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  1. Maybe because arrows were built on site? Maybe it was just some left over steel kind of like when you build something out of wood you have left over scrap pieces. Just a guess.
  2. Glad you got to go. I'm not a huge Dollywood fan but it's a beautiful park. It feels good to read a trip report.
  3. Click the link for the real post. Orion POV
  4. Not sure we would have time to hit both parks since it be a weekend trip only.
  5. I'm guessing it will be open to book on Monday. I really thought about booking a day for worlds of fun this weekend. I'm not sure if that park is worth the 10 hour drive though.
  6. Mask or not transmission rate while be outside is extremely low.
  7. Has there been any update on when we can reserve dates in the park yet?
  8. Maybe next year this could Be fun to try! My wife have done a Busch Gardens Williamsburg without staying on a hotel. It's a 10'hour drive for us.
  9. About a month and a half ago I was in contact with someone who test positive. They had a stuff nose for a few days and that was it. I had a test done to be sure and was negative. I was outdoors and tried to keep my distance. We were in the same a yard for about an hour with no mask. I believe your chance of getting COVid would be rather low in just passing by someone on the midway.
  10. The ride is indoors so maybe it will have a longer shelf life.
  11. I love this. Did they paint the building as well? I love the sprucing up.
  12. Probably not a big deal in all honesty. People don't like the government telling them what to do.
  13. At what point do health officials declare heard immunity? Also if we look back on the 1918 flu it lasted to years. Of course times are different now and I believe that the Spanish flu was more deadly.
  14. Do we have to update our season pass picture with our mask.
  15. Not that we are but do I have to include and children under 3 on the reservation? She does not have a ticket.
  16. I wonder if they will have park themed mask available for purchase? i guess they can list anything as a pass perk as long as the plan on returning it for 2021.
  17. I would assume the trains would dispatch faster.
  18. They are not implementing a virtual queue?
  19. 48 hours or so. The positive results tend to come back faster.
  20. I dont disagree with you on that one. My 7 year old wants nothing to with them. I will likely take a few trips with me and wife and maybe one with the kids just so we can get our yearly picture with them.
  21. Season passes were basically free this year so weather I can visit Once or ten times I'll just be happy to safely step in the park.
  22. And that is the problem. The government Incentivizing people not to work.
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