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  1. I haven't seen it in person only clips from YouTube. Some parts were cringe but I hope that's just because shows translate differently when you're there in person rather than seeing it through the lens of a video. I think the phantom theater idea is fantastic as a show, But it kind of missed the mark on many of the acts.
  2. Has it been announced if these new rides will be able to operate during Winterfest?
  3. I really hope OSHA doesn't see that 2nd photo. It just looks a little over 4 feet off the ground. Not a good look safety wise in front of all the guests in the park.
  4. The execution was full of poor decisions but I still find the concept can work. But I'm not surprised, I gave it a year.
  5. So if you say Confirmed.... Can you say "300 million dollar investment in the next 10 years confirmed" right here into the microphone
  6. Or just give it a year without power washing
  7. https://youtu.be/Uogymbk2VCI After seeing videos of the concept now in action I have a much better impression of the new stand-up design & I gotta say I'm impressed! If a manufacturer sees upgrade potential in a product that's often bottom ranked rollercoasters, then B&M looks to have (FINALLY) fixed Stand Up rollercoasters! Pipeline at SeaWorld showcases the first product wonderfully and looks like it's a hit with fans and guests. If this is where Surf Coasters begin it is my hope they go all out with the airtime on the next iteration! I can't believe I'm actually about to say this after vowing to never ride another... I'm kinda excited to ride this standup one day. While I am against the idea of Kings Island getting another B&M for their next coaster. If it's a Surf I'll have no problem with that! Bring on the return of King Cobra!
  8. Like fine wine! Feels like yesterday we were talking about #5 is alive.
  9. This news more so made me realize just how OLD I am because I remember going on this it's opening year.
  10. Dude... Sandra and Dannys car just flew over the parking lot!!! Unreal
  11. I've wondered the same thing. Tried to remove it in the past. Not to sound like a millennial but... No one uses AIM anymore
  12. As long as you weren't thinking it's too dark then I'd say they work!
  13. I haven't seen it in person and don't know how the show comes across live, but watching through a video... It was kinda cringe at some parts. Does it come off that way in person?
  14. Not technically a ride, but I'd like to mention what was removed in order for Diamondback to be built. IMO Diamondback removed more then it gave with that being the entire vibe of Rivertown. DBs construction is responsible for the removal of the TRTR plaza, old Beast plaza, the lake, Rivertown Mining buildings, and pretty much obliterated the aesthetics of Rivertown. I enjoy Diamondback, but I would gladly take back old Rivertown.
  15. Or... Imagine this. A company that utilizes AI to create an immersive screen based attraction content. Basically a user can Input the kind of ride they want and AI will do the rest. We're closer than you may think to this technology becoming a very real thing.
  16. Yoooo Rickster! Good to see you still on this site after all these years!
  17. Not necessarily, the footage on the 360 camera I captured at BGT was amazing, felt like footage out of a commercial. Again, it was done with body mounting gear.
  18. It's a forum. We noticed the new paint on the walls and now are discussing the roof. Most topics of construction will be dissected here as we receive updates.
  19. If the launch water coaster is a success at Six Flags, this would be the perfect plot.
  20. Also the park has moved on from it's show building aesthetics back when it was Paramount. Other than Diamondback, each new attraction has made it's corresponding area beautiful without many ugly sightlines. That building has DB right over the entrance to the cave, plus I think having it removed would allow WWC entrance to have some air to breathe and most importantly, open up the area for expansion.
  21. Even though I love and miss with a passion TRTR, it's time to pull that bandaid and just remove it. But... At the same time KI is in DESPERATE need of a thrilling dark ride and the building is there. KI is lacking in the inversion department right now, only 3 coasters in the park have inversions so I'd love to see a thrill ride that includes inversions.
  22. No it does not. It's a conversation and clearly it is still ongoing. The discussion kind of went off topic from the original question which for everyone reading this I humbly ask to read. I updated the thread name to reflect this
  23. What is dark ride data base? You have to site a source with these claims.
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