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  1. Sorry to reply to such an old post but what was that massive line for? Edit: Nevermind I can see that it's Diamondback.
  2. I don't like it because it's a huge building that's taking up tons of space. It just feels like a waste since it's only used for the maze contained in it during Halloween Haunt.
  3. I really wish they'd relocate Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror somewhere else like they did with Slaughterhouse in 2014, then they could tear down the tomb raider building.
  4. That was on the other side of the building. (Where the other set of chairs are on the map.) I don't think there was anything other than tables in that spot before, so they corrected it for this year by putting the tables there instead.
  5. From what I've seen and heard about Wasteland, it's not all that great. The houses and other scare zones seem to be much scarier. Wasteland feels like it could be so much more than it currently is. One improvement I can think of would be to add some animated props.
  6. There's places you wouldn't really think of as shelters that can be used as shelters. Example: When I worked in KillMart, if I remember correctly (It's been a few years) the tornado safety area for that was the walk in freezer for Jukebox Diner.
  7. Personally I'm glad Reds Hall of Fame Grille is gone. I have never had a good experience there. Hopefully it changes with this new restaurant.
  8. Of course one of the only nights I scheduled off it rains, just my luck!
  9. I'm going to Winterfest as a guest for the first time this year tonight, I can't wait to see the whole park instead of just the small area of Rivertown I'm usually at every night. Is there anything I should absolutely make sure I do/try?
  10. I don’t believe there is an ERT during Winterfest.
  11. I just got done working and from where I am at St. Nicks Pics (Normally the Diamondback’s gift shop) it looks like The Racer got the lighting package a lot of us were hoping for!
  12. That sounds really cool. I've never heard of anything like it. I'm assuming it attaches to the track via wheels? I'd love to see this thing so I can understand it better.
  13. I saw Coney tonight. All I can really say as of now is that I think you're correct.
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