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  1. If I were to take a guess, it is probably something to do with drainage or the power lines. It just seems too soon to be seeing any markings for a new rollercoaster.
  2. Another issue I see is the queue line for Drop Tower. It would be hard to connect the back of AZ together with the queue house for Drop Tower there.
  3. That would be nice. However, I don't see them taking out coaster connection. That's the only gift shop in Action Zone and I usually see people in there buying stuff. If they end up putting a coaster in Action Zone, I see them taking out Invertigo and Congo Falls and create a new event plaza in the timberwolf area to make it better for Spirit Song and maybe try to lure in other large events there.
  4. I doubt past gaps will reflect future gaps.
  5. I agree. I honestly think we are about to go on a coaster gap. We got Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and Orion is such a short amount of time and I think now is the time to take several years and invest in other areas of our lineup. It's been almost 10 years since we got a thrilling flat ride (WindSeeker).
  6. Just found out that someone that has a lot of connections to my Dad's side of the family and is also the brother of one of my 5th grade teachers got really sick and was hospitalized with Covid. Luckily he survived. However, him and multiple people in his family got it after going on a trip to Florida despite being told not to.
  7. Hmmm Interesting. Probably not a coaster since we just got Orion. Maybe Invertigo is on it's way out?
  8. I agree 100%! As much as I love his concept, I don't think KI or CF would want to resurrect Son of Beast in any way. I think if KI gets an RMC like this, it would have its own theme.
  9. Here's a nolimits2 concept someone made for a ground up RMC topper track woodie in Vortex's land!
  10. Definitely! As an associate, I try to help the park out as much as I can. I try to visit as a guest when I'm not working as much as I can and spend some money in the park. The more you help the park, the sooner we'll get another coaster (which is 4 years out minimum imo).
  11. Cedar Fair's Q2 results are in! Here are some key takeaways: 1) attendance is lower than expected 2) attendance at Cedar Point and Kings Island were strong when the parks first opened, but started to tamper off recently which explains the drop of the reservation system. 3) attendance is averaging around 15% capacity. Both KI and CP are permitted to operate at 50% capacity 4) While CF is disappointed that park attendance is less than expected, Brian Witherow said they are pleased people are still coming to the park 5) Witherow also said that in park spending is still st
  12. I think it is okay, but it does tend to get tiresome after a while when you work at the tower just like the kidzbop loop in Planet Snoopy.
  13. Actually, the idea I have is actually how a bandit tries to take over the Miami River Brewing Company that has been serving nice beer and bourbon to the folks visiting Rivertown. Also, the idea is that to compliment the new ride, they bring back the brew fest and have it in Rivertown with live music and stuff (similar to Cedar Point's Frontier Fest.) Also sorry for the double post
  14. I love the idea! Especially since CF seems to be going after a bunch of interactive seasonal events.
  15. That's Helix at Liseberg and from what I can see, it really uses the terrain well. I hope that what they eventually put in The Vortex area is well thought out and uses that crazy topography to its advantage.
  16. An idea I came up with for how the station could be in Rivertown over the valley for a Mack multi launch. Source for photo: Kings Island Forever Facebook page
  17. I think it would be better if they gut out the arcade and put the entrance in there and have some switchbacks in there with some nice wild west theming.
  18. Then what would they do with The Vortex land? It can't just be a massive hole forever. I kinda think a FF type attraction, but that would be kinda hard to do with the terrain there.
  19. Where would the station go? I could see them putting the station where Vortex's station was and having the elevated pathway go through the area and the turnstiles being near the station. They could have some elements going over and under that pathway making for some nice photo/video opportunities. One downside would be that the entrance and exit would be fairly fair apart.
  20. The issue I see in that is that the land is not flat there. In fact, that is where the valley is. Now, the solution in that is that they make the pathway a bridge and maybe have the coaster go over and under it (maybe a batwing element). Idk what name or theme would be the best fit for a coaster that doesn't sound too cheesy. Maybe a car like theme like what Lightning Rod has? That would kinda work being right next to KMAA.
  21. Here's an idea I just came up with. A Mack multilaunch coaster using the terrain (more like what Helix and Time Traveler does) and give it a Disco theme. Think about it! The theme could be a disco party gone wild and the station/queue could have disco music playing and maybe a disco ball with lights! At night this ride would come to life with a nice light package and the lights/disco ball in the station maybe even a way to turn the regular station lights into blacklight!
  22. Ressurrecting an old thread: Nice photos of KI! Very neat to see these and realize how much the park has changed since 2009. With the additions of Banshee, Mystic Timbers, and now Orion along with the removal of Vortex, the park has changed so much! Also, kinda neat that they used to use Picnic Grove during Haunt. I'd love to see something like that again in Picnic Grove!
  23. I was at the Jackson County Fair in Indiana where I lived at the time. I did a drum solo for the fair talent show and hung out and rode fair rides. Then after 10, I checked my phone to see what was then #kiproject2017 and found out the name Mystic Timbers and I remember trying to get used to that name since it was very odd to me. Me like many others thought it would be named splintercat.
  24. Ok makes sense. Kinda wish it was like that in Indiana. I used to live near the largest county fair in Indiana (Jackson County) and since I moved back to Cincy, I usually go there to visit during Fair week. It was cancelled due to COVID and for 4H they are doing it virtual. It would've been held this week.
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