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  1. In light of recent events it is now advised to stand at least 6' away from 1974.
  2. I suppose the opening day countdown at the top of the page should be removed now.
  3. I mean, they're not wrong at all... (I was an engineering student it's okay )
  4. I believe drive-thrus are also allowed, yes.
  5. My birthday is coming up next week and everything is closed because of the virus. It's gonna be one depressing birthday this year.
  6. Whoever made those should have to eat them, glass vial and all. One by one. In all seriousness, I wonder if any other shipments of fake ones have gone through?
  7. I would not at all be surprised if opening day gets delayed a bit. Things are being cancelled and delayed left and right all around the US.
  8. I feel like that would definitely break the 11th commandment, however, we need an official word on that.
  9. You're seriously underestimating the amount of work that goes into building the mazes at KI. I won't go into specifics, but it isn't just "quickly retrofitting"!
  10. I think most of Coney Mall does, I can't wait to see it in person!
  11. I've not had good luck with Banshee and disgusting stuff. I had two incidents last summer. One time I was riding alone and got off the ride and had a HUGE string of someones gum stuck to me. I can only assume that they stuck to the seat when they got off so that I'd sit in it. It ruined my favorite band t-shirt! About a month later I was at the park with my girlfriend and we pulled down the restraints and they were both covered in vomit. Ugh, I feel sick just thinking about it.
  12. Nicknames I've heard it called at the park so far: Go Ryan Onion Oh-ree-on Snow Ryan
  13. We all just need to wait patiently. There's only just over a month and a half left until we all get to ride it. If the park wants to keep something from being viewed by the public we shouldn't be going out of our way to undermine that.
  14. I was gonna be there tonight but wasn't able to make it. Have fun everyone!
  15. Where did you take this from?
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