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  1. Every year for the past 5 years I've thought it's their last season. Looks like this could be it.
  2. Just wait til you see it up close!
  3. Good morning everyone! Looks like today could be the day! Fingers crossed!
  4. Adding to this: That camera appears to be sitting in/on a milk crate held down by bricks. You can see it while you’re on Diamondback.
  5. They seem to do well about getting the fright lane passes through relatively quickly. I'd say it's usually not more than 20 minutes, and a lot of the time there isn't a line for fright lane.
  6. It's there. That locker is sitting right outside of Showplace Theatre.
  7. It was extremely crowded last night but I'm not sure about attendance. I heard it was already at around 43,000 at 7:00.
  8. You'd think since it's a new coaster it would have at least a small line but nope, people are so ungrateful for what KI does for us smh.
  9. I mean, I’ve ceartainly had rides on AE that made it feel like it was 100 years old...
  10. Wow! That news instantly made my day better! We can all rest easy now! I definitely think they made a good decision.
  11. I live in the opposite direction between the airport and KI, I can see the glow of the fireworks but not the fireworks themselves because of trees in the way! Edit: Warren County Airport
  12. Try living super close to the park. Every time a plane flies towards the park: "Oh I wonder if we're getting aerial pics soon?".
  13. Somehow I don't think the park would approve of that.
  14. I just hope they keep Cotton Eye Joe, I love annoying my girlfriend by singing that song to her every time it plays!
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