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  1. The Vortex is not the Corkscrew. Also, being a ride op on a Arrow looper at CP does not make you an expert on the daily maintenance of a Arrow looper at KI.
  2. The wheels on Vortex do not develop flat spots. Nor are there any "rough areas" on the track.
  3. Logic in this thread?!? What is this sorcery?
  4. "Management," rightfully so, BSed you. It's the same reason their used to be yellow tape on the bottom of the restraints for TG and Vortex. Or the same reason the bottom of Invertigos restraints are yellow. Or the same reason FoF restraints are orange
  5. Orange lap bars are used because they are easier for the ride ops to see in the event that a train is dispatched with a lap bar up.
  6. Some coaster's lap restraints rely on, what I believe to be, air compression. I believe Intamin rides like Superman coasters, MForce, Drop Tower etc are like this - they don't click they compress down.... Hydraulics
  7. 80% of enthusiasts creeps me out. Only 80%? I'm at about 95%.
  8. I'm going to pretend that this and all your other posts never happened. Speak for yourself. I love open bars.
  9. Or maybe you people should take certain tweets that get sent out by the park with a grain of salt.
  10. Jeffrey Siebert is a class act and letting him get away was one of the biggest mistakes KI made.
  11. My educated guess is that the whole area back there gets cleaned up with all that junk getting moved elsewhere. Wouldn't surprise me to see the old bolt barn bite the dust either.
  12. Here's my shocked face that this event got screwed up....
  13. I doubt you fit on the majority of the coasters.
  14. You can thank previous ownership for cheaping out and getting those ridiculous looking restraint covers instead of getting the old restraints recovered.
  15. Drop Towers magnets are not electromagnets. They are "rare earth magnets" according to Intamin. In other words, they can not fail.
  16. If you go up with someone you're not real close with, you are when you get back down.
  17. KI's Drop Tower really isn't all that complicated(mechanically at least) and it really is a what you see is what you get type deal. At the top, there is nothing more than drive motors and large spools for the cables to wrap around. A ride to the top is achieved via a small elevator. At the bottom, there are hydraulic buffers which raise when the gondola is lifted up by the catch car. There are also load cells at the bottom, which do not move, that measure the weight of the gondola. The spinning of the gondola is achieved via motor driven rubber tires on the legs of the catch car with support wheels underneath the gondola. The catching and releasing of the gondola by the catch car is achieved with automated pneumatics. Sit and watch Drop Tower for a few cycles and you will be really astonished with how simply some things are done. Edit: IMO, Intamin got it right with the KD model.
  18. The construction of route 35 pretty much obliterated any remnants of Lakeside. For those wondering what it looks like now, and this is nothing more that an educated guess but, the street that runs next to the roller coaster could possibly be modern day Kenesaw drive. More pics of Lakeside over on the Facebook page of "Dayton History Books Online." Fun fact: The National Amusement Device company was right down the road from Lakeside.
  19. If the seatbelt could latch and the guest simply couldn't reach the buckle then I would buckle it for them. If the seatbelt was clearly inches away from the buckle and the only way to get it to buckle was to struggle then I wouldnt even bother. Same goes for rides without seatbelts. I wasn't putting my ass on the line because of their unhealthy lifestyle.
  20. Except Diamondback is not a terrain coaster nor was it ever intended to be.
  21. Nemo hit it right on the head. Back in my ride op days, I absolutely refused to put any extra effort into making large people fit. Lose weight and try again.
  22. There is no off site storage area and there was no green Intamin track headed south on 71 yesterday. Hook, line, sinker.
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