the Wildcat crew got bored, but not much of a problem. All the coasters except Mouse and Timbers were walk on all day. I left about 2 hours before park close, spent some time at Lake Michigan again and ate at The Station Grill. Good burgers, but a tad over priced. Weather was perfect, but a bit too cool for a dip in Lake Michigan. Temps in the upper 60s and low 70s the days I was there and quite windy along the beach.
  24. Not having English as their first language isn't enough for me to go along with that. They did things beyond talking that made up for it.
  25. That's just food. Good anytime.
  26. This is completely awesome that someone from years ago can give their own information! Please keep it up
  27. I fully understand the "keeping haunt buildings around all season" logic but I think a very minor improvement could be to make them less generic and empty-looking in the offseason. The easiest example I can think of would be a paintjob on Slaughterhouse that's similar to MT's lumber company shed but named something like "Losantiville meat and poultry" or something like that. It'd be a little bit f "theming" for The Beast's queue but also still hold up as Slaughterhouse for haunt. Someone with more creativity may be needed to suggest something for SOB/Wolfpack...
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