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  1. I personally wouldn't be against this as from the video I watched of the bubble show at Dollywood, it looks like a very cool, funny, and interactive show. I love how they bring guests up to help with the show. While I loved Phantom, Its understandable why they're going with a different show as most shows do 2 year runs.
  2. Do more special events during the season outside of Haunt and Winterfest especially if Carnivale doesn't come back. Give us a springtime event in May and June (like Busch Gardens food and wine festival). Do something cool Memorial Day weekend like they did in 2009 with the ASA Action Sports World Tour. Do a 4th of July event outside of just the fireworks. Have activities and live bands during the day leading up to the fireworks. Bring the Monster Jam Thunder Alley event to KI. Also what the heck happened to Summer Nights? Back in 2020 there was plans to introduce a Summer Nights block party event (similar to what Knotts does) on select nights, then covid happened, but for some reason they never tried the event post covid. On the same lines, bring back Island Nights/Dive in movies in Soak City. Keep Spirit Song going and maybe consider holding another music festival with non Christian acts (that could even go along with the memorial day weekend event idea bc the ASA event had concerts that year). Do a kids focused event like Canada's Wonderland's Kidzfest (with the SIX merger and access to more IPs, this could be done easier) or even bring back the Peanuts Celebration. I don't understand why that only lasted one season when it was well recieved by guests.
  3. Those are some great points and I could definitely see Paramount getting back into the park business in the future (as long as they don't touch KI lol). Also with the IP being limited, I think imo what I would do if I were in charge if both mergers happen is I wouldn't go after the whole Paramount brand, I would just go after Nickelodeon for theming/branding for the kids area and even events. I would do that because out of the other IPs in the SIX/CF portfolio Nickelodeon is definitely the most relevent to kids these days. Like they're literally helping broadcast the Superbowl for this reason lol. With that being said, I would personally keep Camp Snoopy as is, but I would do a Nick retheme of the remainder of the kids area. Remember this is just me dreaming in fantasy land and I definitely think the odds of this happening are very slim even if both mergers happen.
  4. Things are starting to get interesting about a potential merger between WB and Paramount. If both this and the SIX/CF merger both happen, it makes me wonder if we could potentially see some Paramount IP's return especially since 2 of the higher ups in the new SIX company (Zimmerman and Fisher) were GMs of Paramount parks during the Paramount Days. https://www.planetattractions.com/news/Paramount-and-Warner-Bros-Discovery-continue-to-discuss-a-potential-US$38bn-merger---here’s-what-it-could-mean-for-the-attractions-industry/3116
  5. Well its been 20 years now and lets see how your predictions went: Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle only lasted 6 years being replaced by Boo Blasters in 2010 Boo Blasters is now running on over 10 years now You were right about HB land disappearing completely and being replaced by a larger Nick section. However, it only lasted 3 years lol Cedar Fair took over the park in 2006 and made the kids area Peanuts themed in 2010 Currently a 3rd coaster is being built in the kids area and a section is being rethemed to Camp Snoopy Now Cedar Fair and Six Flags are getting ready to merge Man it is kinda cool and funny to go back to 20 years ago to see what predictions were made about the future and how right or wrong they ended up being. I'm sure 20 years from now, I'll look back and see how wrong some of my predictions were lol.
  6. I swear if I had a dollar for everytime someone says land clearing or earth movement at KI this time of year I would be rich lol. Same with how the beginning of every single season when the leftover dirt is dumped in the area behind Banshee and social media and forums start posting pics of the area saying "land clearing behind Banshee." Whenever I work the platform or elevator of the tower around that time, I tend to get asked by guests all the time "what are they building back there" lol
  7. At Coasterstock last year, I was in line for Diamondback towards the end of the day and I was wearing my jacket along my waist that I ended up not wearing at all that day, but my Mom had me bring it, but anyway I had my case with my perscription sunglasses in them in one of the pockets. I then made the poor choice of taking the jacket off my waist and holding it so I could put it in the bin on the platform while I was on the stairs and that caused the glasses case to slip out and go falling down and landing on the concrete sidewalk next to the station (I had Fast Lane). I then told an operator and they said they would follow procedure by getting it after cycling off for the night. Then I filed a lost and found report and they got them. I then went and picked them up a few days later at lost and found and there was no scratch on the glasses whatsoever. It was a miracle seeing how far they fell and how hard they landed on the sidewalk there.
  8. You must be thinking of the storage building behind Orion. That was built right before Orion was built. I remember when it was being built and people on here thought it was to relocate the current maintineance buildings back there to allow for more space for what became Orion.
