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  1. just checked the camp cedar website and it definetly needs work. Military discount is spelled "mililtary". I mean really ? was just checking on dates for my vacation availibilty this summer. Some proofreading please.
  2. yea they usually are opened the full week in mid august but only until 8. not sure why only man and tuesday. Also somewhat screwy to close weekday operations on august 15 when national rollercoaster day is the next day august 16.
  3. . the raft in question for this tragedy was flat even though it had been repaired the previous day. this whole situatiuon appears to be improper training and procedures. I mean really using flex seal to patch the bladders. I wouldn't even flex seal on the floaties in my pool at home. Seems odd that they think it would be too much to bring the ride back to operational standards. My guess is that they would have to relace all the rafts and they felt it would be too much. they were reported to have 17 violations for the ride and as usuall it isn't the manufacturer at fault but rather the operations at the individual park. truly a sad story.
  4. well they have updated their website to include a link to Kings Island as local attractions. they do have stay and play packages, although for those of us with passes it doesn't do anything. I really expect that with the campground being managed now by campground management company I would expect things to be run better. as I stated in the past my main issue was staffing and now that they are no longer part of ki i expect that to be better. it will be interesting though to see if they add any cabins to the vacant areas. they advertise 73 cottages which is probably enough except for holidays. although i have tried to reserve the smaller cabins and they are almost always sold out. Well we shall see how things go.
  5. well I guess. i prefer the paper cup option just because I do not want to carry a cup around all day. you can get a new one every 15 minutes. In addition do not have to worry about storing it when you go on a coaster.
  6. i think that KI after closing and selling the campground to great wolf made it clear they are not interested in managing resorts. There are enough hotels around the area and KI IMO wants to be free to manage their park and not compete with the hotels in the area. Parks lot CP that aren't near an urban area are in a different situation.
  7. not sure why but Cedar Fair has been late to the table on the water coaster front, except the ones at the parks they purchased which already had them. we can only hope they add them in the future.
  8. lots of bad reviews IMO from when the opening was delayed and people had reservations that could not be had. So I wouldn't give much thought to the reviews. My favorite one was the complaint of a stink bug in the cabin. you are in the midwest, in the late summer/early fall i have stink bugs all over the screens on my house . So yes you do have to get them out, but I can't see I would complain about a single stink bug. I never had a problem at camp cedar. just a little disappointed the bar/food stands by the pool were not open on the week we stayed. But it would not prevent me from visiting this suimmer. most of our time is spent in the park anyway and with the meal plan / refig in the cabin it was just a minor inconvenience.
  9. i can see the logic from camp cedar as far as staffing goes. So now instead of depending on Cedar Fair deciding how many staff they need they can make those decisions on their own. Of course they probably loose the ability to house workers at the Cedar Fair dorms. this may not be as bad as it seems. It could simply be a business decision on both sides to what is best for their own businesses. Of course now their management company will have to deal with all the messy stuff like payroll, benefeits etc. But I actually look forward to it.
  10. i had the same thing happen yesterday, i thought it was just me. My guess is someone is updating their websites. maybe we are all just jumping the gun. who knows.
  11. not sure what is going on I visited last summer in the first week of august sun thru wed and none of their food places by the pool were opened. Wasn't a terrible inconvenience as we spent most of the time in the park. just seemed odd. stayed at one of the 8 person cabins and it was great. i still haven't been able to see if any of the smaller cabins are available yet, none seem to show as available . maybe they aren't built yet. not sure. I have to wonder if staffing is an issue. was on the shuttle bus and they dropped off several workers at the dorms behind great wolf so maybe CF has decided staffing a resort and the park isn't in their best interest. doesn't really affect me except for the season pass discount on the reservation whether they are affiliated with KI or not.
  12. always a dicey proposition for parks in the north/midwest to start a project and finish by opening day. See The Beast this past season. 50 degrees is usually the ideal lowest temp for pouring concrete. It can be done below 50 but that requires additives to the process. So yea i guess this is off topic but I can see them pouring concrete for the buildings in the cold weather. Probably not for the 2 new rides though.
  13. Just got out of michigan and landed in atl. So I guess I will miss it. Might do holiday in the park at six flags georgia. But it will still be chilly. Good luck with the weather.
  14. not really a big fan of the limited menu that chains bring in. i usually go with brew house and the inside seating places. I also tend to go with the grilled chicken over breaded. just a preference.
  15. had a similar incident on orion. Got flagged on my car insurance app for speeding while on Orion. Now i simply disable the location tracking before I get in the park.
  16. well I would think the second half of The Racer needs retracked and probably more retracking on The Beast. Also definetly more parking lot work, especially at Soak City are needed. Not sure you can much of this document outside of routine work on coasters like retracking and working on chain lifts etc. I think they just list all things they might do so they include all vendors which doesn't mean all those will be doing any work this off season.
  17. I would love another B&M due to the high volume of guest they push through. But I just feel with the amount of B&M in thepark they might go with another manufacturer for diversity. My top 2 wishes woud be a ground up RMC as none of the woodies will ever get RMC'd and the other choice would be an intamin launch like velocicoaster/ Maverick (CP). However with the amount of down time Maverick experiences at CP not sure KI wants to go that route. Intamin may need to hit a home run with the re do of dragster in order to get new business with Cedar Fair, So I would like to see an RMC. RMC does I believe also offer magnet launch options so a launch RMC would be awesome . just my opinion.
  18. I did the same thing. went to cp one time this year. So I went with gold pass only with food, drinks and photo which came to $ 364. If I go to CP my son has platinum and we will do a bring a friend discount and I'll just pay for all day drinks. VIP area really doesn't do anything for me .
  19. i like. as far as kids go i like the restraint at cp for snake river falls. But usually the summer vists are coasters until 1, then Soak City till around 4 , back in the park with swim stuff still on and white water canyon and congo falls and then coasters the rest of the nite after dinner. So I would definetly miss Congo falls it went away. Although without paramount movie rigts and of course the area it takes up I might like to see it in Rivertown. Probably not possible though.
  20. good youtube video from theme park predictions on the fact Cedar Fair has zero water coasters well except for the water park they purchased (Schlitterbahn) which already had two water coaster
  21. well the vip section was around 39 a day before the prestige pass offered. So I would think it will take the parks a bit to get everything on the same page as far as what the demand will be in the vip area. Since the rollout was a bit lacking in clarity as to what was offered at what park I elected to skip the prestige and stay with the gold/platinum for 2023 and let everything play out for a year. I may go with the prestige after next season (2024) but that will depend on what the reviews the people on this site give for prestige in the 2023 season.
  22. watch the documentary Class Action Park about Action Park in New Jersey in the late 70's early eighties. Lots of that went on amongst guest and employees. Lots of underage drinking without supervision amongst the high school/college age staff and you can guess what sort of things happened.
  23. the closest thing to a water coaster is mondo monsoon. Great wolf next store has 2 decent ones. Not huge but decent for an inside park. Yes i visit the water park nearly trip there in the summer.
  24. not something I would expect from folks above 30. Would think maybe kids in the early twenties. But I guess. Hope it was worth it as far as $$ the court case/fines will run.
  25. chaperone policy enter stage right. The only parks with issues are those near urban areas with public transportation systems. Never have seen much as far unaccompanied minors causing problems at CP, however have seen it at KI. If these parks want to make $$ and become a family destination for vacations they may have to make some hard choices.
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