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  1. In an alternate reality, What would have an RMC SOB looked like?
  2. Has an official live stream been announced. Otherwise any social media outlets going to be live streaming the event?
  3. Sigh, here it comes. I'm not here to talk about Don or Chad. What I do want to discuss is the maturity of corporations on Social Media. You see, up until I would say 2016/2017 social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have been straight and to the point. Update Guest about X thing happening on X day. Today when you think of good online social accounts run by theme park / manufacturing accounts I think of; https://twitter.com/HorrorNightsORL https://twitter.com/universalorl/ https://twitter.com/RockyMtnConst/ https://twitter.com/altontowers/ These are just to name a few but many others exist. On top of just the language used I really would like everyone here to also look at the REPLYs tab. This is what IMO makes a social stand out. Uni replies to an exceptional amount of tweets both good and bad. RMC plays back and forth with its fans and other parks twitter accounts. I could go on and on. Twitter for these places actually feel like were having an active conversation and that as a guest or pass member feels... well... good! Now take a look at the online presence of not just Kings Island, but Cedar Fair in general it just seems like a one sided conversation. There isn't any reply to any mentions! Not even when Kyle at KD posted the following did Kings Island like or even respond. Not that it is a big deal with that specific example but it shows a lack of using the "social" in social media. Now compared to how Universal expresses concern when a tweet with a critique is sent, This is how my tweet was responded to back in 2019. And to this day am still blocked. I don't hold a grudge, I still love this park but I wish here in a digital age there were actual communication between the parks and their guests. Nemo out
  4. Kings Island??? Sorry never heard of it
  5. I wouldn't say they are struggling after hearing their recent quarterly. CF is a fairly conservative company when it comes to their checkbook
  6. Thankfully rain is something you can prepare for.
  7. Honestly, I just wish we had more transportation rides. Does sky lift count as a duel ride because that's what I want! There just needs to be a way for families to traverse the park quickly. The best route I feel is from Area 15 to Planet Snoopy.
  8. So here is a short funny Starlight story for everyone! It was spring 2010 and my very first task of the season was to get in a boom lift and begin decorating the trees with the Christmas lights for Starlight Experience. One tree in particular in the south east corner of the tower was my tree. I wrapped that tree from trunk to branch and was so happy about it. When it came to powering up the lights my tree was substantially worse than the others. A friend there asked me what happened? I replied, "Dude I'm Jewish I've never wrapped a tree!!!"
  9. So this all but confirms that Adventure Port was a last minute decision as many here speculated. Not that it takes away from the final result. Even though the area was heavily delayed, it is a very welcome addition!
  10. Because opinions differ. I'm in the boat that found Orion to be a one and done experience. Yeah it's fun, not gonna say it isn't. It just didn't tick the marks I expect out of a 'giga'. Who chose that layout and why?
  11. Trust me I'd love to see the return of the water feature at Beast. In fact, back in 2008 I recall The Beast crew fed a water hose up the station and had it running through most of the 4th of July weekend. They also had station music. It was a cool site to see but it didn't last long. CF has gotten better when it comes to themeing but with dynamic theming such as water, mist, or flames until they can prove they can upkeep I'm just not so sure if this is doable. For now that is.
  12. Hi, Nemo here! not exactly sure what you are asking…
  13. Response of the year right there Is that a triple pun?!
  14. I wonder if the area is popular enough for Meow Wolf, because that's what it needs.
  15. Bottom line, When being a regular entry guest doesn't feel like the experience was meant for you because you didn't pay for premium.
  16. I'm kind of getting over the nickel and dime approach for premium experiences at parks. They basically removed paid attractions and just rebranded them under the guise of paid 'premium' Experiences. It's not necessarily the new Fast Lane single us, but a combination of things I'm noticing around park chains. We all say it about Disney World, or Having your internet throttled by streaming services. I don't want a Company like CF to have that same approach. Now they dangle this 'premium' in front of guests for $10. If you want to have fun you have to pay extra. this opens up a much larger conversation outside the scope of the original post so I'll leave it here. Otherwise, I'm still surprised wristbands are still a thing and hasn't been rolled out digitally to the app. Great way to increase traffic to KIs official app, more money for KI
  17. I'm not talking about the photo. Some details of new experiences were said and I know many would like to see the new changes for themselves. It's not against TOS or anything but the forum does have a 'Hidden' option
  18. I haven't seen it in person only clips from YouTube. Some parts were cringe but I hope that's just because shows translate differently when you're there in person rather than seeing it through the lens of a video. I think the phantom theater idea is fantastic as a show, But it kind of missed the mark on many of the acts.
  19. Has it been announced if these new rides will be able to operate during Winterfest?
  20. I really hope OSHA doesn't see that 2nd photo. It just looks a little over 4 feet off the ground. Not a good look safety wise in front of all the guests in the park.
  21. The execution was full of poor decisions but I still find the concept can work. But I'm not surprised, I gave it a year.
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