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  1. I was right LOL. I've been predicting/asking for this for awhile now!
  2. It's Screamscape though. I take anything they put out there with a grain of salt. Weren't they the ones who started the Kumba and Ride of Steel getting removed rumors that the perspective parks immediately shot down?
  3. Honestly I think it will look like this imo. It's easy to set up and wouldn't take long to set up. It would also work in AZ since AZ has no specific theme lol.
  4. Plus it would be an easy area to block off for a wine tasting area so only those 21+ can go in there. They could then have the food/family activities around the tower/carousel area.
  5. Another thing I thought I'd mention is Canada's Wonderland is introducing a new Food and Wine Festival that will run on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in June. I think something like that could work in and around Tower Gardens, the Tower, and the Carousel. Also probably doesn't mean anything, but if you look in the background on the festival page they have Orion instead of Leviathan lol https://www.canadaswonderland.com/events/food-and-wine-festival
  6. Epcot does this event called the International Flower and Garden Festival. Personally I think something along the lines of that could fit here if KI wants to do something similar. Also Mike Koontz at Coasterstock last year said they're looking into potentially doing something in May and June. Link to Epcot festival: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/epcot/epcot-international-flower-and-garden-festival/
  7. I checked the itinerary and there isn't anything listed about Tower Gardens.
  8. The park shared this interesting message on their Instagram story. It seems like tower gardens is going to be utilized for a future event. Could KI be getting a surprise new event after all? Or are they going to do early prep for Carnivale? (which isn't until late July btw). Idk, but this will be something interesting to watch.
  9. Personally I would rather 2025 be focused on general park improvements and prep for 2026 Vortex replacement (if it does indeed come in 2026). With the last 2 additions (Camp Snoopy and Adventure Port) not opening with the park for the season, I would rather let the park get a head start on construction for The Vortex replacement like KD is doing this year with the Volcano replacement that way it can open with the park the next spring. Plus I kinda like it when the whole season is focused on park improvements (see the 50th year) and especially when they are prepping for a new big attraction. Those seasons outside of the season a big new addition opens are some of my favorite seasons. 2019 was one of my favorite seasons for this reason as it focused on general park improvements along with a very minor but much needed addition with Antique Autos along with the introduction of Grand Carnivale and then throughout the season see the construction and buildup for Orion come together really made for a fantastic season and personally I would prefer 2025 to be more like 2019 than having a decent size addition like a dark ride or flat ride package. A Soak City slide would be a fairly minor addition like Antique Autos, but with the rumors of Cedar Point and Valleyfair adding to their waterparks next year, I'm starting to doubt 2025 is Soak City's year.
  10. So @King Ding Dong must not be in the park today....
  11. Now will it only be open when @King Ding Dong is not in the park?
  12. Where exactly in/around Action Zone/the park are these located?
  13. Before anyone asks, NO I have nothing to do with this... https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-hints-at-major-new-roller-coaster-with-survey?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR1sG8fi_bQBMdXj1Ckk8hA8LhToGXfsdrAEI1rHYTGgH1YI_nIb9s1_xeo_aem_AUQKRkyQ2iaQhuRMgkEU1Sll2rKc4VgB0L9SQQargxmM_CSFFx7YKuXEvuSDBqofc33mxBwNNg9iZT-JpuT7nbPo
  14. He's talking about a survey in 2021. Here's the thread from then:
  15. I'm sure that was a fun offseason to be an Ohio thoosie with the development of Nick Universe as well as Skyhawk and the early development of Maverick at CP. I was 3 and in my first year of preschool at the time and wasn't into KI at the time. I didn't start being that interested in KI until a few years later lol so obviously I have no memory of this. You know whats kinda funny is there are sorta some parallels between this season and the 2006 season with KI opening an expanded kids area and the upcoming potential Six Flags merger that sounds very similar to 2006 with the Nick U expansion and the CF aquisition that summer. Makes me wonder if we're about to see history repeat itself (I hope not as Camp Snoopy looks so nice).
  16. Came across this old commercial from 2006. Anyone remember this commercial from back then? Also I had no idea the area behind Surf Dog (then Avatar) was known as "Dora's Explorer Corner" which makes sense seeing how the rides back there were themed around Dora the Explorer lol
  17. Cool concept, but I don't think a revived Phantom Theater would work in Rivertown as Rivertown is more of a rustic/western type town and I don't feel like a Haunted Theater would really fit that. Now, maybe a Haunted Saloon or Mineshaft with some Phantom Theater references could work. Imo a revived Phantom Theater would work either in the Boo Blasters building or in Action Zone (rethemed to a more Haunted area).
  18. ^^Also Orion was finalized in the Summer of 2018 when CF decided to shift CGA's hyper project to KI and turn it into a giga. Also GateKeeper was decided on at IAAPA 2011 and opened in 2013.
  19. The Cedar Point one did not have the giga dive on it. Instead it had a Vekoma tilt coaster on it as well as a launched water coaster I think.
  20. Remember this is just an idea for a survey. I don't believe this will end up being the final product if they decide to go with the Xtreme spinner. The whole purpose of these surveys are to get guest feedback. In fact it doesn't necessarily mean the park is going to go with any of the 4 listed (see Dollywood a few years back). Personally I think if the park goes with the Xtreme Spinner, they are just showcasing some potential elements that could be on the ride and the ride itself ends up being a full circut coaster with a swing launch. Maybe an Xtreme spinner with a Voltron like layout?
  21. I would love to see a Madhouse happen! KI really needs more indoor family attractions to get the whole family out of the elements for a bit. Boo Blasters just doesn't cut it and FOF has a 54" height requirement. I wouldn't be shocked if Soapbox Racers is part of some sort of package deal with Vekoma similar to what we saw with CP and Zamperla. I think a 3 ride deal with Vekoma featuring Soapbox, a Vekoma multi launch (Vortex replacement), and a madhouse would be a good deal tbh.
  22. In this video at about at about 8:27 Chad mentions there will be concrete staining done to help distinguish the area:
  23. I also wouldn't rule out Carowinds for 2026 as that will be 7 years since Copperhead Strike. Even though they are rumored to get a clone of Snoopy's Racing Railway next year, but that would be a cheap cookie cutter addition and more a kids addition than the next big thrill coaster addition. Also according to Amusement Insiders (who has been fairly reliable in the past) the big rumor for Wonderland is surprisingly Intamin. Obviously I'll believe it when I see it, but if true and coupled with what Eltororyan said awhile back about CF executives being rumored to have checked out Velocicoaster and was impressed and are looking into potentially doing multiple Intamin LSM projects (again ill believe when I see it), maybe Vortex replacement could be Intamin after all, but obviously not getting my hopes up.
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