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  2. Lol, yeah. But if all of those lights went to ki, the webcam quality would make it look amazing.
  3. I mean that's super blurry. Id take KI's cams all day.
  4. I wish the ki cams where this beautiful.
  5. Could be but that wouldn't explain the MT cam. It's on top of the TR building. Whatever it is hopefully they're back up soon.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. I am thinking that's right. I bet they are starting winterfest lights on the tower.
  7. Hasn't Magnum been sinking for like 20 years?
  8. Today
  9. True. Something has to be taking the “it’s sinking” story, now that Vortex is leaving us.
  10. My best guess is they needed to turn them off in order to work on the tower’s lighting package. It’s either that or it’s sinking
  11. The park isnt worried about you in the least.
  12. Oh yeah. Now I remember. That was when the park closed early.
  13. I was trying to find the thread in which we discussed it because I knew someone would ask. I couldn't find it. Long story short: Last year, someone found some unexploded fireworks on a backstage road at KI. They treated it like a bomb threat of some sort. They slowly shut the park down from back to front and cancelled "The Greatest Show" in order to get people out. No one knew what was going on but the park had a weird overtone that night. They took the web cams down so someone couldn't watch the park from remote and explode something or whatever.
  14. Wait what bomb threat? When was that?
  15. Dude... Imagine if they had to remove a ride because it got a virus that they just could not get ride of... even with Norton.
  16. The Vortex worm has invaded KI’s servers...that’s why they are offline...true story.... Now we know the real reason why they are closing the ride, before it takes over the world...
  17. Is that when sunset is today? Wow. Winter's coming!
  18. The webcams will probably be back up around 7 lol
  19. I'm gonna go ahead and say it what many are likely thinking... I'd like to think that the web cams weren't pulled on purpose, although the night of the firework/bomb threat thing I think it gave the same "error" when the web cams WERE pulled on purpose. If this is a problem that could be fixed and has either been neglected or unnoticed, it's a pretty shining moment of incompetency when the lift hill, which is the star of the show for their $30MM ride, is being constructed and/or topped off and the cameras or down. Of course, there could be a massive computer problem that they are trying to fix for all I know. Let's hope that's it.
  20. I wasn't talking about you man lol seesh. it was about the statement. At least the Intamin webcams would be more thrilling / intense
  21. Of course, a lot of little kids in the Sesame Street demographic probably have older brothers & sisters, so it may help even out the offerings for them. In full disclosure, I do work for the company and these are just my thoughts—not representing those of the organization
  22. "Ladies and Gentlemen, our webcams are down due to mechanical reasons. We don't know how long the wait will be. You may continue to wait with us, but if you choose to leave, but you are forfeiting your spot. Once again our webcams are down due to mechanical reasons. We don't know how long the wait will be." Enthusiasts: Intamin webcams lol!
  23. I believe this was taken in the Summer of 2012. I was practicing photography using a "Tilt-Shift" technique with my camera. I took photos from all angles on the Eiffel Tower that day with a lot of happy results. This is my Vortex Photo I'm submitting. RIP Vortex.
  24. No it is 100% true. I can assure you of that. I have not messaged him. In fact if I did, it's against the rules here to tell you all on here since the park wouldn't like it.
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