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  1. @Danewas looking into this the other day. Any updates Dane?
  2. Here is the thread about the permits being posted.
  3. Here is the audio we do have that KIE graciously gave us. https://kicentral.com/parkhistory/past-present-park-audio/ If anyone had more to contribute, I would be happy to add it to the page.
  4. The new Planet Snoopy 21° and Colder? Or the Camp Snoopy Camp Counselor's secret refrigerator?
  5. Eating at SFSL at the Moose Lodge. Just had the beef brisket mac n cheese. It was very good and on the meal plan. I guess we could see this at a Cedar Fair park next season. It was good!
  6. A look at the 2025 drink cups at KI next season. At SF St.Louis right now. I guess my next trip to KI will be SFKI. I am not sure why I am sad about this, but I am. Especially seeing the operations today in St Louis.
  7. Wish I was there with you, but not in town right now. Gonna visit another few Arrows in St. Louis tomorrow. Make sure you send me pictures of your milestone!
  8. Great read. I love reading your PTR's. So thorough. Glad you had a great time.
  9. I am sad we only got 1 ride in on it today. Before we headed back to Thanksgiving again a storm rolled in.
  10. Here at HW right now and after riding SSBR about 10 times, GG does not come close to SSBR. The queue being in A/C at HW is awesome The theming on GG feels more like a Universal ride queue.
  11. Sounds like a stressful job. I hope it pays well.
  12. For those that didn't believe the KIC reporting. We were aware of this Friday evening, but waited to report it until it was made public by the family. https://www.wlwt.com/article/cincinnati-kings-island-man-struck-roller-coaster-dies-banshee/61233324
  13. It's actually still open just now but RiverTown freestyle is now shut down.
  14. Very sad news with this situation. https://kicentral.com/forums/topic/48403-man-struck-by-banshee-passes-away/
  15. KICentral regrettably reports that the man struck by Banshee on Wednesday evening has passed away according to the victims aunt. He was 38 years old from Wilmington, Ohio. Please keep his family and all that witnessed this tragic event in your thoughts and prayers. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/sbnUxdMicVxtm4AT/?mibextid=oFDknk
  16. We are not going to analyze the small details from a ride op vs the park. This is a tragic event and everyone responds differently.
  17. Please make sure if you read something somewhere and you post what that was, please add a source. That way the readers can make up their own minds about the credibility of the claim. Thank you!
  18. From the link: According to police, the guest, a 38-year-old male, was transported to the University of Cincinnati West Chester and then flown to UC Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. Police said the man sustained a "critical injury." The Banshee ride will remain closed while authorities and park personnel investigate the incident.
  19. Until we hear otherwise, I want to stay positive.
  20. I hope we can get an update on their condition soon. Prayers they were not hurt badly.
  21. Would you rather not have another coster and two flat rides in our lineup just because they were not ready by opening day? I understand that was the norm for so many years for our park. The industry has changed. There used to be 5 year plans. I understand it that these small additions are decided 12 or so months before the next season. Not years in advance to get them ready by opening day. We can learn to live with smaller additions opening around Memorial Day or not get any additions. Riding Sol Spin and Soap Box Racers today, I did not care (or see others) that were upset they were not open by their respective season's opening day.
  22. I wonder if this was a ploy to drive up shares?
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