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  1. Plus it would be along the walk to Soak City.
  2. I definitely think a Forbidden Frontier type attraction should come in the next few years. I don't know about The Vortex area though, but I'm not ruling out that area.
  3. Watch them replace it with a Forbidden Frontier type attraction lol jk.
  4. Boy do I hate the water drops on the camera! They are so annoying!
  5. I believe I remember the year Banshee was being built, we had a harsh winter and the workers worked through it. Including in the bitter cold and snowy weather.
  6. Surprised no one has written RMC in the snow lol
  7. I'm also starting to think that it doesn't have to be a coaster to go into that plot of land. If CF really wants to spread out coasters and do more interactive experiences, then I think they could do something like a Forbidden Frontier and/or a midway expansion there. Yes, that land is perfect for a coaster, but if this was in fact a last minute decision and they want to find something to put there fast, then maybe a 2021/22 Forbidden Frontier type attraction is a possibility.
  8. So @JonahWilliamson when are you going to do your thing with the animation layout?
  9. I hope they aren't trying to shut the park down. I hope this does not mean they are done building coasters. I believe KI will try and be good to it's neighbors, but I think when people move close to an amusement park, they should be warned about the potential for noise from the park going into the night.
  10. I believe that's the crane we called T-bone for a while.
  11. That's probably why we don't see Vending machines in queue lines anymore on new coasters at KI. I know Diamondback still has them. I think they removed the ones in Drop Tower's queue, but I might be wrong on that. Banshee and Mystic don't have vending machines in the queue like DB and Orion most likely won't either.
  12. Yeah I don't want them to stop doing the fireworks. I can see them from my bedroom window on summer nights.
  13. I see Invertigo/Congo leaving and a new coaster going there.
  14. Rivertown already has some old western style buildings, but I would love to see more. Heck maybe paint and redo the outside of the Crypt building and make it look westerm.
  15. I saw stakes on the last day the park was open in October before all this happened..
  16. I hope it's restrooms, but part of me is thinking not. Restrooms need a good amount of planning because it requires a bunch of things. On the other hand, I could see maybe an expanded plaza with seating similar to Banshee's and maybe build a small food stand to replace the current one.
  17. I watched in the loop's latest video on Iron Gwazi and let me say. Imagine that type of RMC lift structure towering in the back of the park where Vortex was.
  18. Remember I believe CF talked about spreading out big projects. I'm thinking 2024 right now. I think they could use some of the land from Vortex for flat rides on the Coney Mall side for 2021-2023 and then use the leftover land for a coaster in Rivertown.
  19. They could still do an above ground tunnel like Leviathan. In fact we should try to make it happen.
  20. It's likely Racer's turnaround just getting in the way of the picture, but there are times where I glance at it and it looks like the drop off the first turn goes underground. Most likely doesn't though.
  21. They likely won't remove the temp supports on the drop until track work is completed if you ask me.
  22. yeah the weather is kinda strange today. I live right near the park.
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