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  1. hmm not sure. guess well find out lol
  2. i didnt see any the last time i was up there.
  3. Will Kings Island be doing a big celebration for their 50th anniversary?
  4. LOL Just messing around, i think either a ground up RMC or something like Copper Head Strike
  5. what do i think is going to replace Vortex? A ferris wheel
  6. why would you even want them to buy CF????????????????
  7. okay i was going to say lol. I think we will get and need a ground up RMC. Its a flagship park for CF and it dont have an RMC, plus it would be cool for ohio to have 2 giga's and 2 rmc's
  8. omg one of those at Ki you're joking right lol
  9. No issues with AT&T. That’s with live streaming at the park too a lot.
  10. Check out this video from Fye Coasters!!
  11. the vertical loops and the batwing and the corckscrews?
  12. I wonder why TPR is still on there. The owner is pretty rude.
  13. Yeah possibly. Im digging it too! Love the new view from the park
  14. what happens if the drone is above the "airspace" that you are allowed to fly in?
  15. Yeah Orion is 5321 and Diamondback is 5282ft it has to be in the brake run.
  16. watch it not fit lol after all that work
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