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  1. Haven't been on the forums much lately because of life stuff. I just came back and it has a new look! It looks great!
  2. Did you get pictures by any chance? I want to map these out but I need more pictures.
  3. As far as I can remember they haven't sold pieces of anything since Son of Beast.
  4. That was the day I became an "enthusiast" (I hate that word, not sure why.). I never followed the progress of Mystic much but I remember I couldn't wait for it to open. I had never been to one of the park's announcements, I had seen the line and decided it must be something cool so I got in and ended up seeing Mystic Timbers be announced.
  5. Can't say I've ever seen someone resurrect an 18 year old thread, well done I guess?
  6. It's either everyone wears masks, or KI becomes a massive COVID hotspot and gets shut down again. If people want to go to the park, they have to wear a mask. I visited on July 1st and was there for 5 hours, I was just fine wearing a mask. The more you wear one, the more used to it you get.
  7. I guess you could hold your breath?
  8. Anyone know the wait time for Orion? Seeing that line makes me glad I went yesterday!
  9. Just rode it and am having some BBQ as I write this. First off, the theming is INCREDIBLE! It went well beyond what I expected! Waiting in line there was a lot to look at. The actual ride was so much more intense than I expected. It’s very fast and doesn’t let up at any point. I think Orion is a wonderful addition to the park!
  10. I’ll certainly be posting some pictures when I go tonight!
  11. https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-roller-coaster-2020/Diamondback-kings-island Fixed your link, it took me to the share page instead of the voting page.
  12. Just got my first riders email. Check your inboxes!
  13. Staying at great wolf tonight, was hoping to get a view of Orion. So close, yet so far... (Orion is right behind the building, the dorms can barely be seen to the left of it.)
  14. Working just fine on my computer! That's a great video!
  15. Still says it's unavailable. Edit: Viewable on my phone but not my computer...
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