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  1. I mean, if a kid (politely) asks me for a picture, I’m not gonna say no. There’s a difference between being scary and just being rude. Taking pictures with people is part of my job.
  2. I like this idea. Showplace is starting to show its age and really could use an overhaul or update of sorts in my opinion. I’d also like to see a solid roof instead of that sun shade material that’s currently there, that way rain wouldn’t be as much of an issue, though that may be a controversial opinion.
  3. Peter… Peter… pumpkin eater… (Repeat x10,000) I only scared in that area for about 30 minutes every night last year when I was sliding but it never failed that I’d be leaving the park with that stuck in my head.
  4. Yes it does! No boos don’t work inside the mazes, only the scare zones. Please don’t.
  5. They did this when I came in as a guest a couple of months ago.
  6. I think that was me? I found socks, underwear, and shorts under the tower earlier in the season.
  7. Seeing myself in that thumbnail will always catch me off guard now matter how many times I see that picture.
  8. I mean, if it makes you feel any better, KD’s website does say that gold passholders (and any tiers above gold) still get in.
  9. For auditions they’ll ask you all the typical job questions, they might have you improvise a character (Not as hard or involved as it sounds), and they’ll probably have you scream or yell. If you get the position, the biggest tip I can give is to pace yourself. You’ll probably hear this over and over again from your supervisors. You’ll want to go wild on Friday nights, and then when Saturday night hits, you’ll be completely exhausted. Drink water. Seriously. You’ll hear this one all the time, too. Try not to use overused lines. (“Boo” and “get out” are the worst ones.) There’s plenty more advice I can give if you need it. The biggest thing is just have fun, enjoy it. This will be my 8th season scaring, sometimes it’s the most fun you can have at a job. Break a leg!
  10. No thank you, I enjoy my freedom.
  11. As it says on their website, it’s down for 4th of July prep.
  12. Oh, wow. I really hate that ad. It feels very “six flags”. I’ve never been a fan of advertising in theme parks at all, but I get why it’s important. When I visit a park, it’s like an escape from reality, and I feel like being shown ads really takes away from that.
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