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  1. That wouldn't work with the locations. Read the first post.
  2. This wouldn't work in terms of current attraction location and what previously was located there.
  3. Incredible!! I've been listening to CoasterRadio since it's first episode. Amazing interview and well done.
  4. -REMOVE 3 ATTRACTIONS +ADD 3 PAST ATTRACTIONS (But they can only be attractions that previously were located in the attraction you removed) Here's how it works. If you could remove any 3 CURRENT attractions in the park and have the attraction that PREVIOUSLY was located there, what would they be For example: Vortex -> BAT Action Theater Haunts -> Action Theater Banshee -> Son of Beast Here's mine: Backlot Stunt Coaster - For Les Taxis Diamondback - Keep old rivertown and Lake Boo Blasters on Boo Hill - for Phantom Theater
  5. I think KI social media could be so much better. When compared to Uni, WoF, Kentucky Kingdom
  6. TOGOs greatest gift to America, the world's best coaster Manhattan Express!
  7. Definitely a hot lead if that is the case. Does anyone have any closer photos of this paper?
  8. I truly hope you are just being sarcastic when you mentioned Festhaus
  9. There is always something going on with the Webcam and always a "reason" it's offline. If you are not caught up on the craziness of the Webcam fiasco I recommend searching old topics and posts on its questionable history of being online and offline at all the right/wrong moments. I'm not even sure if the posts are still there so many were deleted. To be honest, it would make a great Netflix mystery Documentary.
  10. Not that I disagree, but rollercoasters as a historical landmark can be quite taboo outside of the community that enjoys them. Not even the GP know or understand what an ACE landmark is. They see a plaque and think, Oh this must be important. Now ACE landmarks are not voted upon politically, they are the enthusiasts deeming an attraction a landmark or not. Much like structures around the world, there has to come a time when their use cannot be of service anymore by a number of reasons. Take a look at Vegas which has seen a HUGE change in it's skyline in the past 50 years. Truly iconic resorts have been blown up to make way for something new. Is it disappointing to see the past go in such a tragic way? Of course. I would hate to see Racer leave in any form. But I have to be open to the idea that sometimes things do change and when they do it is mostly for the better.
  11. One of Kings Islands most ambitious project to date has been Tomb Raider: The Ride. Without turning this into a history of the attraction Tomb Raider closed at the end of the 2007 season and it's follow up The Crypt closed the ride for good at the end of the 2011 season. For over a decade the Queue facade, tunnel, and show building has been standing in the ashes of what was once a headliner attraction as a seasonal Halloween Haunt maze. Now that it has been a decade since the rides removal, what do you feel should be done with this plot of land?
  12. Kind of ridiculous! They can tell themselves it isn't age discrimination but in a court of law I don't see that working in Cedar Fairs favor if it came to that.
  13. The chat in the topic at the time was if it would affect the new water park expansion. Which ultimately they did. This Cicada Brood only stuck around deciduous trees, like elm, chestnut, ash, maple, and oak. If you have a fear of insects don't think you won't see one or perhaps hit one while at KI. If that doesn't bother you then keep an eye out for the Blue eyed ones, there are big collectors that will pay a pretty penny for them!
  14. Wow... 17 years ago I was posting on PKIUnlimuted about the same brood. How are they back already where did the past 17 years go?!
  15. Dec 13, 2004 was my very first post on PKICentral. I was a member of PKIUNLIMITED from 2003. My first post there was in regards to cicadas in the water park.
  16. In a more open ended question; Most if not all rollercoasters around the world follow a very linear path where the route taken can be seen before and during the ride. For attractions such as these there is no immersion to be discussed as it is built as just a thrilling attraction. But for rides more so found in Universal or Disney built around densely themed areas, sometimes Roller coaster track and their mechanics can break this. Coasters such as Expidition Everest and Thunder Mountain they use the theme to incorporate itself into the track to further immerse the riders. But for some very well theme rollercoasters, EX; Hagrids, Space Mountain, and The Mummy. The environment does not mix with the large track leading the way My question to you, do you find that roller coaster track breaks immersion on select attractions?
  17. I'd like to start that this post is in no way any sort of comparison to current corperate positions. Just my memory of the early 2000s with Jeff and Maureen. The relationship was a fantastic bond of Corporate from the park and its Fans. You can look back at older youtube videos of old tours and events and even the spoof videos for IJST, Son of Beast, and my all time favorite Tomb Raider The Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! Jeff and Maureen were quite the power house together and down to earth people that just loved their job. Just listening to Maureen at a winter tour make fun of Jeff for losing his "flipping keys" on Tomb Raider is the true embodiment of their work relationship. They were fun, full of charism, and loved us!