  9. John Matarese just did a news segment on the arrival of new track for Soapbox Racers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaDypPPtxgE
  10. More track has arrived! https://x.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1750924300905804179?s=20
  11. Knotts Berry Farm has the same Linus Launcher ride in their Camp Snoopy, but theirs is painted green and blue. If I were to take a guess, that is what our Linus Launcher will become: https://www.knotts.com/rides-experiences/linus-launcher
  12. Along with that, I want to see the lighting package restored back to how it was when it opened. I believe in like 2019 they removed some of the old mover disco lights that used to be in the queue now it is just an empty lighting truss. Also I would love to see a light strip on the lift hill like whats on Orion and Raptor, but make it purple. If thats the case, then they should trim the cattails and clean out the misters.
  13. Cedar Point is doing their bands in residence program again this season: https://x.com/cedarpoint/status/1749147622923784657?s=20 Seriously why does KI not do this? There are tons of bands around the Greater Cincinnati/Tri State that would love the opportunity to play at KI. CP does the program along with their seasonal shows. There are multiple places they can put stages for such program (Action Zone, Coney Mall, the gazeebo by Diamondback all come to mind). Not to mention the 10,000 seat ampitheater that is hardly ever used these days. While KI does bring in live music for the early part of the season, it is the same band every time. Not knocking Hifi Honey they do a fantastic job, but I think giving more bands an opportunity to perform in the park would be better than having just the same band everytime. I just feel it is a big missed opportunity to not do the bands in residence program. I think if CP can do it with a slightly shorter operating calendar, so can KI.
  14. I don't think mess hall is a good name for a food truck imo. Mess Hall is basically a "dining hall" name. I think I know where it could go. I think it could go on the right side of Beagle Scout Acres next to the start of the walkway to Soak City/Picnic Grove. I'm thinking it could be something along the lines of the Till and Harvest Food Hall at Dollywood in Wildwood Grove. EDIT: to sorta go along with what I said, there looks to be work going on right near the pathway to Soak City and even though its hard to tell, it sorta looks like they are digging for a building foundation so I think this could be where Pig Pen's Mess Hall is going.
  15. Usually shows are announced like right before opening day. The one thing I'm wondering entertainment wise is will we get a new event or 2 this year? I would love a Brew/BBQ style event in May and June.
  16. No they always said "sometime in the summer" for Adventure Port
  17. Update from Great Ohio Coaster Club on Facebook: Per Chad Showalter at Kings Island - Coasterstock will return in 2025. This year there will be some opportunities for coaster club members to attend behind the scenes tours,, early ride times, and other perks that will be announced by the park at a later date. https://www.facebook.com/greatohiocc
  18. I think anyone thinking it would open opening day were too optimistic especially after Holiday World themselves stated Vekoma confirmed to them Good Gravy would open first.
  19. While a "storm" or "Vortex nod" theme would be cool and pay respects to the ride, I think a 50's/60's old timey theme would fit best in that back section of Coney Mall since you have the Antique Autos and Jukebox Diner right next door. You can even have Backlot as part of that too.
  20. Its been awhile since I did one of these but here y'all go with another amazing Vortex replacement paint mock up. This time I went for a Vekoma multi launch and I combined some of the best parts of Formula and Abyssus at Energylandia as well as Lech Coaster and Fonix. The name I went with is Mustang sorta as a nod to the rumored name for Diamondback, but instead of it being themed to the Mustang horse, I have it themed after old 1960s Ford Mustang cars. This would really help with the theming of the back section of Coney Mall and would work great with the Jukebox Diner and Antique Autos right next door. Also I spent time designing the station in Microsoft Paint based on Quaker Steak restaurants and did the coaster layout in Pixlr.
  21. No just no. Please don't retheme Banshee. The name is significant for the park and that sign is iconic. I'd hate to lose it. Also please don't get rid of Drop Tower. I would rather it get rethemed to Lex Luthor Drop of Doom or something. I think Timberwolf would be a good spot for a justice league dark ride.
  22. Looks like most if not all the footers are in place:
  23. Since we named all the cranes during the Orion thread after those in the Clifford show and Greek Mythology, what should we name this crane? I'll go with Hamburger (the white dog in Clifford) https://clifford.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Dogs
  24. I was there and it was my first time actually doing the New Year's Eve thing at the park. In the past I would work and then head home and watch the ball drop there. Since I was scheduled a swing (4:30-8) I decided to stay in the park and check it out. Like what @BoddaH1994 said, the balloon drop worked perfectly this year. Makes me wonder if the park did a test run of it after the fail that was last year's balloon drop to make sure it worked. I also got to drive the last ride of the night on Antique Autos was also my first ever time riding the antique autos so that was fun. The energy was amazing and I always say the New Year's Eve party is like the big "End of season party" and it is a great way to end out the season and start to look forward to April.
  25. I'll do the honor and be the first KICer to post in 2024! Happy New Year everyone and looking forward to continue seeing this project come together this off-season.
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