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  1. Also worth mentioning it won't just be the Palladium stage being used for this concert series. According to the website there will be over 30 performances across multiple stages:
  2. Hopefully KI follows suit with Timberwolf! This would be a perfect way to use Timberwolf! Maybe even try and book the same artists!
  3. While I understand there was a certain budget for the 50th anniversary celebration knowing the world we live in, I will say I really wish the 50th anniversary parade was bigger like CP's 150 parade. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the floats' colors. I think just blue and gold with maybe some white in there would've been better. Also instead of stacks of presents, I would've probably done a big golden Eiffel Tower on one of the floats. I honestly would've liked the 50th celebration better if it was more like Grand Carnivale. Like the King and Queen of Carnivale could be the "Golden King and Queen of KI" or something along those lines. Also I think the bandstand show could've been better. While I liked the creativity of "Club KI", I think something more along the lines of the "Celebrate 150 Spectacular" show at CP would've been better. Also I wish they would've used the LED ribbon boards on the stage truss and maybe an LED lit up 50th anniversary logo (like CP 150 had on the celebration plaza stage). Finally while Fun, Fireworks, and 50 was nearly perfect and is the best fireworks show KI has ever done imo, I think what would've made it perfect is if they had a Nickelodeon segment during the part where they did the Brady Bunch, Hanna Barbera, and Peanuts references. Like with the drones they could've made the Nick logo and played "Kickin it all over town" from the old Nick parade back in the day during the segment. Now I understand that it would've been expensive to do given licensing and all that, but honestly I feel like when they jumped from Hanna Barbera straight to Peanuts it really felt like something was missing and I would've loved to have seen a Nickelodeon segment thrown in there. Other than that FF&50 was a perfect show. Lastly outside of the 50th anniversary year, I think it was a huge missed opportunity this past season to not do a Brady Bunch 50th anniversary reunion for the 50th anniversary of the Cincinnati Kids special being aired.
  4. I was scrolling through comments on ACE facebook post about the event cap and they said they would announce the date and time registration would open on their social medias and in an email. They haven't posted about it or sent out emails about it yet so IDK why it said that.
  5. shew! I was stressing for a moment. That would've been mean to secretly let tickets go on sale without announcing it on their socials/email. Lesson learned: wait for ACE themselves to announce a date.
  6. ACE hasn't announced the date they will go on sale yet. I get email updates from them and follow ACE on all social media pages and follow the ACE spring conference event facebook page and nothing has been said anywhere about registration opening today and I have looked through everywhere and they never said anything about it opening today.
  7. New update from the KI Team: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2024/january/camp-snoopy-construction-update
  8. I wouldn't call this a winter event.....its a pre opening spring tour.
  9. Retrospect has been added: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/entertainment
  10. The title is a little misleading. It makes it sound like they are charging people per ride like most FEC's/carnivals do. Instead this is talking about single use Fast Lane.
  11. It's offically March which means KI will open in just over one month! Here's to the last full month of no KI!
  12. My main question is if lets say Good Gravy and Soapbox Racers were to open the same weekend (May 4th weekend), If Holiday World were to hold a media day for Good Gravy on Thursday the 2nd and KI did one for Soapbox on Friday the 3rd, would that count as opening first?
  13. I believe the park announced awhile back it is just undergoing annual maintineance.
  14. Just looked at the area on Google Earth and if true, I think a family boomerang would fit there nicely.
  15. Anyone else notice that the background of Thunder Striker's logo looks like the background of a Denny's logo? Might as well call it Denny's: The Ride lol
  16. Personally I wouldn't mind a Summer Nights event seeing how popular it is at Knotts and Cedar Point. I believe KI was supposed to introduce such event in 2020, but Covid messed that up.
  17. Also it looks like the lift on Soapbox Racers is complete: T Told y'all this coaster would go up quick lol
  18. DOUBLE POST: We have another lift piece in place! Honestly this thing will probably be complete in 2 weeks max at this rate. I'm guessing they want it testing by opening day.
  19. Its probably just me as it is hard to tell bc of the webcams and the blur when I zoomed in on Pixlr, but it looks like more track pieces were installed today:
  20. I would personally prefer if they take away the lasers as with the lasers they can't run the Eiffel Tower and I really enjoyed the views of the fireworks from the tower. Other than that the drones can stay.
  21. Looks like a crane is up at the construction site. We could be going vertical at any moment now:
  22. And we got Firehawk which was relocated from Geauga Lake and lasted 11 years and now a giga stands in its place lol.
  23. I see I'm not the only one going through and reading park forums from years ago lol. Yesterday I was reading a KI discussion forum from 2006/07 on another site.
  24. Cedar Fair must be listening to our complaints involving the VIP areas. First Knotts opens a nice indoor lounge and now Kings Dominion is converting their country kitchen into their VIP lounge. Hopefully this is implemented at the other prestige pass parks as well. https://x.com/KingsDominionVA/status/1759006083320783286?s=20
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