  18. In order; 1) Green lantern at SFMM 2) Green lantern at SFMM 3) Green lantern at SFMM Runner-ups; Gwazi, T3, Iron Wolf and every other stand up B&M
  19. This poll is extremely askewed at its current poll position, granted they have 10 days left in the poll but somethings we know are above others and vise versa that should not be from a realistic perspective. To say Catwoman's Whip is above Runaway Railway Or Cheetah Chase well above Rise of the Resistance? I want to take polls like this seriously but this just does not feel genuine. I want to see the parks and hard working teams that worked years of their life on for these attractions to receive the gratitude and recognition that's deserved. But (for example) to the imagineers that works years on a an original attraction such as Runaway Railway be outdone by Catwoman's Whip is just not right. I ask you please don't repeat vote for Orion just because you want to see it #1, vote for the attractions if you repeat vote that deserve the recognition! I can tell you now there are many on this list that well deserve it!
  20. I don't understand how so many of you are upset over the land clearing of trees but Cedar Fair with their rides have done it for years with their new attractions.
  21. It was a HUGE event with real prizes. Members were chosen to compete in events on the forums such as answer extremely difficult questions or concept a new ride among other fun things. Only contestants could post in the topic while everyone else could watch and vote for their favorite. Personally never seen the forums boom as large as it was when a game commenced.
  22. Woah! I remember that day with Uncle Henry filming this video!
  23. Here it is, my full review of Orion... In what may be the most divisive roller coaster in the industry, since it's announcement Orion was split down the middle with the GP and enthusiasts that had excitement and dissatisfaction. Many aspects of the ride was critically dissected from it's theme, layout, height and overall experience. I made my own interpretations but knew when it came to my first ride I would clear those preconceived notions and go into the experience with an open mind. That being said on a cold windy day on its final operating day of its opening year of 2020 I finally was able to make that decision. I had the opportunity to ride twice, once in the front and the back. First off, big applause to the crew that did a fantastic job under the circumstances of the many operation changes in 2020. They still brought the great standards we have come to love with Cedar Fairs crew. Starting the ride and moving Into the lift I began my initial thoughts. The height while riding definitely feels like a giga coaster providing amazing views. Seeing us raise higher and above WindSeeker was a great opportunity to see new perspectives; However, I found myself turning back to gaze at the park as the direction of the lift facing the back of the park didn't provide the views I had hoped. Cresting the top and going into the drop was by far the best moment in the ride creating quite possibly the best airtime moment in any of the coasters in the park and left me in an audible GASP and expletive words leaving my mouth it true shock (especially moreso in the back). The front seat unfortunately does not whip you over. The length of the drop itself though was short left me wanting more on such a tall coaster. It reminded me of Millennium Force where the long crest gave a better sensation of a longer, more intimidating drop. While I do love the whip into the steep drop, I ultimately felt the drop on Millennium Force was the experience I prefer. The transition into the wave turn and turnaround were... well... tame. Once again B&M had such speed to take advantage of and forces that could have been utilized but they came limited. The airtime coming out of the wave turn was nice but after experienced the tremendous drop it didn't fill that gap of continuing the momentum, instead leading into a rather forceless two following elements. The speed, while fast just did not feel like 90mph. I was noticing a rather familiar sence of speed when riding Diamondback. Going into the low airtime hill was just as I would hope. Full of great air. After riding Leviathan and loving the low to ground transitions the low airtime hill did not disappoint, but after two lackluster previous elements and a trimmed larger airtime hill where air on Diamondback provide more positive Gs, so much of the excitement had been lost. At this point in the ride I knew the ride experience was already nearing it's end but still had the unique helix and final turn. The helix is where that momentum in speed is all but lost, while still providing neg Gs, it was low. I did have a slight gray out However, the element felt that it could have used better banking and tighter turns to break the it's element into more than just a slightly banked turn. Thankfully the following final turn provided that great over bank I so wanted in the helix. Underwhelmed by the helix the final turn was a nice pop of air but the ride leading to that point had left a sour taste. In conclusion, Orion is a great roller coaster full of some amazing elements and an amazingly smooth rollercoaster, quite possibly one of the smoothest I've ever experienced. I only wish the layout had more thought involved. It's location and height had such a tremendous opportunity to truly create a custom layout that differentiates itself from the pack of other B&M gigas. Though I will say I do appreciate that Kings Island has finally got its giga even if it isn't the one that I had hoped for. Conclusion Orion is a great roller coaster line up to Kings Island. Regardless of the overall experience it cannot be disputed that it is a good ride.
  24. It may be possible. In 2008 when working on the ride in the drive box we have panel that shows the speed of trains in the shed (long stretch of covered track), the quick dip (the lowest point in the ride), and the entry into the final helix. During some Haunt days I recall seeing hits of speeds at 73-75mph at the quick dip. During colder temperature they would remove the trims at the mid course.
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