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  1. If you're referring to last season, it was louder from the launch party sound system. This is something that has bothered me a lot. Really don't like the way it looks with them just sitting there inactive with a sign placed over the screen.
  2. Finally got to ride it yesterday! I got in line for it around 6 or 7, waited about 20 minutes, and then it went down. Ended up leaving the line after about another 20 minutes and rode some other stuff. Got back in line at around 9:00 and it went down again after waiting for a bit. I was 2 trains away from riding at this point so I waited it out. Ended up riding at around 9:50. Anyway, its SO much better! The helix is absolutely incredible now, as is the rest of the ride as well. The only thing I didn’t like is stopping 10+ times in the station as the train parked. I don’t recall it doing that before? Also, for the first time ever, I got off of The Beast without being in pain!
  3. You would think that, but actually that can’t happen due to the 11th commandment.
  4. I believe they got damaged by wind, unfortunately.
  5. What kind of grocery stores are you shopping at?
  6. Why do we keep reviving 10+ year old threads…?
  7. Holy necropost! I was two years old when the last post was made to this thread, now nearly 20 years later it “lives” again…
  8. Please remember that it is opening weekend / preview day. It’s associates first day back or even their first day in the park at all. Of course they’re going to be slow, they’re still learning how to do their jobs. It’s opening weekend, there’s going to be lines, there’s going to be tech problems from systems being overloaded, there’s going to be crowds.
  9. I think we need a WinterFest thread...
  10. Time for the yearly preseason “Everything is a walk on, nobody is here!” post!
  11. Oh wow, I’m really excited for this one! It’s been in need of an overhaul for so long!
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