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  1. Thank you, as someone who worked incredibly hard on all of the entertainment options this year, this really means a lot! It was a hectic, stressful year, but the effort and passion myself and the rest of the team put into the park this season really showed. There were quite literal blood, sweat, and tears involved. I’m so proud of everything I worked on this year, from the April 29th 50th show, to the cavalcade, to Fun Fireworks and Fifty, to haunt lasers, to jingle bass, to NYE at bandstand, it was a very good season. Already excited for 2023! Also, as for the Knotts part, just gotta give it time, I think the park is headed in that direction! Happy new year everyone!
  2. It's a coat rack with some coats and a hat on it, and the arms of the coats pop out and hat pops up revealing the face and arms of a monster, it also has an air cannon in it that goes off when the arms pop out. I'm not sure if it was running in Cornered as it was in pretty rough shape last time I looked at it. May have just been used as decoration. Here's the link from the company that makes it: https://www.scarefactory.com/index.php/product/fix705-haunted-coat-rack/
  3. I can help! The car in KillMart used to be in the OG Slaughterhouse back when it was in Chicken Shack The spinning tunnel in Chaos used to be in CarnEvil (Not 100% sure on this one) The "living coat rack" monster thing that was in Cornered this year used to be in Wolf Pack, if my memory serves me right, it was in Holiday Horror before that. The drop panels in the hallway scene in Hotel St. Michelle are leftover from Urgent Scare I'm sure there's more that I can't think of, I'll update the list if I think of any more. This was fun to think about!
  4. Same experience here. My managers and supervisory team made sure I was off by 8 in order to be home before it got super nasty out. If the park had not closed early, anyone who had to stay would’ve been driving home in very dangerous road conditions. Closing early was definitely the right move. Very thankful that happened.
  5. Yes, obviously they will close if attendance is low, it's a business. It doesn't make sense to run a theme park with extremely low attendance. They'd just be losing money. Also, as others have said, forecasts change by the minute and they announced the early close hours before the park even opened.
  6. I love Wintergatan, and the fact that there's not one but multiple Wintergatan tracks in the Winterfest BGM playlist makes me very happy.
  7. With Winterfest happening, pretty much everyone is super busy working on keeping that going. I wouldn't be surprised if it took until well into the offseason if the cameras get fixed.
  8. Who knew KI is in Australia? Not me!
  9. Even worse is when this happens while the park is closed and I’m working near a ride that still has fun tv playing for hours on end. I remember last season I was working on something near Delirium and was subjected to fun tv playing for a solid 8 hours, wish I would’ve played this game, I’d probably win haha.
  10. Pretty sure it was open last season.
  11. Not something a guest said, but last night in Rivertown I scared someone who was sitting in a corner eating beans straight from a can. No idea how they even got that in, or how they opened it. It totally caught me off guard!
  12. Slider here! The metal is Ferrocerium, there’s small cylinders/rods of it embedded into a plastic/rubber piece, which is attached to my glove with epoxy. The metal on my boots and fingers can certainly get warm if I do a long slide. The worst is when the sparks burn my glove, at one point tonight my glove was smoking after I made a ton of sparks haha. I mainly go for anyone who looks spooked, and people who aren’t paying attention. No lore that I’m aware of.
  13. I pretty much live on ibuprofen and Gatorade for a couple days, sliding is so fun but man does it hurt after a while, especially Sunday! (Sorry for the double post, couldn’t figure out how to add a quote into an edit on mobile.)
  14. We go to Rivertown about 35 - 40 minutes after opening ceremony. We stay there for a while, then we move to coney for a while, then pumpkin eater for about 25 minutes, then back to main gate for 30 minutes or so, then to bandstand / Eiffel Tower until about 5 minutes before close, then back to front gate for the picture at the end of the night. Also, I have purple makeup and long hair, it’s grown much longer than my profile picture. If anyone sees me feel free to say hi!
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