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  1. Halloween Horror nights is about to get even more crowded.
  2. That calendar is almost as bad as Dorney's. What the heck is going on? Parks are gonna be packed this year. Spring has already been nuts so far. Some of these Cedar Fair parks should have opened up in March like they normally do. Some Six Flags parks did and Dollywood did.
  3. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/entertainment/fireworks This page states there will be fireworks tomorrow Sat May 8th. There was also fireworks on passholder preview night in 2019 when the park was open on a Friday from 5-10pm. The difference is this year for the first time ever Fast Lane is valid on preview night.
  4. I feel like I can't vote since I have only been to 3 of the parks on that list. Cedar Point, Carowinds and Kings Island. Of those 3 Carowinds wins out even with the god awful Vortex. Diamondback is better than Intimidator. Fury is better than Orion and is the best B&M I have been on. Banshee beats out Afterburn but Afterburn is one hell of a ride and still smooth. Raptor is getting a bit rough and the end of that ride can be real nasty. I have had good rides on Rougarou, and some real headbangers too. I'm not the biggest Valravn fan and I think it would barely make my top 10 at Cedar Point let alone a B&M or overall list. GateKeeper is probably the best B&M at Cedar Point and the only wing I have rode that is better is Thunderbird. Ironically Holiday World's lineup is so strong that Thunderbird at that park is my number 4 in the park. So that leaves King's Island and Carowinds almost tied for best B&M park out of the 3 and Cedar Point a distant third. I give Carowinds the edge because of Fury and they have 4 versus King's Island 3.
  5. Now that you mention it I was at Carowinds that summer and I did see Busker Jam. It fits in with the theming there better than it ever can in Rivertown.
  6. If we create a new thread for everything then why have this thread at all?
  7. So if Busker Jam is gonna be at the Mystic Timbers truck how is that gonna work with roller coaster noise and the sound effects in the queue line?
  8. So far I have seen one random employee on a reddit thread say its no Maverick and not as intense or give as much airtime. Then today someone who rode it today says it basically puts Maverick to shame and gives crazy airtime. So it really makes me wonder which is it really? I am likely not going to get to ride it until 2022.
  9. That was hinted at by the park for the 50th but that was prior to Covid so I would be surprised to see it happen now.
  10. Explain what HIPAA violations have happened. I'm confused. How is asking someone if they got a covid shot a HIPAA violation? How is someone randomly telling people they got it without being asked a violation?What makes those things you mentioned more "lethal" than covid? Where is your science and data to back up that claim?
  11. Anybody high risk that you may live with should already have the vaccine. If not that is on them. With the vaccine, odds are extremely high that they are safe. Also this is not a CP decision. It is a Cedar Fair decision. What do you have against GP? Are you saying "Thoosies" are less likely to break Cedar Fair's rules or maybe less likely to break your made up rules than say the "GP" are? I doubt anyone is leaving masks at home either as you still need them anywhere indoors. Are you telling me the "GP will not be using the restroom, or riding Boo Blasters or Flight of Fear or walking in the FestHaus for food or shopping? I have also pointed out your errors in your 6 feet guests walking by statement in a previous post too. The science proves you need to be standing within 6 feet of someone for so many minutes in order to catch the virus. So besides the fact that it is very hard to catch outdoors the chance of someone catching it from a stranger simply walking by is slim to none. It is not dangerous to just simply walk by someone outdoors maskless. Also you just did what IndyGuy asked us not to do 2 posts above yours.
  12. I assume its frozen tots going in a fryer and if so are you saying they are holding the them too long under a heat lamp? I never really had a problem last year. Side note why can't I sub out tots for mac and cheese on the meal plan or at the very least pay the difference in price? Mac and cheese is better at Coney BBQ anyway and its on the meal plan there.
  13. If one does not have to wear a mask how do you wear one improperly? You also forget many of us have been vaccinated. Also i read somewhere that the science proves that you need to be standing within 6 feet of someone for x amount of minutes in order to really catch the virus outdoors. So just walking by someone on the midway should be safe.
  14. Last couple posts on page 2 would prove otherwise.
  15. Last line here states you do not have to wear masks on outdoor rides.. I have both shots so I'm glad we will not have to wear masks in the heat and looks like they will not be enforcing masks outdoors at all.
  16. Can you go into more detail on why they were uninvited from Coastermania? I am currently in this club and did I make a bad decision in picking this club? I am gonna probably join ACE at some point and Drunk Riders are trying to get a new club going called Buzzed Bars. Probably best to wait a year on that one and see if they actually get invited to anything. Editing to say I did not realize someone necro'ed this thread from a year ago so ignore my question and quote. Feel free to delete it.
  17. May means Six Flags is out because their stuff never opens on time. May could mean Cedar Fair but the only park that was due for anything that we know of was King's Dominion. Whatever happened to the 4d Freespin track spotted in the lot last year?
  18. Wonder how this will compare to Chick-Fil-A and it is on the mealplan unlike Chick-Fil-A. Now if only they would get knockoff Chick-Fil-A sweet tea. Also did Nathan Gushulak replace Chef Major?
  19. Only the end of Raptor has got bad but I'm sure it won't be long before the rest of it is too. Afterburn is still smooth with the same restraints but I still prefer the vest restraints like Banshee has.
  20. The Legend is not rough at all but if you want a rough CCI go to Mount Olympus.
  21. Nighthawk does not duel load like Firehawk did. So if its a hot sunny day you are waiting on the brake run staring at hot sun. Try and ride that one at night if the park is open late. When you say Eagles do you mean Mountain Gliders? I rode one like it at Indiana Beach and thought it was terrible. I almost got sick. The park does have cheap hotels right across the street. I have stayed at Best Western and the Motel 6. I prefer Best Westerns but the Motel 6 is likely somewhere around $65 and a nice hotel.
  22. I do not but Carowinds did have a 1 reservation policy in place for their Christmas tasting event last year. I just assumed this year would start out the same way.
  23. Cedar Point and Carowinds have just announced reservations are required for their dry parks as well. I wonder if the dry side of King's Island will do so as well. Cedar Fairs one reservation at a time policy makes it hard to plan any multiday trip and other large parks like Dollywood and Hershey allow at least 3 in a row.
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