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  1. Would have been nice, but that was going to be very hard to accomplish considering the time frame between cycle counts, certification and training.
  2. Agreed, can't have it both ways. Let's see how this plays out before anyone wants to pass judgement.
  3. All of the new and rethemed rides pages have been updated. When you click Learn More each page has the current themed pictures! Also, check out the other 250 construction photos now in our historical photo galleries at the bottom of the page. https://kicentral.com/camp-snoopy/
  4. Better than blacktop we had in the Paramount Days.
  5. I like the word temporary. I don't want Tower Gardens to go anywhere. Does the ACE event itinerary point to anything that will fit here?
  6. Over a few years they can say we are expanding our campground to include ride (pick any 3 more rides) with all new theming and paint. Then you get more marketing value over time with the change from Planet Snoopy.
  7. A new chant has been established for Viking Fury.
  8. Hopefully brown to go with the Camp Snoopy theme. Anything else would just be pure garbage.
  9. My Chicken fingers and mac and cheese lunch today at Coney BBQ. I sure hope the portion sizes go back up soon. This is more kids meal sized.
  10. While riding CBRRLG, I saw the queue will be fully covered for Snoopy's Soap Box Racers. A different view.
  11. Total money shot right here guys. Two for one. Cool part, I didn't even try.
  12. Fixed it, but yep. No need to report this post. It's going to get trashy real quick. New Camp Snoopy trash cans.
  13. Some of the interactive playground items that will be in Beagle Scout Acres.
  14. Was not open earlier, but it is now.
  15. The Beast currently has a full queue and extends out into the Midway. All of the switchbacks are open in the station as well.
  16. Waiting in line to get a drink. Some teenagers behind me were talking about the Platinum Pass. They got rid of the Platinum pass and now it's just the F'ing prestige pass which gets you into every Park including six flags parks. It also get you a drink plan and a meal plan that cost $1,100. In a separate conversation. Walking down the path of Rivertown a mom points up at Diamondback and says this is nothing compared to Orion.
  17. The New in 2024 page has been updated along with 124 (as of this post) construction photos. https://kicentral.com/camp-snoopy/
  18. If you happen to be missing your white slide-on sandal. It's on the north side of the Eiffel Tower on the ground. Haven't seen anyone hopping around on one sandal yet.
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